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Last update for (3)DryResidence : 2007, 04, 18 05:25
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2096 (3)DryResidence 128*128NastyMarine0.1beta

The map has been rated 48 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

obviously not finished but i was really interested with what you all would say about it balance wise. GOGO
Will be very interesting map when u finish it.. :)
the empty main is near to the empty hig ground, it's because of your triangle in the center.
i'm doing a desert 3 player map right now, haveing some problem with the ramps.
desert maps sux but it's very eady to decorte it.
i'll upload my unfinished map too.
your blue is so far to the NE high ground, so is can't send a flying cc. and i find no room for the blue min-only if red is going to have it's own high ground.

i think your triangle is wrong. it is like half of the map going to the left, and the others onlt 1/4.
i will love this map if you finish it, it will be quite hard to move to the other side of the triangle, if you are battling in the crags at 3, you won't be able tu reach your blue main at 9.

i would make the up and down corners of the triangle more natural like a circle, i know that you want the chokes to be small, but it's going to be hard to move there.

what about moving the blue main up and so the southern corner of the triangle like lingonis triangle.
modified by Testbug
I don't like maps where you run around in a circle.
In my opinion the center should somehow be a place to meet and fight.
Nonetheless this map looks fine, think it's well playable too.
Ready for comments gogogo!

Yes, I'm aware of the positional imbalance :/
I didn't use inverts X)
you dont really have a choice to get to use the center much until you get dropships and such, so theres main to main fighting with expos in middle.... as a race pushes, they'd kill expos along the way... so it would be a tug of war sort of thing..unless they proxy and opponent doesnt scout much... is that the concept ur goin after? cuz just like DeSade, im not a big fan of that either
i think what this map needs is somethin that encourages more creative/abstract gameplay...
Top left gas expand should be moved a little closer to the left main; the gas expand on the right needs its ramp moved closer to the top main.

I actually think that this map's gameplay will focus heavily on that middle plateau, since it covers all the naturals. Letting the other player up there would cause havoc to your natural. The other expansions are rather poor, so you'd really want to hold your nat.
Like it, like it a-lot... When u finish the deco... AH!

ps: rh stylish yeah? ;P
i second what desade said. also this big ring-like center have never ever provided smooth and clean gameplay. maybe im wrong, but i would never use this type of element. also pathfinding is an issue here, but its LGI's great criteria ^^

i guess its also too tight to be useful your idea of three battlegrounds. cant imagine a long game here that doesnt encourage turtling, defense. games will rather be boring perhaps.
modified by Antares
The cliff is very terran favouring imo, because tanks can just back up since the cliff is so large.

Please center blue's gas above the sl.

How does protoss attack? They can't attack the nat from either side, is too tight. They can't use the cliff because tank range is too strong, and terran will have gotten dropships anyway.

The nat layout looks hard for protoss, it's not that he can't defend from attacks early on, he can FE fine I assume, but after that it will be so easy for zerg to flank protoss, or his nat. How will protoss stop a lurk drop on his nat? Only if he made sure to get drop quickly, storm won't effectively end the problem. And if it does, he just lost his nat (easy flanking with no storm? GG). Now the argument over the nat being tight will not as much effect zerg because their units are much smaller. Storm dodging at the nat might be hard, but considering he can attack from three sides (inlcuding cliff) protoss will have issues.


zvt will be fine; if anything zerg is favoured in that mu, lurk drop/muta on the nat will be so easy.

Antares unless there is something about pathing I miss, I see no pathing issues. LGI's pathing concern almost exclusively deals with (2)mapswithevenpaths. This map is neither (2) nor does it have an even amount of paths, there is a distinct longer and shorter path from base to base.

As for positional balance, the only thing I notice is red's having seriously been fucked main. o and the gas issue at blue which I pointed out earlier.

edit: this map is surprisingly bad for you, it poses a great contrast to Lexington =/
modified by Nightmarjoo
T map :)

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