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Last update for (2)Facing Worlds : 2007, 04, 28 22:33
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2171 (2)Facing Worlds 96*128Alumni0.6beta

The map has been rated 58 times and got a total of 36 points


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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

Mmmm this map plays really fun! It appears and plays straight forward! All appears standard until the neutrals blocking the side routes into the base and minimal but critical usage of spells for the battle in the middle. I might take out the swarm spell in the middle though what do you guys theorycraft? lol

It's inspired by a concept and map I used to play on an old first person shooter game. Even the map name is the same. The 'powerup' in the middle of the map is a dark swarm and the dwebs are to make the middle exps more defendable are in a way set boundaries as to how close along the sides you can go during battle. ^^

Map description: A classic arena built by the Dominion specifically for deathmatches.

... which explains the neutral buildings being terran psi disrupters (2000hp) and since one gets destroyed so easily, after consulting with Nightmarjoo, I added a second one making the total hp 4000.

Mass comment gogo!
modified by Alumni
epidiOn, it's actually not that easy to protect still. 6-8 lings can destroy two 2000hp buildings faster than you think haha. that was the issue that i discussed with nightmarjoo already so the nats are not exactly "gimme" exps.
modified by Alumni
see reps on battlegrounds to see how fast lings kill 2000 hp, although you can repair it if you notice it.
i didn't know until i tried it myself :)
is there really nothing else worth commenting on this map? ...
Nice excecution but I am cocerned about the two blocked chokes so far appart. It is going to be hard to defend the main choke and also keep track of whether the enemy is leveling the buildings to gain access to your base. Will Zerg be able to this as well as protoss and terran? Also the center is quite open and there are no "cliffs", will this affect Terran? Finally those dwebs in the periphery are really decorational. Unless that is what you intended you could move them forming a line facing the opposite player (see GMCS).
well like i posted earlier, "the dwebs are to make the middle exps more defendable" the exps on the sides of the middle, if tanks can get on it, melee units will have to go up the ramps to kill it because of the dwebs shutting down ranged units. a lurker can do the same, so if zerg can survive until mid game, they have a good advantage over other races.
modified by Alumni
a line of dwebs is dumb.
I was really excited when teh pic was loading.. seeing the top but then i saw teh middle :/ Very unappealing visually for the middle and conceptless :/. I like the idea of the main set up but it maybe too much imo. it just seems like a map where you sit back, take expos and then fight 15 mins into the game. :( There isnt alot of harassing capabitlies for the corner expos which will really favor defensive play/turtling. I would recommend for you to redo this in 96X128. This way you wont have so much space.
Oh, you can repair those buildings? Didn't expect that :)
Dang, should have guessed so, though. Remember that mission with the crashed NoradII? You could repair it in that mission, so NoradII must be repairable. Pretty likely that the other terran special buildings can be repaired as well.

Protoss Special Buildings can't be repaired though, I guess? Even though they have no shields...
Nasty: the map dimensions are already 96x128 :S
Spines: yeah , all neutral terran buildings are repairable :o
modified by Alumni
lol oops :P im such a noob. seems alot bigger :P
Sigh......ranged units can come close enough to the cliff and shoot without being affected by the dwebs. They are too far appart and too far away from the cliff. If you want to keep this concept you should bunch them more together and put some more.

A line of 3 dwebs facing the opposite player with you behind them is not "dumb" if they overlap sufficiently as to form a wall. I analyzed this enough in my post in the Main Forum.
no it would be dumb to use them -_- the map doesn't need dwebs
Not even the ones already there?
I think the middle actually makes the map interesting, looks like two 'fortresses' which is an interesting concept.
exactly what i was going for artanis :)
facing worlds on UT had the same concept and that's where i took it from. it was a classic CTF map that was heavily used in tournies/leagues/clan wars for that game. oh man i'm old -_- UT was like... in 2000-2002 lol now they're at what, unreal tournament 2007?
OK,another thing you can do is place some doodads or appropriate tiles next to the dwebs to cover the holes. LostTampon did this in the map "Jericho". How about that?
ok i covered the holes, between doodads and dwebs
Wow.... I need to play you in Unreal Tournament sometime (The original that this name was derived from). I'm not bad... My Friend Falcon_A kicks ass. =)
Sadly I don't know where my CD is... it's somewhere in one of my two spindles of game cds lol.

