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Last update for (2)Lysis : 2007, 04, 08 03:21
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2110 (2)Lysis 96*128TkTkVrooM0.8beta

The map has been rated 54 times and got a total of 42 points

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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

New map, Thanks Tampon for picture <33 backdoor is sex no pathing problems
dig the weird symmetry and back door-style entrances.

the only thing i don't get is the bottom-left and top-right corners.
nice map :D
is it possible to hit the other expos mins from the nat with tanks?
nope nope
your execution is really good now tk. gerat stuff. I think though, that the corners are a bit too crowded with those expos. I also agree with those highground corners.. just remove them?

I dont like how close the backdoor ramps are so close the edges of the map.. is it possible to move them?

I'll leave gmcs as well.
"your execution is really good now tk. gerat stuff. I think though, that the corners are a bit too crowded with those expos."

-i agree

"I also agree with those highground corners.. just remove them?"

-nah, keep them they look stylish. even though they serve no purpose, just keep them

"I dont like how close the backdoor ramps are so close the edges of the map.. is it possible to move them?"

-np with that, feels even better than more centered imo
The corners have a purpose. If you go up there you can shoot onto the expo.
"The corners have a purpose. If you go up there you can shoot onto the expo."

That was my plan ;)

"I think though, that the corners are a bit too crowded with those expos."

Wanted to use the RH3 expo idea there

& with the backdoors being right on the edge, I really wanted to keep that area tight & plus they look better on the edge imo

Still waiting for Joels harsh words
modified by tktkvroom
want to play it right now?
acc flothefreak, whisper me
modified by flothefreak
Wow Joel hasn't said anything about this map yet. I'm scared, nor has inept have I made a map that has pleased them?
yea, the only thing i see wrong is that there is a lot of cliffs on what could turn out to be a bit terran favored map. 3rd min only is cliffed(assuming you dont open your backdoor) nat is cliffable, next expo is cliffable if you dont open that up...get rid of nat cliff and i think itll be good
T might be favored with those cliffs.......only cuz they get Fucking ass raped in the middle with the high ground on each side its like front side behind flank. Watch the pvt reps they are pure rape, thats y they need some advantages. Made cliff behind nat for lurkers hts & tanks. Those cliffs bottom left & top right are mostly for tanks, & to get up there & kill them you have to kill that building
modified by tktkvroom
er sorry, I thought I had said something, must have erased my comment or something on accident before posting ><

No, I like it. The only thing I don't like is the corners for tanks, it isn't close enough to the expo for any race but t to do dammage, so that's kinda t favouring, but only mildly, so w/e. I guess I'd suggest adding to the cliff, so that it wraps slightly around the expo.
o also as to your comment, I don't see anything about that middle which hurts t: remember that he has a backdoor to use too.
T gets pwnd hard as fuck in the middle cuz there are so many places to be flanked from, might wrap the corner cliffs, maybe we'll see where this is going
In the replays I don't think Terran exploited some strategies like drops or placing tanks on the cliffs next to their mineral-only nat sufficiently. That being said, I think that Terran contaiment by Protoss in this map is difficult to break. If Protoss digs their heels in the center exiting the nat that way is suicide. I recommend that you ax the ramp in fron of the mineral-only, otherwise it is just too expossed and it gives Protoss a way to break a push by the top of the map.
This is like my 2nd map that ppl on my team actualy like playing 1st was Kumba :D so by that I'm saying this could well be my 2nd best map oO. I'm starting to think so every game i see played on it, ima try to get hella more reps on it today <33
i think its better then kumba personally, still dont see why people liked that map. this one has some flare to it
idk either, must of had no competition for motw 3 :D:D:D
keep this thread up I want to perfect it to win another motw with it :D
hmm, I'm looking at the mineral onlys on the lowground, and it looks like the building has to be made fairly far into the open, how about moving the minerals/wall around so that the expo takes up less room of the pathing there, that would help with movement. eh also, NW looks like its closer to the ramp than SE is.
THey weren't really in the way in games, units use the ramp to go around the cc & it only looks close to the ramp because inverteds stick out more
Actually, I've noticed that too, even all the inverted ramps that I use stick out a little more.
yup yup its just the way they are made. Plz more about the map needs to be perfect to get your votes <333

--TerranMetal vs TS2G]i[(1on1, 1.14)
--TS2G]i[ vs AzNx_PeAnuT(1on1, 1.14)
--TS2G]i[ vs AzNx_PeAnuT(1on1, 1.14)
--shutupyourugly vs TS2G]i[(1on1, 1.14)
--zuiayife vs Crazy-Star(1on1, 1.14)
--InfEsTeD]i[ vs TS2G]i[(1on1, 1.14)
--Chopper]i[ vs Love)protoss(1on1, 1.14)

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