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Last update for (4)Fireball : 2007, 04, 18 01:11
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2156 (4)Fireball 128*128joust850.1beta

The map has been rated 41 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

1st attempt at a map that kinda-sorta follows the "map rules" more closely.

Circled the ramps in paint because they were lost in image resizing.

There are ramps going to the 12 and 6 expos with Norad II battlecruisers on them.

Lemme know what can be improved!
well. its a solid map ---> good map. But imo its conceptless or w/out an entertaining style. but still pretty good.

- move the natural closer to the main entrance?
- better mineral only formations
- add 2 entrances to each high ground area??
-paths from nat to nat are VERY short. this will make FE litteraly impossible.
-straight formations of terrain dont look good on ash :/
horiz. patthing is screwed, and i dont think you can rectify this as feature on this map/setup^^
move the gayser from the nat expos, it won't let you build a command center near to the mineral fields, so move it 1 spot to the bottom.

Green and Cyan main mines gather gass fasther than Purple and White.

Ash world is a natural world so as flothefreak sayd "straight formations of terrain dont look good" as if it were a space platform, the temple of jungle, structure or asphalt in Badlands, and any other human-made things. but not dirt and cliffs.

a second entrance to the hight ground area will bee fine, likt Longinus2 min-only.
your min-only fields should be toghether, the extra one may change some units movement.

bevause your natural expos are so far from main; nats are closer, so there is an obsius rush route.
rush won't allow you to fast expo.
horizontal path just doesnt flow in my opinion, those two minonlies are unlikely to be taken by different players at one time so stucky. also the nat-nat distance is very very short compared to the main-nat distance. you cant really go for FE in ZvT at those positions.

you could also reduce the size of the cliff at the naturals and add more space to the main. you will need space and the recent mains are possibly not big enough to support some big macro facility. (prove me if im wrong, i just tell it from pic!!) you could say, there is plenty room at the natural cliff. thats right, but in the wrong shape. you will need that path for the main rallying route.

my third problem is with the general structure of the map. it is so easily parted, expansions are very predictable and it makes a disadvantage to zerg in late games. also a bit more boring gameplay by reducing the possibility of tactical tricking with armies in the mid game. generally by adding neutral expansions instead of naturals in bigger numbers or by separating natural areas significantly (in this map the areas concerned to horizontal positions are very close) you can avoid this.

i think straight lines look good on none of the terrains. space platforms and structures are also better to look them i they are more randomized.

huh thats all. i hope it doesnt sound so scientific to you. i wanted to enlight some deeper theories that could explain why do we say it is solid, but not have the potential (conceptless by nasty's word) :)

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