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Last update for (4)Tartarus : 2007, 05, 27 00:04
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2230 (4)Tartarus 128*128Tuy0.1beta

The map has been rated 54 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

The SC2 announcement has sucked me back into BW, and also into map-making. I came up with the idea for this map because it seems that every map either has mains in every corner or two mains in opposite corners.

Iím concerned with the ramps on this map. They seem too blocky to me, but I could not come up with a better way to blend them. If you have any suggestions for how to do this, please comment.

Another problem is that the top two mains can be walled with a barracks and 2 depots, but the bottom two canít, even if the buildings are arrayed the same. It seems that certain sides of a supply depot seal walls better than others. I canít figure out a way to wall in these mains, so what I might end up doing is making the top mains unwallable.

Iíll add an Obs version if this map every becomes finalized.

Also, every resource stack on the island expos has 3 times the normal amount of resources (4500 mins per stack, 15000 gas per geyser).
modified by Tuy
if you cant find any other solution, you can widen the choke and use 16-value minerals to enable wall-ins. check out (4)Jungle_Raid to see what i mean.
Thanks, flothefreak. I've implemented your suggestion and it works great. The mains can now all be walled with one barracks, and a single zealot can block peons from entering each choke.

I've also redid the doodads and terrain of some areas to make it look prettier.

Edit: I've updated the map with a few minor aesthetic changes to some parts that were bugging me.
modified by Tuy
mm looks a little tight and terran favouring, idk seems like after a point protoss can't ever attack terran unless he comes out into the open, especially with the nat being highground. And the main and nat are fairly rich.

As for the ramps, PsychoTemplar I thought did a good job with ramps in this map.
Thanks for pointing that stuff out. Iíve made some changes that will hopefully help the P against T. The magma below blueís base and above tealís base has been taken out. That makes the path considerably wider. Iíve also moved the min-onlys, the island expos, and the high dirt walls closer to the sides of the map, which widened the center as well as area between the min-onlys and the center. While none of the changes make the mains and naturals more assailable, the ramps in my games on this map so far have been wide enough and the only extra challenge has been the fact that the naturals are on high ground.

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