Oh and I hope you're not the guy who stays in the base and snipes grr you can just spawn kill and piss people off hahah, they cheer when the cheap sniper dies. :)
Hah, nah... Every now and then I'll grab the redeemer and pick a few people off, but I'm not a cheap sniper in Facing Worlds. I like Liandri myself... I named one of my maps on this site after it (Older map).
Lol, I thought about commenting on this before. It's not an OLD game...It's STILL the King of FPS, perhaps next to Duke Nukem 3D xD

The map itself, it seems sort of easy for T to turtle? But with the open-ish middle, perhaps it comes out evenly? I don't know...

But yeah, UT is awesome...and Facing Worlds is like the best map online, everyone tries to do dumbshit sniping. It eventually becomes a war of me dodging and sniping the snipers...^^;

Lovely. It might be my fav CTF map, or Lava Giant if you're into things like that XD

Only maps I don't really like in DM are Conveyor and Barricade XDDD

@Arden: I'm not THAT good. When I 20-0'd billy on Hyperblast, he actually almost killed me twice...:/...Though thanks to my dodging skills, me + shock rifle > Him + rocket launcher

Oh, I do have that SS of me beating Xan 15-0 or 15 to -1 hosted on Staredit. xDDDD

They were talking about best FPS moments, and I mentioned that. xD
i LOVE the shock rifle, sniper rifle second, rocket launcher third haha. that's my order haha or whatever weapon's in my hands when battling haha. Lavagiant is a sick map. I played mostly CTF and Assault. (alot of binds in assault for tricks you see now in the game, were originally written by UfM-Thraxen and I) so my knowledge of maps would mostly be CTF or Assault maps hehe. Facing Worlds may not be my fav ctf map but it's a classic (i hope this map can live up to it's name but it's hard)

Now i really want to get Unreal Tournament 2007 lol... and a better computer/laptop. :-

Hahah anyways, back to the map! it starts off good for terran i guess but those psi disrupters actually die really quick to 6-8lings regardless of having two totalling 4000hp but then again zerg would probably use lings better to defend any rushes because this map is harder to defend as zerg in early game imo. once it gets mid-game, zerg should be more powerful and catch up to terran. :)
modified by Alumni
anyone want to test?
this noob map? no.

jk, just spam me and I'll play you :D
I wish I played UT online more. I feel good when I 30 to -3 a Godlike bot on deck 16 using nothing but the sniper rifle...xD


Maybe you should make the min only more attractive by putting more mins there? I don't see why anyone wouldn't go for their gas expo first...
modified by Falcon_A
ooooh but that is the intention! they are supposed to take the gas expo first, with the 4 possible exps on your "world" you can make a combination of any 2 plus your main in the game. some tvz players might not care as much bout second gas cuz they're more pure mass mnm until later they added a couple vessels.

in the end, the best 3 base combo (in terms of them being defendable or in close proximity of each other) for every player will probably involve taking a min only exp.
3hat ftw
now i'm inspired to try and make (2)Lavagiant
:o haha

edit: nah screw it, ashland doesn't have enough terrain choices plus lavagiant won't fit into a 128x128 map unless some major parts of that map were not carried on to make an sc version :-/
modified by Alumni
motm gogo? time to start collecting replays :)
imo this aint motm material :s. I think it's somehow pretty much same as my Felicity.. Hmm, it's just imo. This aint ur best alumni :-E
ah yess, felicity is a nice map, we appear to have used the same concept (not a new concept) but the base and exp layouts even the middle is different and will play differently.

i followed as much as possible the map CTF-Facing Worlds from Unreal Tournament. Just bringing a classic league/tourny/clan war map from that game over to SCBW.

imagine the battles in the middle! lately all the new pro maps are macro maps so i figure this map would gain acceptance more easily ^^

The map name also has a high rep to withhold so I'll be collecting replays from now till i dunno.
modified by Alumni

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