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Last update for (3)Hope : 2009, 10, 18 20:32
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3869 (3)Hope 128*128sWaGu0.7betaground

The map has been rated 55 times and got a total of 38 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

i know and imbalance in the top left but other than that anything? my second 3p map and i think alot less wasted space. the min bases in the main main are 750 value
and i think as long as ur units are rally point to nats there shouldnt be path issue
I like it, keep going, deco it.
Can units pass through the narrow path at the bottom left? Remember the in-game display takes up the bottom row.
Interesting but the way you set up the starting locations (especially green's) you may limit the amount of usable space for ground unit producing buildings. This is because units leaving buildings built behind the starting locations may end up having to cross the worker lines to get to the nat.

I know you can avoid pathing issues by being careful when scouting and moving units, making them first go down to the nat and then elsewhere but be advised that most players just don't like to deal with that.
Very cool but looks like Terran can hold up three expansions (3rd and 4th natural, and 2nd minonly.
i purposely put the main building space behid the min lines to help zerg. im going to make the entire middle absolutely unbuildable. i think that will help balance out the terran thing. and so you know the entire skinny entrance to the in base min only will be unbuildable as well. these are my plans but if theres another way to keep terran from taking 4 expansions suggestions are welcome
I like the concept of this map ;)
Good job!
Very nice map, also...damn you! i also had a idea just last week about that min only on the cliff over nat :(..anyways, very good job :)
Dude look at red's nat , hes cliff if soo bad man, double the size of the other 2.
i realize that. if u see my first comment ull know
Then fix it lol
You can add more deco rather than plain rocky grounds.
well its kinda hard to make it even distance. i played around with this layout for a while. in order to fit the expansions the way i want to one of those skinny ledges will be in the corner and longer than the others. if i make the skinny path diagnal to the min only and put temple behind it would it still be balanced?
Just think that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and see how you can apply it.
how bout that? it sorta twist the concept but i think itll do
i like the layout a lot but there are discrepancies on whether or not they all share the same amount space. Check distances etc.. The bottom left section of the map seems to take up a bit more space than the others.
distances are fine. i dont get why the bottom left taking a weensy bit more space makes a difference
actually from teal to the others it takes 20 sec but the rest of the distances are 18 sec.
just updated rocky ground deco and modified min lines :)
dont the blocking mineral expo ON the main cause huge pathing issues?
not if u rally ur units to ur nat
it shouldnt matter as long as you send from nat. i tried

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