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Last update for (4)Portals 1.4 : 2009, 09, 26 15:45
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3868 (4)Portals 1.4 128*128Trit4ni51.6finalground

The map has been rated 66 times and got a total of 105 points


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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

I'd like to present my very first map created in scmdraft. Version 1.2 was posted yesterday but I decided to delete it and create a new topic for my latest, final version. Comments and criticism are welcome!

Some things to note:

-main: 9M1G, natural: 6M1G, third:7M1G all with 1500 ore and 5000 gas

-top/bottom blocked expansions: 10M and 8M with 1500 ore each

-every building on the map is stacked 5 times

-neutral sunken colony in each main to help zerg establish some early defences

-backdoor to each natural blocked by mineral node with 32 ore and 5 stacked temples

-middle: 24M4G (8 mineral nodes with 1500 ore, 16 with 500; 5000 gas)

-dark swarm on each entrace to the middle

I hope you enjoy it :)
I don't understand what happened. I left a comment in this map thread and now it's gone. Why was it removed?

Anyway, I said that this map was a good first try but that the neutrals may create pathing issues and that, because the nat does not defend the main, zerg may have problems. I also advised to play the map at least against the comp to make sure things like pathing and spells work and suggested you read one of the articles on map making in the article section.
Yeah it's too tight, has a lot of minerals for expansion. I would remove the middle expansion.
I tested it versus the computer and there are pathing issues only when players spawn horizontally against each other (comp units tent to clump up in the natural), anyway I'm not going to play this with computer only, so it's OK ;)

As for the zerg, surely if I hadn't put neutral sunken colonies in each main zerg would have a big problem, but with them it is pretty easy to defend.
Look at map Colosseum for example, its nat doesn't defend the main, so there is a neutral sunken in the entrace to each main. And it solves the problem! Just like in my map ;)

Lancet: your comment was deleted because I deleted the old topic, and created this :P

Okay, this is most probably my final touch to this map. Enjoy!

Changes from previous version:

-slightly redesigned mineral formations in main and natural

-added some terrain to the main entrace to help in wall-ins and forge fast expands, also it seems to be somewhat helpful to zerg

-workers have now easy access to top/bottom mineral expansions as they can slip through the neutral zerg eggs (200hp,10armor) on gather move (like in map Plasma)

-removed mineral nodes preventing terran from landing their CC in the mineral only expansions area, as they are no longer needed
you do know that all naturals are cliffable, right? And very tight map, as well.

There might be path issue, but I don't really think so, might want to check.
modified by JungleTerrain
Don't think it should be 'final' since it's still unbalance.
Thanks coV, your in depth explanation about balance helped me a lot.
xaxaxa BAD -10 !!! HORIBLE MAP :D:D LOL SUCK
Ik this is ur first map and that's ok, but honestly its just truly bad, its just full of problems, this cant be played in a serious game.

Im sure ul get better tho, all it takes is 2 make many maps and little by little u get better, then u look at ur old maps and u think dam this 1 really was terrible :)
or in testbug's case, your first map is alright, and the second one is pro.
Remove some expos, there are too much.

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