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Last update for (4)Nemesis0.90 : 2007, 04, 15 04:19
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2084 (4)Nemesis0.90 128*1280.4league

The map has been rated 54 times and got a total of 21 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

idk author, any of the korean mappers here, can you tell me the author for these three maps?

You know why bwm is superior to mapdori? Because we finish maps and don't leave 50% map blank.
lol :P
not a really special map...
crappy version of forte
who uploaded the map?
the ramps are not ready, and there are no peaces of platform in the space, this was the beta version, so please, upload the correct picture; the picture looks like the final version, but the map is diferent, you should correct it.
somehow i think it IS special. just look at how the gameplay is changed: there is no expansion to fight for on ground, BUT the distances between bases are rather short and without obstacles. fights can be easily take place on ground - but all expos are islands. so the gameplay will be special, a very interesting ridge between going for air/drop and standard attack units
i second what flo said and add something: maybe every matches will be totally different of its playing style. if a player chooses to take the expos of another main that could result a totally different warfare than taking islandexpos (PvP, PvT, also TvZ included)
my god lurker contain + mass scourge is fucking beastly. i couldnt get out of my base whole game uploaded the rep
lol tvz I did a proxy rax in middle, middle is so big and the way pathing works no way he'd find it unless he scouted early and saw no rax in my base, I did rax first anyway.
testbug I uploaded it, the pic came from tl and the map from gosugamers. If you have a more current version of the map, pass is 2.
the map is the old version from gg
and the picture is the final version from tl.
please, fix the pic
And this map is a league map? And you know why this stupid,bad joke become a league status?Because incompetent,wiseacres with enough influence push it in there.Look closer to this map.The only resources she offers are those in the main,the nat plus one island expo,wow.What is the charm of this map?idk

I never thought I would ever find in any league a most boring map than Arena.But this one is a disgrace for evry league.Not even forced I would play this shit.And as maker i would be more than ashamed to see my name associated with this one.
lol maybe that's why I don't the author, he's ashamed!

tesbug I'm not changing pic, can you just get me the actual versions that correspond with the pics?
actually it came just to my mind that this map is - basic-idea-wise - like panschks colonizator. so at least, if BWMN maps are not chosen to be in leagues, because we dont have influence: nevertheless, we have seen and made everything years ago, so we rock!
i want to see hard core zealot rushes come back... expos in the corner make it hard for muta harass if theres turrets... so im guessing we'll see more lurk then muta.. maybe classic lurk vs m&m?
srry for troubling u but can u upload new version of this too? xD~!!!

--inept vs intheend.(1on1, 1.14)
--inept vs nightmarjoo(1on1, 1.14)

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