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Last update for (2)Concentric : 2007, 03, 22 00:28
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2066 (2)Concentric 96*96Lancet0.4beta

The map has been rated 46 times and got a total of 19 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

OK, my first twilight map, my first 96x96 map and also my first map done with the symmetry tool! It starts easy with an in-main mineral-only nat and an easily defensible gas nat. But if you want to turtle, your problem may be gas. The gas in the main is 3700, the gas in the nat is 4300. You will have to go out into the large center to gain access to those 5000 geysers. The center is large enough to allow flanking of enemy units. There are many drop opportunities, especially if you get careless about monitoring what is going on in your mineral-only nat if you have not expanded there yet. There is space in the main and nats to tech but it is longer than it is wider so you will have to pay extra attention to base layout. As the only exit from your main & nats will be through a single narrow choke (in the gas nat) it will be a good idea to get air. The choke to the gas nat, as far as I can tell, is a Starcraft first. It is very narrow and it has a dweb. Buildings or units placed here blocking the choke cannot be flanked and cannot be attacked until ranged units or cannons/sunkens are build. This can give rise to both base defense and containment strategies. Hope you like it and let me know of any suggestions you may have. Thanks.
It might make alittle more sense without those random gas' in the middle
lol i didnt even see the gas until u just pointed it out tk lolz - yea remove it :)

The rest of it is reallly really simple. Not too much to comment on.

Open up the nat entrance a bit maybe?
lol interesting but I doubt it's at all playable. I have no suggestions for once lol

for others: Easy 3gas needs that open middle, keeps t from being too strong, inbase mineral only allows for noobs to expo there if they don't like the nat, and zerg can easily 3hatch with the choke being a dweb. Small main is complemented with a large nat.

Map is poorly decorated though, you can do better than that -_-
Thanks you all for taking your time to register your comments, I appreciate it.

With respect to the gas, the point of the map is to make the gas in the main plus nat not be enough and force the players to come out of their base to get more. Currently it's 8000, is that too much? Should I reduce it more? If I remove the gas from the middle I must place it somewhere else. Should I place it in the periphery?

I wanted to try out this new concept of the narrow entrance to the nat with the web. If it doesn't work I will eventually widen it.

Decoration.....oh dear, well, I will try to decorate some more but I don't want to create any obtructions in the mains + nats and the center is supposed to be clear.
Lancet, no one will _EVER_ be able to take the gas in the center before the game is already completely over. Currently, they're useless.
Uh, Artanis, I checked the 96x96 twilight terrain maps in the database and most of them have 6 to 8 geysers. Mine has 8 but the ones in the main and nat are less than 5000. Do you think I should lower the gas in the main and nats to ensure that the geysers in the middle are fought for and used?
modified by Lancet
OK some deco added but the way it is the main plus nat can get pretty crowded so I did not want to put a lot of stuff there. With respect to the gas problem I lowered the main gas to 3000 and the nat gas to 4000. Do you guys think that is low enough? I want to make sure that the gas in the center stands a good chance of being used. Should I go lower?
1000 main 2000 nat?
LOL! Oh come on man, that's too radical! Here, the gas in the main is now down to 2000 and the one in the nat is 3000. Both together count for one of the 5000 regular geysers in the center.
well lone nodes in the center isnt so tempting. hard to defend, plus it is very badly placed, in the center of the battlefield and too close to each other to have properly isolated from the opponent.

i say that lone nodes tend to help zerg more, especially if they secure more. i think this is not a good concept.
Very well, the lone geysers in the center are gone. Two of them are at the expos NE and SW of the center and the other two are next to the exit from the nats close to the hills. I also added about 9 kakarus to the map.

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