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Last update for (4)Naraija : 2007, 04, 18 16:31
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2155 (4)Naraija 128*128RaDiX0.2beta

The map has been rated 73 times and got a total of 14 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Ye it awesome I know.. Should I delete the 2nd naturals? :P
you should delete the map :/ i dont like it. below your skills in exectuion and mapstructure
lol man... That was very creative post... Omg... U should really have better excuses why u don't like the map. "Below ur skills".... omg that's just shit. U should justify why u thing that.. disrespect.

I don't mind if u say my map is bad, when u got good reason.
your other other maps are clearly better. this DOES count as reason.
How could I make this better or the same level as my other maps? Why is this clearly worse than my other maps?
you have like, two levels on which you map

under-average-level: naraija, get real, electric desert, bridgthon, mirror in ice, ...

above-average-level: harakiri, chooseurroad, spaceship, felicity, nentai, ...

the latter are all somehow outstanding in either execution, concept or both. (2)Niciyo for example has a very interesting and cool idea behind it...but it is not really well executed/decorated. that is a map you should work on, not this strange and somehow boring/uninspired below-average-map.

OK your mineral lines need improving. STOP Putting them at the edge of the map! Also the mineral onlies are very crowded. You really dont need any of them.
I would advise a neutral building or multiple min blocks for the backdoor expo. Since it is unharassable, you should make sure that you delay any expansion there or delete them.

WTF is up with teal's gas at the nat????? place it in a more defendable area!

nice execution :)

execution is okay, i was more speaking of concept and mapstructure

-Changed teal's nat

-Deleted 2nd naturals (Min onlies) --> map is now more open.
as you ignore my overall opinion, i will stick to short statements:
-T with 3 bases easily. protoss, and zerg need heavy tech.
-naturals in vertical fights are TOO close. FE gets raped (->zvt).
-top pos. natural-gases may obstruct pathing of large troops
-terran can place tanks onto 3h/9h minicliff which are also easily secured against counterdrop.
-12h/6h expos are unlikely to be taken in 2on2, nor in 1on1 when your enemy is next to you, horizontally.

esp. the first 2 and the last point make me say: throw this map.
hey RaDiX, your decoration skills are really good imo but are those mineral lines all the same mineral field type? it just looks like that on the picture :S I usually follow a pattern making min lines by alternation type 1, 2, and 3, then reset... if they aren't the same type, my bad.

oh and sometimes making the geysers more protected are more important than having the gas on top or left because after all, gas on the right is third fastest. I remembered this case for my map Satellite 85 (path obstruction) as well as one of flo's maps where he intentionally placed the geysers some places for good reason (more defendable instead of out in the open)... I was told the same thing so I'm just passing it on. ^^

I'll come online europe server sometime today, maybe I can catch you for some test-age.
modified by Alumni
hehe :-). thx for creative post flo :)
damn mirror toolkit. now radix can do this shits faster:

click on the "randomize minerals" button
remove those trees
that circle in the ruinses, those doodas with face. why are there a lot of them? just put 1 or 2
main decoration are very bad.
put a diferent tipe of tile in each main.
NE and SW island are better than NW and SE.
haven't you learn how to place the mineral fields yet? ALL mineral field are gay (that wor'd but it's not very profesional)

if you still want to use a tile that doesn't exist in the main mines, then try to draw something copy/pasting drit/jungle, maybe a circle. or put lines of dired mud.
those bones sux, you have about 50 rimes THE SAME DOODAD, what an imagination.

NE and SE gass can bi siege tanked.
try to create a creative center.
tanks can be droped at right and left from the center, there is a low ground spot, Zerglings can get there and attack it but zealot can't.
laughing out loud testbug :D. Nothing positive? ;). Man I know randomize minerals button, why do you 2 make it so big deal... Deco in the middle is good imo, wont chane it. Deco in other places is good too imo.. Min lines sucks only in naturals, other places I've took em from professional maps.

Gas can't be siege-tanked.

Those tank holes; They are symmetrical=NP.

Why should I remove those trees..?

Those bones sucks yeah, I was lazy ;P. But there are other doodads also :)

PS: I love NastyMarine.
uh i dont think this is your best map. for example there are far better creations from you. main is awful big, but at the natural you get no so much room to rally the units and etc.

pathing in horizontal is just plain, in diagonal its even more plain. in vertical it is just awkward to move out to the center then immediately to the other nat next to it. also they're very close, i assume its really bad for the gameplay.

also turtling seems way too easy here so boredom factor makes it more average. the concept well i dont like it, maybe its just another mapstructure declined by me, this is the 'H-shape' called by me :). The H represents the paths.

central two expos are really unlikely. seems to be that you do not need them.

ehh i dont know, but i simply dont like the whole map. symmetric decoration also disgusts me a little. someone should comment some positive things after my really depressing words :D
smaller mains ftw
vertical gameplay will be horrible.
try to copy some Arcadia things.
if you reduce main sizes, then nat from nat disctances (vertical) won't be that short.
but not talking aboiut rush; the way is very bad.
watch Arcadia, the way is beautifull.
there are 4 spots where you can drop tanks in mains, 12 and 6 where red and purple gass can't be attacked.
you sayd "Those tank holes; They are symmetrical=NP"
what do you mean?
and at 3 and 9 but near to the ruins, there are 2 more spots where zerglings can get in but zealots can't.
from 3 and 9 high ground, southern gass can be attacked. and the chokes are evil, units will get sick there.
cut the main size so you can make better nats and chokes.
anyway. nice Dahlia Temple walls.
Dahlia of Jungle is one of my favorite maps

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