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Last update for (4)Empire Final : 2007, 05, 03 22:29
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2190 (4)Empire Final 128*128minus_human0.2beta

The map has been rated 45 times and got a total of 10 points

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Picture doesn't work
My very own creation from scratch. Although I'm new around here, I don't really consider myself a novice in terms of map-making. Tested for blockades, minerals balanced everywhere. It is possible that I missed a few things, and all criticism will be highly appreciated.

This is a 1v1 map, heavy macro-orientated. Middle platform control will be the main goal, however there are secondary paths to other expos, and even to a surprise attack at the opponent's main, if you're not the one that has the middle. Notice however, the secondary paths between the mains and the dual ramp elevated expos are somewhat tighter than the center, so it could get a little tricky.

All help and suggestions greatly appreciated.
When you are using extended terrain, please use it properly. This map has so much clearly visible copy-pasting, and lots of stuff is cut off, it almost hurts my eyes.
hmm, thank you for the advice
blue main smaller; red and teal biger, purple has medium size.
blue natural doesn't protects the choke; purple protects it very well.
no1 will colonize the center for map control, it only works at oposite start locations, but vertical and horizontal is too tight; even if you use the middle, from center ramp to main mines the way is too tight and too long.
what are those gass geyser doing there?
I edited your pic, it now works.

"I don't really consider myself a novice in terms of map-making" of course not, no one does right?

I see several issues. Purple and blue both have far smaller mains than the other two. Gas issue, read our articles on what the gas issue is, Articles is on the right side of the site. Essentially, left and top geyser mine the fastest, anything other than that is mined optimally with 4 miners rather than 3, purple clearly mines the best here, with red almost mining well with 3, and blue not mining at all (lol).
That gas only expo behind the one expo and the mineral wall looks pretty useless, you make people have to mine to it, and then make a whole new cc/nexus/hatch without bringing in any minerals =/ Players will likely not use it.
pvt will be hell, attacking the nats is impossible. The nats are tight, and half the main cliffs the path to the nat, no protoss army has a chance.
Purple would be fine to 2hatch his nat and defend it well, teal and blue almost definitely would have to 3hatch atleast in zvt to defend main and nat, and red could go both ways. Make them all either 3hatch needing or 2hatch. Also, blue has his ramp facing away from the nat, no other sl has that.
Teal's main formation can only be manner pyloned twice where all the others can be manner pyloned thrice.
The map looks pretty t>p, the nats are unattackable as protoss, and except in corners positions the middle is entirely useless and avoidable, it's big and open with a mineral only expo, terran will just push through the sides and get an easy 3gas.
The nats are not all the same in size, some are easier or harder to attack than the others.
The map looks p>z also, although a lurk contain will likely be pretty easy.
You said you tested everything? How is pathing. Looks like it could be bad in spots.
Decoration could be better.

Well for a first map, not bad. As for your "not a novice" remark, many of those issues I mentioned are simple positional imbalances, the kind of issues a novice map maker makes.
Nothing already said, but blue and red's nat doesn't cover the ramp, and there's slight positional imbalance in base size.
Well obviously I underestimated the general level of mappers around here. My mistake, no excuse for that.
About the issue with blue's gas, I naturally had it placed in the first time, but I rearranged the minerals there and forgot the gas, just before submitting, lol.

About the gas issue, I though it was right and top that mined faster. Guess I was wrong.

There are many more things to say, a lot of my mistakes come from the fact that I kind of made the map in a rush.

Anyways, thank you all for all your comments, I realize how much there is to improve, and what this site has to offer. I just hope you will last, as I've seen the server has been sold, or something of the type.

I doubt I will be refining this map anytime soon, because I consider it like an initialization. Future works from me will be better, I promise.

And by the way, I am terran :D
lol I hope to see more from you in the future. Also, the server hasn't been sold lol, that was an april fools joke nothing. This site will last forever :) My kids are gonna be mapping here some day, after I like have them and whatnot :D
I really think this is a pretty good map with no major problems or imbalances.
The ramps leading to the middle could be done better
Thank you Desade, but come to think of it, this map should be perfectly symmetrical, to a point in the middle of the map - that is how it was intended on paper; as you can see, it's far from that; Terrain simplicity I guess would come from the fact that I used few tilesets (almost no ruins, temple wall, water). The fact is, the chance just didn't show up for anything else.

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