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Last update for (2)Breach Point : 2009, 02, 10 01:14
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2047 (2)Breach Point 96*128TitanWing0.2final

The map has been rated 67 times and got a total of 16 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Fairly good lookin map but its way to tight down the middlethud open it up a bit more
I have a different account here, I am the creator, TitanWing. Registered just to submit this map in fact. I've been mapping for about 3-4 years, but I consider this to be my greatest to date.

I made the center tight on purpose. This is meant to be an air-dominant map with ground for support. Just to shake up the otherwise monotonous melee gameplay. Using such tactics as Carriers hiding over the cliff fragments while attacking gives any player going air a huge advantage over ground.

Thanks for the comment!

There's a few imbalances here and there, namely the naturals, so you don't need to mention it, I already know.
gas issue.

You won't be able to effectively go air with a terran pushing his way through the middle. As a toss you won't get carriers that fast, and as a zerg there is no way to penetrate a mnm + tank army on it's way up there.
If you really want to keep that tight middle, then open up the area around the bridges. Open up the minonlies as well.
I think you have a really really good concept/layout here. Though there is evident positional imbalances here.

for one.. 4 oclock (the open area) is much bigger than its counterpart at 10 oclock (the open area) thats a big no no and must be mirrored better.

The nats as you mentioned need to be balanced. And the mains should be shaped a bit better. That will help the overall look of the map when u see a nice shaped main.

I really like your idea for the middle: the bridge for tactical point. But it is just way to imbalanced for T>P and T>Z. What u need to do there is make those bridges wide. So that big armies can pass through w.out having problems. Also this gives P and Z a chance to cross the middle w.out losing their whole army :/

All in all though, its a very good map and i will be expecting more very soon!

Make those changes! :)
Thanks Nasty and Spines. I'll get to work on them when I have the time.

Anyone got any widened space bridges for me to copy then?
Nightmarjoo has widened space bridges; if those aren't wide enough and browsing through our database doesn't uncover anything, you could just make them tile by tile, bridges are really easy to do.

why is SE so much larger than NW? And why are both regions so useless? Nasty mentioned this.

I agree with nasty strongly about nat/main setup, that's such an easy thing to balance too.

I don't really like the mains, they are pretty big and pretty awkward imo.

oh and welcome to bwm :)
modified by Nightmarjoo
The reason this map is so positionally imba is because I made this before SCMDraft had the mirror tool.

I'm working on a new version with much better balance.
modified by Moebius
The middle is really too tight : push tank no limit and there is no flanking rooms.
"The reason this map is so positionally imba is because I made this before SCMDraft had the mirror tool." I never used mirror tool and all my maps are symetrical.
Top nat is very tighter than bottom nat and the expo at the corners, top entrance is very small and no range units are disadvantaged versus ranged units...
modified by ProTosS4EveR
Only one thing, Good FUCKING Job man.

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