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Last update for (4)AquaRidge : 2007, 05, 04 09:18
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2068 (4)AquaRidge 128*128NastyMarine1.5final

The map has been rated 43 times and got a total of 64 points

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Comments:   GMCS (6 elements)

Yes, it's finally done ^^

I'm worried about slow pushes TvP.. Anyone feel it could be too powerful?
OMFG master piece, dont be surprised if this becomes a pro map ;) <3 me gunna go test this asap & get some good games on it
Interesting.Azalea like.Of course not entirely.And with bridges as doorway.Could be funny.I like the idea with the large bridges before the nat,like in Artist,or Gaia.Not too much resources,good proportions...a good map.
that bridge is going to make me feel paranoid.

Perfect spot for lurkers to hold ground, a good way for terran to stand outside, or protoss to do a fast 2 gate build and hold their own in the bridge.

I think this map favors protoss, with its flat area and distant expoes, but not that I complain about that.

Just ZvT/TvZ could be hellish though. As in other words, intense fun :O
Red's second nat seems a lot closer to the extended bridge than the other bses.
amazing execution and everything.

but meh. it's been done. no offense nasty
took me so long to do those fucking bridges right ^^

Pain in the Ass :)
@Arden I'm 90% sure that the distances are the same length. If not, Im sure that they are not at a large difference.
wow :) it looks very good.

Nastymarine is the perfect example of a determined mapper.. much difference between all your badlands spam when you joined and this one :P You keep getting better, good style, good execution

Inept, take some notes :P

unique would perfectly fit to this map although it's nothing " OMFGOFMGOMFOMG NEW CONCEPT "
modified by trcc
zomg gosu bridges!!! <3 <3 <3
i agree with boongee

but after so many years of starcraft, i want to have maps that require a bit different style of playing

but still, well made map :)
Pretty nice, but I don't like that it is so linear - there is not a single alternative route. You could add something, though, pretty similiar to Azalea's bridges actually; I'll mark it on GMCS. Just make sure that if you add it that it actually serves a purpose, in contrast to Azalea's bridges ;)
pretty straight but possibly interesting gameplay. and, of course, a stylish and incredible execution

lolz i guess the century has came, Salazar commented again ^^
Nice map but I found I could drop no tanks behind the SE mineral only nat (MON), 3 tanks behind the NE MON, 2 tanks behind the NW MON and a whopping 6 tanks behind the SW MON. See if you can correct this with tiling, dwebs or doodads. Alternatively you could just clear the area and allow drops on all 4 sites.
guess im the only one to rain on the parade.

the mineral only to choke is incredibly close. instead of azalea where you take a double expo yet still have a while to go, your basically right at your opponents choke if the positions allow, so you are right in thinking tvp slow push would be hard to stop.

on the other hand, the distances are far from the looks of the jpeg, so dont know if rushes are viable without halting worker production(9,9 gate)
looks like a FE map again which is a shame as that is the trend these days.

oh and expansions are predictable, so I guess thats another plus to Terran and Protoss for PvZ
modified by lnept
check GMCS... tanks can hit some min onlies from behind and not others.
@Spinesheath: I dont understand your 'path' gmcs.

@Max: Not sure how much it will affect gameplay but i will make an edit soon. If you float a building to min area then u can hit all min onlies but i will make that edit so at least all of them u must float buildings.
Looks really good, but I agree with lnept, Nasty as I told you before you finished it it looks really hard pvz, the mineral only is pretty easy to get early on and defend easily, combined with a really open middle.

o and Salazar always comments your maps with something like that, and nothing else, and on no other maps.
i think spine means, that you should connect this land, so there is a path behind the highground, so you can attack the mins only from two sides.
GJ Nasty.
o ok. but wouldnt taht positionally imbalance the terrain? i think it would
i was saying Pvz was easy actually. because of predictable expansions. they are pretty much forced to expo to there closest nat and main and hope to god they can hold it. sounds pretty lame
huh nice, very nice at first glance, though i fear that the brand new choke style, makes harder to handle some lurkeroffense in ZvP or aggressive terran style in TvP (not necessarily bamboo, few-unit-slowpushes included)

also the map is splitted too much in my opinion, i mean only 3/6 expo vs 3/6 expo is imaginable in long macro games that makes very hard for zerg in late game. azalea was similar to your map in this, but neutral expansions counted much, also gaia had the same issue (is it issue at all?), but also implemented the neutral expos.

bah, those words doesnt show how i like the style despite all of this. great work!
I really dont see Azalea in this map :/
its all lowground with a one way path to your easily taken gas nat and mineral only. the only difference is zerg doesnt have to expand to the mineral only first like on azalea, and its a little farther away. how do you not see azalea lolol?
i just dont. the expos arent as easy to take. this map offers seperate chokes for each expo. The set up is totally differnt. Yea ok the mains are the same but i dont see azalea. i understand the connection you are making with azalea but i dont see the map in this one.

- Added doodads at 5's nat so that there isnt so much drop space like at the others.

- Upgraded to 'final'
to the contrary the expos are just as easy to take...theres only one path. the set up is not "totally different" the mineral only is just a little farther, some being farther then others(but who cares about this imbalance emirite)
check the distances lnept. they are the same/very close
12/6 take longer to push out to as terran then 3/9. i think thats relatively obvious even just from the pic
no joke i think you are letting the picture fool u. Check the distance from start loc to the start of bridge then check the end of the bridge to where the bridge at the nat starts. then to where you would place hatch/cc/nex at the min only. then holla at me
It really looks inspired by Azalea except it is more decorated and the mineral only natural is set up a little differently. Great work!
(>.<) I really don't understand all these Azalea accusations. It is completely different imo. Azalea has a natural and a second natural in a corridor parallel to your main and the natural is right outside your choke. On this map, your natural is separated from your main with a bridge, a good distance away from your choke. Another bridge separates the natural from the second natural which is not flush against your main wall like on Azalea. Not to mention the fact that Azalea has two neutral expansions toward the center of the map, which AquaRidge does not (-.-). Other than the fact that they're both cyclone symmetry, nothing can compare these two at all.
modified by Arden(WoF)
did you just read your own post? besides the mineral only being a little farther and the lack of central expansions(terran does not not need them on this map for sure) there completely different! since when does the lack of 2 expansions in places and a minearl only moved a little make a huge difference? when you get replays of this map playing like azalea, holla at me
In a full house, this map is very short on gas. Maybe make all expos with a geyser?


--adix_11 vs DG)SpoilR(1on1, 1.14)
--VicVIPER vs DG)SpoilR(1on1, 1.14)

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