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Last update for (2)Infinite Aiur : 2007, 04, 01 21:20
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2090 (2)Infinite Aiur 96*128PriestLiZarD0.9beta

The map has been rated 55 times and got a total of 50 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

My first map designed for competitive play. I like the design, so if you can give me some good suggestions, I will try to further improve it.

These are the major ideas behind this layout:
- The starting locations are rather near so drops should be more successful.
- One entrance to the base is blocked by two 8 mineral blocks. Add 2 workers to your rush and you open the backdoor to your opponents base -- or remove the mineral blocks to a quick natural expansion.
- There is another close expansions but it doesnt have gas on it.

Balancing issues:
I think right now, the map might favor Terran a little bit. Most expansions can be harassed with tanks/drops and the ledges offer good opportunities to expanding.

However I think if P/Z adapt their general strategy to the map, they can counter Terran quite easily.

I hope I will get some feedback related with balancing and I'll try to improve the map about it. Thanks to all testers :)
interesting concept but the execution isnt there :/ I think you should make the mains closer to the top/bottom and focus the play towards the center.. u can do that by removing the water in the middle and making it rocky ground. Also make the backdoor expo more hidden towards the corners.
Great concept, brilliant! Not your run of the mill boring map that you see so often. I think we need more of these types of maps where the players can exit their mains by more than one pathway and into two or more separate battlefields. Unfortunately these types of maps are not popular (yet). I would widen the exit and entry ramps to the NW and SE plateaus. Also the gas in the blue main will mine slower than the one at the red main. Place the gas on top or to the left of the command center/nexus/hatchery. I will take another look at it later.
I can drop more units on the low ground facing the water in the south main than in the north main. The space behind the minerals in the south main is bigger than in the north main. There are areas behind the mineral lines, such as the one I just mentioned, where you can drop a unit and it will be unreachable by melee units. If you want this feature in your map make sure it is equal for all the expos. The area south of the south expo behind the humanoid doodad is unreachable by melee units but that is not the case for the analogous area in the north expo. Some of you minerals look too straight, give them some curves. What is infinite Aiur? Why infinite Aiur? Write some lines in the map description that tell us more about the map or what is going on in it.
modified by Lancet
Thanks for your comments. =)

I did the following updates:
- Changed gas position at blue main.
- Fixed the drop issue in the middle of the map.
- Fixed the imbalanced spaces behind the minerals. There should not be any blocked space behind the minerals anymore.
- Changed most mineral lines to make it look more interesting (should be balanced still).
- Fixed the doodad issue in the southern base.
- Balanced both "hidden" natural expansions.

The ramps in the NW and SE are still an issue. I think it was a good idea by Lancet to widen the ramps. It will make ZvT and PvT much more balanced. However---I have to find out how to place wided ramps first though ;)

I'm still thinking about further balancing issues related with Terran. Terran might be a little too strong here...

EDIT: Another minor update.
- Changed patch size of those two blocking minerals to 16. So it won't be possible to remove these patches with a single scouting worker. However you can still remove it with 2+ workers you brought along with your rush units.
- Small changes to the mineral line in blue main base.
modified by PriesTLiZarD
PriesTLiZarD, I can tell you (or direct you to information regarding) how to widen the ramps but first tell me what editor are you using, thanks.
I'm using the standard Blizzard campaign editor without any add-ons or modifications.
You will not be able to widen the ramps with the standard editor, you are going to have to use editors like scmdraft. I'll give you the info later.
Download scmdraft2 from:

I can't remember whether it will download as a "RAR" file in which case you will need to use winzip or winrar to open it. These two programs are available from the web.

With this editor you are able to open and view more than one map at the same time (tile horizontaly or tile verticaly). If you perform a search with the term "ramp" on this website you will be able to download and cut and paste several inverted ramps for different terrains that you can use on your maps. To cut and paste just set your mouse pointer in "cut and paste" mode, block a set of tiles (the squares on the map when the grid is set to "normal") by clicking and dragging and then selecting "copy" and then paste. What people do to create large ramps is that they cut and paste tiles from the central of the ramp across the whole space between two ramps. Alternatively you can select the "tile indexed" option and gain access to specific tiles there.

Note: if you are going to make a map with this editor make sure you click on the "buildings snap to tile" option before setting the starting locations for players. If you are going to add sprites, minerals or geysers make sure you are in "player 12 neutral". You can get more info in the "Articles" section here. Finally, always save a copy of your map before you attempt any modification with this editor.
Thanks a lot Lancet!!
- Made ramps in NW and SE more wide. This will make it easier to engage those (important) expansions, especially against Terran.
- Made the ramps to the gas-only expansion more wide. Another necessary nerf for Terran on this map.
- Balanced the ramp to the north at SE expansion.
- Some minor changes / doodads etc.

Btw: Right now my SCM2JPG seems bugged or w/e, the map image is not complete and has some minor bugs in it. I hope I will fix it asap.
Great! Maybe some more decorations, trees, shrubs and so forth. If you can include replays of your map it is even better so people can see how it plays. Sometimes when you play the map several times some problems emerge that pleople would not normally spot.
modified by Lancet
Note: you still have the problem with the space behind the mineral lines in the mains. Melee units can get behind the mineral lines in the north main but not in the south main.

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