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Last update for (4)S.B.H. : 2007, 05, 21 17:59
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2141 (4)S.B.H. 128*128Salazar Slytherin0.3final

The map has been rated 49 times and got a total of 15 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

map name is Supermassive Black Hole
very basic, but i like this style somehow. the natural and minonly are comfortable placed, with emphasis of not disturbing the movement. i guess the wide choke (-> pvz) is compensated by the layout of expansions

the buildings space in mains is very strange. you wont get much buildings into it due to its shape. esp. with green and blue.

the center has swarms you can tactically use, but othzer than that it is PLAIN open. no way of balance, z will rape p, p will rape t and so on.

there are little expos to fight about, since you can control nat/minonly quite easily.

impressive symmetry btw, if you did this without symmetry tools
Salazar has godlike proportional symmetry =). I have a feeling this will play similarly to Luna because of the open center and expansion layout. This is not a bad thing however, and it is definitely not a clone. I like to see maps like this. Its basic, but it's so aesthetically pleasing and comfortably flowing. I especially like the swarms in the middle - one of the few maps where I respect the spell placement (this + Avatar basically). I agree with Flo's comment about balance: Z>P>T, and I think Z is even more powerful because of the awkwardness in base structure. But I have a feeling that people will find a way to compensate for this, given that there is plenty of room outside your natural to build. I still say it will play well, good job.
All your maps look the same.
You have guts sir, but I don't see how terran will survive here if its survival depends on moving units through the middle. Perhaps you can compensate by making cliffs next to the mains and nats?
sorry,but with this map i cant begin anything.uninviting & unspectacular!

you are far away from senbonzakura
I like it but it needs better deco and some doodads.
Very nice yet Very basice, midddle looks identical to that one desert map you made that made motw. Just to basic a main that goes to a nat that goes to a mineral only that goes to the middle. Kinda plain :/ but looks good atleast
hmm I don't agree with the others, I really like it. Yes it's basic, but it's a good use of spells I think, because it takes what would otherwise be a very basic map and makes it interesting.

Again what's with the muse song name -.-

It looks hard for protoss to attack a terran nat for pos red and green. Those positions also have less room in front of their mineral only it looks like.

But I really like the map, much better than Blizz imo.
just noticed that 12 & 6 nats the 2nd brige is closer to the mineral only at the 9 & 3 mineral onlies the 2nd bridge is farther
OK, so I don't understand something. Some maps here are shot to death because of reasons that give an advantage to one of the races; imbalance and all that jazz. But this map whose name could easily be "Terran Hell" is OK?

Nightmarjoo; "good use of spells"?. Don't you think that some of us (including you probably) haven't considered placing a bunch of swarms in the open middle of our maps and decided against it because we figured out that Terran (who has the lousiest melee unit) would get creamed?

I am still slamming my head against the wall trying to figure out how to place swarms in places that would be in the thick of the battle but so far no luck.
Look at it ingame and tell me if you think terran really has no chance.
instead of a standard Medic Marine style, It will be Medic and Firebats! That would actually own Z hard. NO HYDRA, NO Air would be good to stop it. Just lurk and ultra.

style is good :)
zerg would only need mutas and sunkens. sunkens because they destroy firebats (which cost gas, too). muta because they rape bats, rape the main of terran and even if t hides below swarms, well, mutas can wait for them and keep them there.
bats could hide under the swarm and meds do simple healing. Mutas arent that powerful..
well, and what should they do under the dark swarm? like, as purpose? :(
too open middle :(
Imo this map fails hard. The swarms are placed extremely nice for z; keeping terrans in their main/nat area.
The map is wide open, the only "cliff" is lower than the expansions it is next to and it doesn't even cover the nat well. If you try to siege the nat's geysir, your tanks will easily be killed off by hyds/lurks.
I don't see any other chance than mass vessel and excessive dropping, but it's not like such gameplay was any easier on this map than any other. And I don't see that type of game that much, probably for a reason...
As flo pointed out the middle is z>p p>t z>t.
I just realized that the swarm even enhances these imbalances cause T normally has no melee units in tvp and therefor cant fight under the swarm. And zerg, well...
This doesn't mean the map is bad or as a whole imba but I would remove the swarms.

Maybe this was said before I didnt read all comments sry
modified by DeSade
Remember that the lurker's attacks have splash damage I don't thin that Terran can counter lurkers in those swarms by mass producing firebats. Also remember that the bats would only be able to attack during the scan sweep as lukers are burrowed. Finally, if you misscalculate and make too many bats you may not have enough rines to handle mutas.

I think the map is fine actually, but just declare that it is a Zerg vs Protoss map.
z>p as well. Open middle + swarms are a big plus for zerg. The expansions also are placed so that zerg can defend 3 at once.
Well, I was thinking in terms of zealots which can hold their ground against lurkers (with the help of an observer) and can use swarms to their advantage against air and ranged units. As to defending the expansions, there is a double choke there (2 bridges).
Well, it is common to use swarm in zvp anyways, so you might guess that it is an advantage for zerg...
Lurk + ling simply ownz zeals, especially when the numbers get larger. A protoss wouldn't be able to use dragoons to kill those lurkers, but only psi + zeal. Well, Reavers are another thing on this map, and they could actually take advantage of the swarms, as they are pretty much unharmed by zerglings. But I don't think this will cut the edge.
Uh, sorry but I have seldom seen swarms used in ZvP pro-games, mostly ZvT. Lings are indded a problem but that is what High Templars are for.
You haven't? You don't watch many of them, I guess Oo
aww you removed the swarms :(

Well now that you have, the middle is imo too open, it's a wasteland now =/ Nothing to fight over in the middle at all, it's just really open, so like z>p p>t etc.
Note that we had the same situatuion before, Nightmarjoo, just more drastical.
The swarms made a big different though, spines. I think they could be used maybe more subtly for a better effect...

But I guess the swarms sorta had the same effects balance-wise as the openness... weird.
the installation doors at the entrances are .. weird to say and don't serve any purpose as units just pass by them. The neutral pilots also look kinda out of place on the map.
Oh yeah, seems like someone has found the sprite palette Oo

The middle was JUST AS open before. It only had some swarms in there. Which are clearly anti-terran, and anti-protoss in zvp (well, in zvp you can argue about anti-p and equal for both)

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