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Last update for (4)Reverse Luna : 2009, 02, 28 13:56
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2064 (4)Reverse Luna 128*128TkTkVrooM0.3beta

The map has been rated 54 times and got a total of 15 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Fuck this was hard to do, ugly ass inverteds for twighlight fucked everything up for me. So here is my best effort of Reverse Luna, basicaly wanted it to be much wider in spots & had to fix the choke problem at the 11 main where in normal luna has 2 chokes instead of 1 like the rest
gas issue noob -.-

distances are all off, as are sizes with the mains. Try and use something called positional balance.

For god's sake, use some fucking inverted ramps. I don't think terran can get out of his main against protoss ever -_- Well, blue atleast needs it.

The main's room looks too small, and not equal to eachother, I'm not sure about that though.

You could try decorating the map. It's really ugly.

o and Fucking Moses those mineral formations are bad.

I think red's ramp should be pushed farther into the nat.

The nats have less balance than luna's does. ie, make it so zerg doesn't have to 3hatch at teal/blue and possibly red.
Why do some positions have room for turrets and others don't?

Did you use a really old version of luna to map this after? It looks really shitty, and does remind me of older versions of it =/

And how about making the distances from nat2mineral only equal.

Zero chokes are the same I swear, that's an important thing to balance...
modified by Nightmarjoo
ugh tk tk tk...

what did you do here? :(

Luna is hard to reverse tho, so i give u alot of credit for trying it.
i appreciate your hard work on it, although its not so perfect at all ;)

blues and teals ramp is sooo gay
In this form, it reminds me of Illusion. It's very awkward...
yeah I agree I really fucked up lol
how did you reverse the map?
did you draw the tiles over the ones of the original luna?
tk fix this map so I can post motw and nasty can post the two inverted maps along with motw on gosugamers, we're waiting on you.
Ughhhhhhhhhhhh this shit was a pain in the ass, my last reversed map MAYBE!!! last idk Longinus sounds sexy
modified by tktkvroom
You edited it then? I think it looks better. The nats are not all the same, but w/e. I see a couple things which I don't like still. Why it the middle a lowground hole? Why are the mineral onlys completely different than in normal luna? Not to mention completely different from eachother. You don't use any substitute for a bridge for one =/ Distances are off. You could use non inverted ramps for NE/SE and get distances closer to that of the west bases. Main sizes look ok, nat sizes vary, but I think they are ok, testing will show that. The mineral onlys I wish were more similar to eachother though :)
And how about making the middle highground?^^

C'mon tk, just a little more work and it's done!
middle is low ground cuz there is no high ground cracks & wowowow gosu pvt rep i got for it
much better :D
the lowground middle is very interesting
yeah yeah fine fine I do more work on it today if I can :l
whoa TK really great!
mineral onlies & nats same mineral formations as for bridges I made them 2 rax wide
no I didn't mean just the formations, the shape of the mineral onlys should be more similar...
wtf you mean? they are the same
well is it ready?
well look at it, the passages replacing bridges are much larger, I don't think that's an improvement =/ Also, the path from W is too large going SE, there's no choke there, the expo just keeps going lol. The others I think are fine, or would be after you tighten the bridge path to be closer in size to the bridge.

And what about main to nat distances? Giving SE and NE regular ramps to the nat instead of the far away inverts would help...
The idea isn't to clone luna, it's to correct those positional imbalances along the way.
erm i wont call the layout of the main/nats pos imba... i'd rather call it positional challenging variety :P
"positional challenging variety" -LostTampon

hahaha i'm going to remember that.

edit: i think tk made the map look as much as possible like reverse luna but after fixing the 'positional challenging varieties' i think it would be more fitting to be renamed to Reverse LunatheFinal :P
modified by Alumni
idk wtf your saying all i know is this map is a bitch to reverse
guess it'll never be done if I dont know what to do to it
call it "Anul" instead =p

Right testbug?
no it's not luna anymore, it's something more stylish
in fact,it's a lot more imba than luna...
It's mega imba.
luna clone
reverse lt+luna clone
looks nothing like reverse lt wtf is wrong with you
everything is an lt clone but it was lowmain high nat, so its reverse lt :s
modified by ProTosS4EveR
SiaBBo why did you mention me? xD
There was some really old map like id 1000 and you commented ANDROMEDA!!
this could be easily perfected with basillica tile editing. Who better than testbug to attempt it!?!? GO GO GO ! :D
no, leave luna in its grave

--Jumper]i[ vs ZoRk]i[(1on1, 1.14)
--intothewow vs joyuos(1on1, 1.14)

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