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Last update for (2)Apollos Corridor1.3 : 2011, 08, 11 19:13
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4331 (2)Apollos Corridor1.3 128*128 sTY_leZerG-eX1.7betahybrid

The map has been rated 70 times and got a total of 117 points


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Map Apollo\\\'s Corridor:
(From Greek Mythology, Απολλων)

So I really wanted to make a desert 2 player map, and I wanted to make something a bit far off from standard. Something that would play different that normal, something that would make players think..
One map is in fact weirder that the other, but both will force players extend themselves so to speak.
Problem is, not all maps I make end up hear uploaded, some just finish off uninspired, or with something just not functional,
So as i tried to fit ideas together.. the opposite happed, 2 concepts split and gave birth to 2 different maps.
So I came up with 2 ideas Dear friends I have a decision for you..

Maps, as traditionally done in all my works are still beta, witch means nothing has been tested, neutrals and other things might not be in its correct functionality and neutrals and bugs have not been fixed(yet) And anything could change B4 deco and doodads kick in.


- Map you will get if you download the melee version

As map name suggests the path leading base2base is a tight little corridor with the shape of an S
Map size is 128 112.

The thing about this map is that expos are so hard to expand upon and 2 actually keep. Many things are flankable, and some even tankable or very harassable. Nat for example is flankable, tankable, and just a deadly zone to defend against mutas or heavy micro units, and it HAS NO GAS. The next nat (near by expo) doeas have a gas, but its covered by a neutral creep colony, that will force none zerg players to destroy this before expanding.
Due to the fact of how hard expoing is, main has been rewarded with 11 min patches.
One problem I see, is that map is very splity, its very likely for the map 2 be cut in 2 by players, due to the expo positioning.
Where players decide armies will meet is crucial, because of the openness and tightness, and high ground/lowground factors of the map.
Middle wil practically be un buildable.
But all in all map looks fun to play.


- Map you will get if you download the observer version.

Neutral Xelnaga\'s are stacked 2ce.

Now this is a remake of a combination of Monty Hall and my Kings of the Hall, but this time not focusing as much on the mineral or neutral blocks (Although there are still a bit of both) and expanding the concept and idea of troy gates.
Main has 13 mineral patches [Dont freak many of them are reduced (no other mineral values are tampered with, with the exception of the 2 middle expos, and the monty hall minblocked minerals with a 64 value] you have a double gas, one with gas issue, other one not (Smart player will go for the correct gas first) the gas is reduced to 3100 each.

Again this is a semi island map, so maneuvering and mobility will be very important factors.
Drops and harass will be highly important and very common.
Most of the map will be un-buildable.
(Path issue is unavoidable on this map, but is you keep track of what paths are opened up and you have a good idea where you need to click, with good army management this problem can be dealt with)
So yeah, this version has a total of 7 different paths (But this time its all connected), some being pretty tight, however they are very long, and slowing down enemy if very possible.
Come one you know you like it an would like to give it a go :D

What map do YOU like best?
Which one stays, which one gos?

modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
picture: Not working.
download: Not working.

And why don't you just upload both separately?
modified by Freakling
DL and pic broken :P

1: looks AWESOME!
2: looks like a monty hall desert remake
modified by LasTCursE
Awesome map :D

EDIT: THe first one that is, i'm no big fan of the second one :P
modified by Kinosjourney
Fix Dl plz (inside quotes is a description of where and what as I cannot use a picture to simplify it)
(In the top map, for the expos on the side of the map in dirt surrounded by high dirt at 8 and 2 o'clock there could be another opening. It looks like a second ramp into this expo the same size as the one already in it but more near the middle and in alignment with the small ramp going up to the high dirt that overlooks this expo so that it would make a rightish angle with the ramp that's already there if you extended them both the long way until they met) would make this expo more practical as control of the expo at 1.5 and 7.5 o'clock would not negate the other person from taking the 2 and 8 expos. I say this because they are both gas expos and having 2 gas expos that easy could negatively affect game play.
wtf with dl.. though id fixed it... -.-w
Oh and what?
What map are you talking about lol
Please, LeZerg, this is just pointless. You could spare all of us that stupid "what map are you talking about" stuff if you just separated it into two distinct uploads.
modified by Freakling
Talking about the 2 player desert map of course.
Nightmarjoo!!! Long time :)
I dont like the first one. O.o Me dunno why.

