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Last update for (2)Janus : 2007, 04, 23 14:36
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2136 (2)Janus 128*128Lancet0.4beta

The map has been rated 48 times and got a total of 20 points

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Comments:   GMCS (4 elements)

I worked the longest time on this map and must have gone through a dozen drafts but finally, here it is! Unfortunately if you did not like my map "Oracular Visions" you are going to hate this one. I was inspired by a comment I made to "Arden(WoF)" in the thread of his map "Romanov Standoff1.3". It is based on the same great concept as maps like "Monty Hall", "Hitchhiker", "Sand Kiss", "Eden", "Infinite Aiur" and "ChooseUrRoad", but this map takes the concept to the next level. The mains have two exits (blocked by 16 value minerals) leading to the respective gas-nats but in two very different battlefields. The left is wide open mostly unbuildable level terrain with lots of room for flanking, exposed expos and very little cover or room to hide. The right is a hellhole of narrow corridors with dwebs that meander around cliffs with ramps. The map is rightly called "Janus" after the two headed Roman God with two different natures.
modified by Lancet
aestetically awful for one.
The right side seems to me to be virtually unplayable, perhaps t could survive in there...
The left is antizerg, no way can z keep his nat...
It's also pretty anti terran, no choke for nat, wide and unbuildable middle... =/
lmao i love that 1st sentence from joel he is so kind <3
Looks pretty interesting, actually.

How much are the min blocks?

I like the little ridge near the main...could be an interesting drop point. I think that the map has very good ideas, but the right side could have been implemented better..

Unfortunately, I'm not a good map maker, so.. ; )

(I have no maps on this site, btw ^^;)
I really like the ideas you put into this map. The right side seems too hard of a route though imo, if you take out a few Dwebs but still have enough that covers key areas + keeps the look of the map pretty so that the right route may be easier to get through. I'll GMCS my suggestion :)

My favourite idea I think is the option of picking and choosing your nat and the smarter players will choose the nat in the right as opposed to the one on the left that has a large open area.

An interesting map and very fitting, well thought out map name!

modified by Alumni
ok the organization of the emoticon list in the GMCS is MESSED up!
ive thought about this before, long before inverted ramps came out so i thought it impossilbe then forget about it. the geurilla warfare thing on the right side, implemented into a whole map would be interesting imo
Hey folks thanks for all your comments!

Yes, I know the map is ugly, sorry, but the earlier versions were butt-ugly! I wanted to make the left side P>Z>T and the right side T>Z>P and hopefully I succeded but I don't know how to make such a map pretty! However, remember that despite being different, the battlefields are connected in the center and, of course, there are drops. You can't just expand in the side that favors you and allow your enemy free reing in the other side. Similarly you can't just concentrate on one side of the map or you will have an army knocking at your main's other door!

Alumni thanks for your comments butI don't understand how elliminating those 3 dwebs will make it less hard a route. Notice that even though the dwebs are at chokes, these chokes are cliffs with ramps that have several access routes. If you "plant" yourself behind a dweb to block access the enemy may shoot at you from a nearby cliff and/or go around the hill and surprise you from the back.

Inept I also though about making a map where all of it looks like the right side of this one but I was concerned that it would be an anti-protoss map.

Finally, do you guys think, as suggested by Nightmarjoo that in the left side at least the nat should have a choke?

I think the concept is really great and fresh.
Please remove those ugly ugly inverted twighlight ramps.
And try to test the map cause it looks really promising imo.
Thanks DeSade but if I remove the inverted ramps I will have to remove the corresponding regular ramps on the other side. If you know where I can download a better looking inverted twilight ramp (I am not that good at making them) let me know. I did think about making those plateaus inaccessible by land but I decided against it so as to not have a player making roadblocks all over the place.

Now I have a theoretical question for all of you. Suppose you could make a better & prettier map than this one where the mains had access to two battlefields, say right and left. Also suppose the left side was say P > Z > T and the right side T > Z > P (what I tried to do). My question is: would overall the map be balanced? In other words, can you create a balanced map NOT by balancing the WHOLE map but by creating two separate battlefields in such a way that one race has an advantage in one of them and the other race in the other? I want to invite my fellow mapmakers here to try it.

modified by Lancet
I think you can but its no use discussing wether a map it balanced or not without testing it.

p.s. a map doesnt have to be mirrored to be balanced.You can make top and bottom plateaus accessable with normal ramps if the plateaus are properly placed. Also those inverteds are not balanced either cause they have no real ramp abilities while the normal ramps in your map have.
Thanks DeSade, unfortunately my modem sucks and all my playing is mostly done against the comp (the Raynor-2 AI, but still comp) and it can't deal with a mineral wall. I would be honored however if any of you would try it and upload the replays here.

With respect to ramps I know I can use "normal" ramps but then they would all be facing south. The north player would have to go around the plateau to climb the ramp.The south player would have an advantage. Also, what do you mean when you say that inverted ramps have no real ramp abilities? I don't understand, I can go up and down them just fine.
Updated some deco
Man it's awesome I gotta say. I looked at the pic for few mins and got enspired. MU what I was thinking was TvP. I can really imagine what it will be... Terran uses the tighter (Right) path, to push him slowly, while toss uses the wide path (left) for flanking.

Good work!!
Thanks RaDIX! And since you are such a good map maker I want to propose that you (and others reading this) try to make a map with a similar concept. The idea is revolutionary and I just want to see what you will come up with.

The idea is this: try to make a balanced map not by balancing THE WHOLE MAP but by creating a map where one half of the map is say P > Z > T while the other half is T > Z > P and conecting both halves in the middle in such a way that the balance is not affected.
Oh man... U put me a hard work to do... But I'll definately try it :).
One problem is that one side may end up looking very different from the other and make the whole map look a bit err....ugly. Some here have commented that Janus is ugly. Hopefully, like in the case of some ugly lady, they will look through their external appearance and see their nice heart!
well, the concept isnt that revolutionary, i already had this in (2) a smaller execution, though.
(2)TrenchWarfare is a stylish map, I like it and saw all the replays (BTW there is a low value mineral block in the ramp leading to the rust pit in the E nat but not in the W nat).

However, since the only nat is in the upper side, that is where a lot of the action took place regardless of whether the terrain favoured one race over the other. Also, I don't understand which battlefield is supposed to favor which race in this map. I would venture in fact that both battlefields are not favorable to Terran. I also read the posts in the thread and it didn't seem to me that the map was discussed much in terms of the concept.

If you are going to make a map with this concept I think it is imperative that there be two nats (one in each type of battlefield) and the player then can choose where to expo.
no, i didnt want to claim this concept to be mine. in fact, i just claimed it aint a new concept, neither in mine, nor in your map ;)

thx for the minblock issue, gonna fix it.

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