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Last update for (2)Satellite 85 : 2007, 04, 11 03:25
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2123 (2)Satellite 85 128*96Alumni0.6beta

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Alright, new map in beta mode. I made it faster than I thought it would take.

The 2 sprites are to help prevent early game rushes so zerg can breathe a little easier in the beginning... unless the zealots kill the sprite and you're STILL not able to defend it after all that time you've had to prepare, and then at that time, I will call you a rookie ^^

In all seriousness though, are there any comments/feedback on this one? I didn't use that symmetry tool so it is ever so slightly off center.

I know it will be mentioned again about the gas placement in the main/nats but i couldn't fit all 4 of the gases on the top so to compromise and keep gameplay fair, I flipped them so one base is gas on top in main, gas bottom at nat and vice versa.
They should put this in the next Starleague, not Geometry. This map keeps many of the same concepts, only it's far better :)

I really like this. I have a couple suggestions, and no complaints.
idk if you've seen our discussions on even paths. When a map (2)most of the time is where it matters, has even paths (2,4,6, etc) going to and from the mains, you can get pathing problems. When you send your army, it more or less arbitrarily picks a path to take. This can result in your army breaking itself in half when you're not looking, or in yours and your enemy's armies passing eachother. Having odd paths erases this problem. In maps like Neo Peaks of Baekdu, a skinny third path is added, it doesn't hurt the concept at all, and corrects the problem of even pathing (and keeps scouting distance the same as usual). So my suggestion is, add a skinny line path through the very center (following the solar panels).
The corner bases, with two geysers, (what is the gas count in them?) is very important to take and fight over. It's not necessary, but it seems to me that you might want to add a ramp to its plateau, leading to where the other two solar panel paths are. This would help flanking on the map in general, as well as make movement easier, and make that expo harder to defend, it's pretty easy to defend it at the moment.
Decoration could be better^^ certainly not necessary, but I know you could make it prettier by varying the terrain rather than having blocks.

imo, very nice map! Especially for a 2nd :)
ah for gas issue, it is very much so less important when concerning the nats. I think the nat gas is perfectly fine the way it is now, it definitely would be bad to have one of those very vulnerable and the other not so.
With the mains though, if you don't want blue's gas on top, that it would get in the way, then I suggest placing it on the left (which is more or less the same speed as top gas). I think top gas would be fine for blue though.
yeah geometry blows hard, this got the geometry peaks flow to it. mains really ugly though
Mains ugly, map awesome.
As said above its like Geometry but without the stupidness.

I like. :)
1) Re-decorated main bases and added more doodads like those spinning things and shops along the platform walls :)

2) The middle has been changed to include the third skinny line path as suggested by Nightmarjoo to solve pathing issues.

3) Added Dwebs to the middle areas. My original idea before the third path was added on was to just stop ranged units from hitting across the space onto the other platforms. NOW, it serves an even BETTER purpose aiding in getting your troops over the middle skinny line path more safely to the other side than it would without dwebs.

4) Added a ramp from the solar panel paths to the double gas expansion to make defending it harder as pointed out by Nightmarjoo. The geysers at the double gas expansion only have 2500 each (like longinus II) where as the other expansions/nats with one geyser have the normal 5000.

Anything else you would suggest me to fix? (Besides gas placement in main + nat. I intentionally did it that way. Explanation is at the top in my previous post ^^)

modified by Alumni
oho, good and interesting layout :)

about the gas issue: i would fix it, because e.g. both players stay with one base, one has a major disadvantage because of the gas issue (mainly in zvz)

about the spells: they dont play imo much of a role there; also i dont think that you have used the right dwebs, because they have to be entirely on walkable terrain (look in the article section to the right "Spells in Maps")
LostTampon: how would i fix the gas placement and maintain symmetry? The most I think that could be done is to put the gas in both mains on the top, I've tried many different placements of the gas in the nat and any other way aside from breaking symmetry will block or get right in the way of the ramps.

about the spells: i'll try to fix or just take them out :)
breaking symmetry is ok!
and I like what you did to edit the map :)
ughh for the high ground plating, still looks chobo :/ look at the highground platting in Lysis
I do have to give you props for the high plating design in Lysis. I also looked at Angband 3600 ft, but for a blocky map like this one and it being called after a blocky object, (looks like a space fan but hell i might be seeing things if no one else sees a bit of resemblance lol) I wanted to keep the style blocky but i didn't make the mains like the plating in the double gas exp.

