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Last update for (2)Lovocla1.4 : 2006, 12, 12 00:45
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1832 (2)Lovocla1.4 128*128PsychoTEMPlar (Chef@USWest)0.5final

The map has been rated 60 times and got a total of 30 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Credit to Antares for the backwards ramps. All other extended terrain by myself.
No, not good, you can't put 2gas there. You'll slow them down so much. They can't take that gas because any race can easily cliff that. What's with the unbuildable part of the main? Drops are now always lethal...
Terran will lift to the island to get some gas...
Otherwise interesting concept, I like this more than retarded. It looks like it'll play better.
"You'll slow them down so much." Slow who down?

"any race can easily cliff that." Take your mineral only if you're pussy ;P

"What's with the unbuildable part of the main? Drops are now always lethal..." It's for positional balance, so Red can't just take one gas and mine from below the geyser, while blue would be stuck with a slow gas mining from above the geyser. You still have room to build turrets along the edges =/ Not that it's cost effective to turret up your base to stop drops.

"Terran will lift to the island to get some gas..." ROFL that's a long way to go for an island. I think Terran lifting to an island imbalance is only an issue when said island is proximal to the main base.

And Dedrater plays pretty will fyi ;P The latest version anyway.

Obviously all my opinions. If I start hearing more of the same things, I'll edit it accordingly :D I could always make the 2 gas nat level with the highground.
Error in forum made double post =/
modified by PsychoTEMPlar
Hmm, your wide ramps look quite well, but:

a) are you sure that they have the correct height levels everywhere? That means: From the high terrain to close to the foot of the ramp it has to be high terrain, and the rest has to be low terrain.
I don't know if it is correct already, just asked.

b) Would you mind making them entirely walkable? They are NOT (tested in staredit...)
the widened ramp facing SE has some flaws. do you use SCMdraft? then you would see it contains many unwalkable areas. travelling up wont be an easy job. i know because i had the same problem, ehwn creating (4)demons of creation, so you should take out that one tile and replace with an other. it will be worse in looks, but works well in game.
templar the races who need gas will be slowed down, and having to make a 3rd base just for gas will really imo hurt p or t, whereas it's no problem for zerg. "Take your mineral only if you're pussy ;P" are you retarded? If the concern is gas you're not gonna worry about the mineral only. Of course you'll probably take that first, but the lack of gas is shitty. p>t cuz t can't make as many tanks/facts but p can make goons/zlots fine. z>p usually since p makes fewer archons/hts/dts/sairs. t>z since z has fewer lurks. The map will have radically different gasless gameplay, perhaps that's what you want. The gas expos will be huge to fight over, and to knock out opponent's gas.

Most maps have much smaller space for drop room and it is thusly much easier to prevent drops, and stop a drop if you scout it. In this one you can't make buildings to tell you when you're being dropped except turrets on the edges lol which is stupid, and they can be easily cliffed away.

Terran lifting is not an imba as much in this case, but it would cost them no gas to lift off instead of getting drop (which with a lack of gas they might not want to invest in)
Made gas onlies easier to defend, made base easier to macro in, updated decoration, and fixed the ramps (Much thanks for bringing that to my attention spine. I'm using some old version of StarForge Antares). The levels looked correct when I played the map.

Nightmar, I'm unsure if anyone can make use of 3 gas with only 9 mineral patches. And yeah, I did want different gameplay. Mineral only naturals aren't exactly new either o.O

"Terran lifting is not an imba as much in this case, but it would cost them no gas to lift off instead of getting drop (which with a lack of gas they might not want to invest in)" But it would cost an enourmous amount of time. I could put a min on the island, but it just seems cliche and tacky. Anyone else think there should be one there?
see for my comments ^.-
Not sure who you are on TL. I moved the middle expos a little ways away from eachother, and I'm considering replacing the dual gas expo with a regular gas expo. Not sure.
Or one real gas and one experimental one. That might be nice. It wouldn't help any race in particular since it's so easy to kill. If you make the nat have gas you don't need to worry about the islands at all imo.
i dont see lifting is a problem here. im pretty sure that none of the terrans try to catch the island as 1st expo.

good to see the ramps made playable, but yeah they look uglier, but thats not your fault :(
If I made the dual gas a gas nat.

modified by Nightmarjoo
lol I meant make the mineral only a real nat and leave the gas only there, but I guess this works. Those minerals would fall easily though =/
That's the point =/ I want it to be harder to take your gas.
Yeah cuz you're afraid of how badly I'll pwn you in this map if I have gas! ;D
Download for 1.3 here: -Obs
modified by PsychoTEMPlar
Fixed a bug. It's pretty fun :D

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