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Last update for (2)Northern Waters : 2007, 05, 20 22:41
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2197 (2)Northern Waters 96*96Corvett0.3beta

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Alright. This is my 2nd map, and that is why it sucks in this first initial post. I wanted to make a semi-island or an island map, and this is what I got. Comments? Concerns?
modified by Corvett
Very basic, but it's alright. I think the main base could use a ramp to the nearest expansion.
I was hoping to do that.
So I did.

I also decorated the water a bit more.
hmm well the mineral formations immediately catch my eye as being really unattractive and possibly buggy with workers, if you don't trust your own formations maybe copy a map you like's formations (don't copy arden's, his aren't so pro ><^^).
Also, the mains look like they are lacking in space.
Alright, I tried to fix what you said.

Just a brief note, if you will. The map was designed as a response to the Flat Earth theory, although it looks nothing like the flat earth(as was the original intent). The only remaining elements are the two connected continents on each side(N/S America and Eurasia/Africa), and, well, that's probably about it. There are some other un-noteworthy details here, but I won't waste your time with that.
i like it. the backwards ramp is completely unnecessary though. make the minerals pretty and use a few more types of terrain, the flagstones would look good in the bases. gj.
Ok, fixed some of the decorations. I like the way the flagstones look, thanks for the advice. I want the ramps in there, but do you mean to create an extension of the higher dirt by which to add a normal ramp?
Nice basic map, I like it. However, when I play the map, on the South main I cannot build a comsat and when I try to build an extractor, the extractor's "square" does not fit the geyser's "square" (the North main is OK but I did not check the nats).

If you are using Scmdraft2 make sure that you have "options" > "units" > "buildings snap to tile" checked before you set the starting locations. Also, if you are using the mirror tool in the program "ScmDraft 2 vista test" do not set the starting locations with this program as it has some bugs, use the regular "Scmdraft2".

Finally your map scenario is "untittled" and the description merely says: "destroy all enemy buildings". Write up a short map description that explains a little why your map is named "Northen Waters". What is "Northen Waters"? What happenned, is happening or will happen in "Northen Waters"?
modified by Lancet
Alright. I wasn't aware of the bugs in that program. As it turns out, all of the expos had the gas problem. It should be fixed. Thank you.
Hmm looks better, but there is some serious positional imbalance with the placement of the formations, SW is getting fucked, while NE can actually defend himself. I suggest picking a placement and having both of them in the same symmetrical placement.
I had been thinking more about the distances from mains to expos then defendability, but I was lead to the same conclusion; sw needs to be put back into the corner. Alright. For some reason, this map doesn't seem to want to play online, but it plays fine 1vComp. Is there a reason for this?

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