EDIT: I did figure out a new design :D it will be updated tomorrow because I'm going out to get drunk and high now. have a good evening/night everyone!

modified by Alumni
alternatively, you could turn the mineralline in the mains by 90 and place both gases at the left side of the cc

modified by Alumni
Updated: Re-decorated the high plating; this time I think the design looks sweet! I also fixed the gas placement and all geysers in the main are now on top.

Also, the dwebs are done correctly now and only put it on those two sides because they will still help in limiting the spots where ranged units can snipe from when other units are trying to cross the skinny path.

Well I think this is very close to becoming a final version ^^

"They should put this in the next Starleague, not Geometry." - Nightmarjoo

If it was in ANY league, I'd be friggin happy :P
modified by Alumni
hmm, how are the main formations? Have you tested them? They look like they might be buggy, and they are really easy to manner pylon.

Yeah I don't see much else to do with the map, I think it's really nice :) Gogo test it!
Being a noob map maker myself, could you please fill me in on what manner pylon = ?
is that like lingo for a cheese with pylon? i also thought there was alot of extra space behind the mineral lines so i might change mineral/gas placement in mains again.

player 1 (red)
mins - top
gas - left

player 2 (blue)
mins - bottom
gas - left

would that be better you think?
ehhhhhhhhhhhhh to much of a peaks clone, add some flair to it, something new & that would seperate it from peaks. like some swarms or dwebs on the high grounds in the middle maybe put a dweb or a swarm in the middle of the skinny strip in the middle

Does Peaks of baekdu have the same main base deco and land formation? minimal neutral buildings to alter gameplay? the third middle path is like the latest version of peaks with the third route, but it serves a good purpose fixing potential pathing problems; nonetheless a map like peaks or this requires more microing.

The skinny path can't have dwebs on it because spells need to entirely be on walkable terrain.

Furthermore, I feel that more neutral buildings/spells or an addition of mineral blocks would be pushing it because it would alter gameplay differently again and although it would make gameplay unique and create new strats for this particular map, majority of players (especially since i follow the pro gaming scene, watch mbcgame and ogn ALOT) would rather have a semi-standard map that's like a standard map but with spice (high and low ground blocks like in peaks, neutral building block, dwebs to help make crossing path a little easier (still hard if there's units watching over the middle). The main purpose of that path was to fix potential pathing issues that Nightmarjoo pointed out.

In keeping the same theme/style to match the map and especially it's name, dark swarm spells would also look out of place in this particular space map :-S

That's the problems with spells... can't even be touching a cliff.
modified by Alumni
manner pylon = pylon which traps drones between the pylon and the minerals + the other drones are forced to take a longer route for harvesting
made some very minor updates (added some doodads on the high plating terrain). Time to test and get reps! :D
modified by Alumni
i would replace the gas at the nat as it blocks rallying from the main. it's very irritating in my opinion and could be more vulnerable when its crucial to come out with some lings/goons than having the geyser near the bridge in my opinion.

modified by Alumni
Whoa you're right, ok one more quick update ^^

EDIT: Fixed gas placement in nats.

Is anyone willing to help me compile replays for this particular map? (hopefully future maps too once they're posted on bwmn?) I'll help you test out your map(s) in return. We can just set up a time when we can both meet up on bnet.

It'll be fun gaming too because of having to learn the map during the first game and we need reps of different race mu's. For me, being a zerg player, it'd be fun to play using other races too. :)
modified by Alumni
ok, blue's nat should go on the other side. It is more important that his gas be just as defensible as red's, than that it takes one more worker to mine gas optimally. Also, gas on the right is 3rd fastest. His gas is too far away, too easy to attack. Pick a position, in or out^^

tk is wrong about peaks clone. Yes it has similar aspects, but is very different at the same time. I believe that the center road can be used by large units in this map.
ok so put gas on right then. because antares made a really good point about rally points getting interfered with by workers mining gas is the geysers were placed on top or bottom.

edit: fixed min/gas placements in nats and mains. now it's not as easy to manner pylon the mains.
modified by Alumni

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