I like second one :)
lol no one actually read my huge essay comment in the begging ehG?
I read it and reject the idea. No reason to not post two maps as two maps O_o
Two maps up!! Ok now single recommendations and suggestions on updates!
Is the picture low resolution or what have you done with it. It looks gross

You have three open corridors to defend and no easy nat to take. That's certainly bad and almost forces cheese tactics.
lol thing with pic is that i actually just garbed the ones in my first comment (Did not bother making new ones) So because they where made for a comment they where not needed to be of a large size.. but they 4 sure look bad on the large pic, because it gets like stretched..

But is it balanced?
Well the hole idea was to force players to think outside the box, would not necessarily call it cheese but will map work? is it playable? Of not how, so and how could it be fixed?
Make it less of a terran paradise by reducing the number of corridors or creating more interconnections between them, make open chokes so T can defend them against early Zealots and P against early Lings.
Oh and about the "no easy nat 2 take" your main is almost basically a 2 in 1.. It has a good number of mineral patches (some of the reduced) and a double gas, also a bit reduced if I remember correctly, so thats something worth considering..
Il see what I can do about the chokes, because If possible i would rather not make the solution to remove corridors..
btw do you have any + concrete ideas of how exactly could more interconnections be placed? And how will they work..?
Some wide chokes blocked by fairly low HP neutrals maybe.
It's your map. Bring your own ideas.
modified by Freakling
Still. Too. Tight.
Ok Update! And hear is my idea and solution to the problem.

I have once again 2 options for you:

1) The normal previous version of the map, giving more of a Monty Hall feel:

2) A new option, this one changes gameplay completely, or at least a good amount..

So on the older version, there where way to many paths to access each others mains and a well executed rush or cheese was very hard to stop, specially if it was some type of proxy (Due to the fact that those could be actually placed anywhere, map is proxy rich lets say)
There where 3 direct entrances.. which was a problem, so now its reduced to only 2.
Something I like in the 2nd version is that middle will be used much more often now, and middle also becomes very interesting once a couple of troy gates have been sealed off..
I think there is much to say and discuss about map because it really brings controversial subjects and gampley/balance theory.
:) i like second. But it would split the map unlike the first one.
Another master piece even with no decoration yet. ^^
Option 2 is good btw
Lets talk balance: I think It will swing to zerg or terran, z = to the many easy gases, and t = tanks.
It\'s an extremly tank favorable map :\
modified by LasTCursE
If early cheese doesn't end it it's a terran timing push.
Seriously, you cannot flank anywhere, all the pathes are tight and isolated.
Zerg's best option is a quick pool build because options for FE are pretty bad.
Double gas in main might be good for zerg, but it's even better for terran.
Open things up and add some Arcanoid style blocked passages to allow for more dynamic map developement.

Sorry I was off for a couple of days.. and I had this small update before I read comments and new suggestions.. hear it is! Basically all I did hear is give it a metal edge in one part, instead of high dirt. This wont change game play, its just for visuals, you can compare both versions to see which one you like more between the new pic of the map, and that pic that I had of the old version in one of my comments.
Ok yeah, yo guys are right T definitely looks like it can dominate hear.. I suggest making most of the paths and middle unbuildable, so that turtleing push becomes less powerful.
Ok quick question you mention the mains gas and mins favor terran so-> Should mains minerals remain like that? Or should I make them into a traditional 9 min patches 1 gas base?
Freakling, just take into consideration that map is pretty large so distances are pretty big, so going macro could also be a good option..
OH and ok I might like the more Arcanoidish suggestion, but could you do some recommendations of what neutrals u want and more a less where they should be placed via GMCS ???
it's "here", not "hear"... :P
Are you ever gonna finish this one ? :D
Bump this. Finish this LeZerG :D
ik ik.. I just have been really lazy with map making lately :(

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