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Last update for (4)Chain-saw 1.1 : 2010, 08, 26 12:10
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1826 (4)Chain-saw 1.1 128*128MillenniumArmy0.7beta

The map has been rated 59 times and got a total of 41 points

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Hello everyone, it's been like 5 months since I was last active on this site.

So now I'm back into melee map making. I've uploaded three maps I recently made so tell me what you think. It's been a while since I've made a map so I might be rusty when it comes to the basics so help me out. Thanks!
This one also looks pretty well. We have some maps whit the same idea recently but i like this one most. Anyway i think you shuold change the mineral placement at your nats, because most of the time when the gas is right next to the mineral block whitout a gap, workers do some stupid things. You still could test at all expands to see how they react. But your test should be at least 5 minutes of mmining minerals and gas whit 3-4 on gas and at least 12 workers at minerals.
Gas problem in natural: remember that when the gas is in 6 o' clock, it needs 4 workers for optimal mining, but when the gas is in 12 o' clock, needs only 3... It's great map, i really like ur style :))
Gas issue is not an issue when it's on the nats. Untill you get there you will have enough workers, so don't worry.
hmm horizontal fight is somehow strange, i think it should be a little annyoing against slowpush. otherwise very good.
Of my three recently made maps, I felt most proud of this one. The nat issue, I probably should change it. But the reason I had it like that originally is because if I place the gass to the side (like for instance, if I put red's nat gas to the right), it'll probably get hit by siege tanks from the 12 oclock expo. But I guess I could avoid it and also move the 12 and 6 oclock expos downwards and upwards respectively.

And yes, I feel as though something isn't right when it comes to horizontal fighting. I was wondering if I should make those ramps wider or have them faced the otherway. But do you guys have any better suggestions?
widening is surely good, but i dont know whether inverting also since the positions became so close (especially if you compare it to vertical positons' distance. maybe it isnt so big problem here, i dont know. need to be play tested :)
Mother fucker you got some good maps
2v2 map imo
Your maps make me sad TT ..Because I wish I could make maps as good as you =(
come on dedrater is cool :P
whats with everyone using custom ramps so much? they really are ugly in game and i think they are terrible for main chokes. what happened to the oldschool maps that didnt look symmetrical but were balanced?
Who cares if they are ugly. As long as they work and don't fuck up unit pathing, then it's perfectly fine. And also, I customized the inverted ramps at the bottom two mains differently from the rest; I made it so that you can wall perfectly with the same number of buildings as if it were the top ramps.
The mineral onlys look largely useless because of how easy the workers can be killed by all races...
I like this map though, has a blend of tight and open nicely. The nat formation will probably cause issues, but I would imagine wandering is limited, perhaps just make space from the blocks and the geyser.
Beloved Land and East Stroudsburg mixed together and u get this map! :D

great looking map, but this map will have the same problems that EastStroudsburg had with the horizontal positions. although a player can sneak through thru the ridges at the nats, A terran player could really stick it to Ps and Zs. I could be wrong, but i'd def love to test this map. Good use of terrain (designs etc)

good map
Alright I've made some changes now.

I made those ramps leading to the 12 and 6 oclock expos wider, so hopefully this can ease up the awkwardness between horizontal bases.

And also, I removed the min onlies on the lower level and instead just placed two of them at the cliffs near the 3 and 9 oclock expos. I dunno if that was a good idea or not.
hmm imo they will just be in the way for vert pos, but I could be wrong, atm only judging by the pic.
Actually i feel this map really open in game. Still i need to play it more.

I notice in game that the inverted ramps are a little ugly... Also some tiles have to be tested for scrab passing near some of the ramps.
this looks a lot like.. beloved land, was it?
I played this map a few times, the horizontal distance is too short imo, ZvT will be incredibly hard since the choke after the nat is massive, the distance can be covered very fast by marines + tank, and plus you have the cliffs @ 6 and 12 where you can fire away at the sunken line with ease. Somehow increase the horizontal distances and narrow the nat so zerg can defend with sunks against marines.

Also the double expos @ 3 and 9 should be altered. I suggest you keep one expo there instead. Either a min only on the low ground or a gas expo on the higher ground. I say this cause terran already has a somewhat easy expo @ 12 and 6 to take, and the path towards the expos @ 3 and 9 can be covered by siege tanks placed within terran's main. 4 gas easily taken. Whatever you choose to do please remove the elevated catwalk, the expos are too hard to attack.

Generally the map plays ok and its well executed. Nice work :D

*EDIT: Actually come to think of it, the expos @ 12 and 6 should be min onlies and the expos @ 3 and 9 gas expos. A horizontal PvT game will result in terran pushing through the gas expo and playing with 3 vespene geysers.
modified by GRC-DeathLink
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--LGI vs wut)galilei(1on1, 1.14)
--LGI vs DeA[LighT](1on1, 1.14)
--Nightmarjoo[BA] vs DeA[LighT](1on1, 1.14)

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