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Last update for (4)Jukebox : 2007, 11, 25 13:24
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2065 (4)Jukebox 128*128LostTampon0.5beta

The map has been rated 45 times and got a total of 21 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Wow nice map tampon, love the mineral only behind the nat concept you have there. Kinda looks a bit like Gaia, in a good way ;) very good work
ssexxxy sexxxy sexxy

Looks more liek a 2;2 map thought b/c of the the layout/set up of the whole map is. Looks great tho. Lots of good innovation mixed with a pretty basic set up.
lol so tell my LostTampon, how does zerg keep his drones in zvt? And how does protoss win pvz, with so much gas for zerg to grab so fast?
im worried about zvt for the most part and PvT....looks easy for terran on this map
- added now some neutral buildings to block fast cheese rushes
- halved gas @ middle expos
this map REALLY roxx.
nice fresh and innovative ideas, but still with some standard structure in it. great, i love it
It looks like ZvT will be hard on this map. How about adding a disruption web on the mineral line to make it easier for muta harass? :)
hmm.. the nat is easy to harass with mutas :P
awesome map

but yeah how is zerg supposed to defend against a rush from behind their natural? ;_;
uh... In ZvZ and ZvP, sunkens should be sufficient. In the case of ZvT, I guess you could always throw some lurks behind your mins. Just get creative, it's not written in stone that every player will take full advantage of that harassment point.
lol arden anyone who knows what they're doing will exploit the fact that zerg cannot defend his drones from behind, vultures will rape in tvp also.
too many expos imo
No real problems PvZ here, toss will take enough gas with FE and then it's up to him whether to take another gas expo or a nat. Balance on PvZ is dependent not on how much gas zerg can take but how much more gas than toss he has. It's not that hard to take gas at second nat for toss, so no real problems. We could just see more hydra builds due to the behind-the-minerals thingie (lurkers don't really work as toss will already have his cannons when they come), but hydra builds have strong counters.

ZvT could be a pain with a rax or factory float behind those mins, but then again, float rush is already a cheese and extreme build, so it's not that imbalancing.

Btw, consider (and very seriously) if it's possible to drill a probe through those buildings (it's perfectly possible on hitchhiker) using a pylon to create unit overlap. If this is possible, cannon rushes (that often accompany forge FE - a common build involving nothing extreme, thus not risky) could be very very bad for zerg here, forcing him to halt his expo mining until he has a bajillion of mutaling or hydras. That's the only really serious issue I can see here.

This is a nice map, I like it, keep 'em coming.
LT clone.
monty hall clone
lol crackling, idk about you, but i dont c any monty hall in this :P
maybe bottom left n top right but... still man, theres too many differances to count em :P
ashrose clone.
lol fateD, can't believe you took Crackling serious.. he was being sarcastic
PS: It can't be a python clone, there is no pokemon in the middle! xP
hmm... Gah :(

lol, i feel retarded right now... but thats fine!
bc i am!!!
Hmmmm hey dude? bot right's 2nd gas expo is blocked by a doodad :(

**had the bad 2nd gas expo in a 4 ffa :( lol**
modified by FateD
this is a cool map. *but dont like the name*

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