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Last update for (4)Corilith : 2014, 08, 28 19:52
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2455 (4)Corilith 128*128Excalibur0.3beta

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 15 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Something i had been working on for a little bit.

I thought it turned out to be pretty cool for an air map. Considering adding mineral blocks so T doesnt float.

Edit: Did a quick fix of some tank spots. Still looking at min blocks as possiblity.
modified by Excalibur

Edit Again:
Im having the urge to make mostly high-ground air maps. Help. ):
modified by Excalibur
looks pretty fun tbh.

did you check so workers dont get stuck when you stack doodads around the gas at 12 expo?

And in my opinion, make the terrain more randomized to the looks. visual symmetry makes the jpg look boring ;) I mean mostly the grass squares in main base.
also, block the small passage in the very center of the map between the two ruin parts. Seems like a place units might get stuck on.
I changed the mid up a bit and im going to check the doodads.

Thanks SP.

Updating in a few minutes....
Update! ! !
Changed the doodads at the 12/6 expos to prevent stuck workers.
Changed the middle and a few cosmetics.

I like the symmetrical deco but thanks anyway SP. (:
I hate to spam/bump but this is going into a contest so if i could get some more feedback please. ):
Minerals to prevent CC floating
Fixed a tank spot
change your mineral setup in main bases. You cant have gas issue on an island map. It will be ridiculously imbalanced in mirror match ups. Also, imo, remove the mineral blocks on the 3nat expos. there is no point to block air expos on an air map.
CC floating is a tactic, not an abuse :P
Locate the starting positions in places of the main where they will not interfere with unit movements like the borders. It will be faster for Terran to expo to the gas nat than to float a command center. A way to reduce the disadvantage that zerg has in island maps is to place a neutral dark templar in the in base gas nat. It appears that there is an area behind the mineral lines of the gas nat where a unit can be dropped and not be reached by ground units. Did you intend that to be that way? Geysers to the right of the starting position mine slower than geysers to the left.
As a zerg player I'm not a big fan of air maps, but this one seems like a zerg could get away with just slow ovie drop upgrade.

If the gas imbalance is that bad I don't see why you can't just move all the main geysers to the left. Since gas is most important on island maps you would probably want to even that out as much as possible.
Im still considering what im going to do with the mains.


Ill get back to you, i just had an idea.

Thanks for the comments all.
Gas at main and nats balanced.
i like this map alot, is it really propperly with 9 minerals in main at island map? feels like too much^^, 7 or 8

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