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Last update for (4)Immolation : 2007, 05, 07 20:32
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2201 (4)Immolation 128*128LostTampon0.1beta

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

long time i made my last map

wanted to create a standard style map with some non-standard elements
pathing tested? If it works, lovely map :)
no pathing, pos imba with distances, pos imba with main2nat pathing, differences in nat, etc; I can't say I'd like to play it =/

A wasteland of a middle, woohoo!
pathing will work.
units moving out from main which have to pass natural worker/building is not good, though.
middle is fine, the lava in the very center cuts it sufficiently down.
yes, pathing works + why shouldnt pathing work

"pos imba with distances" - mayb a bit but not really disturbing different

"pos imba with main2nat pathing" - you have played promaps / league maps? doesnt seem so
I hear the pro map thing from the new sucky mappers, just because they have imba in them doesn't make it good...

blue's path from his main is zig zaggy and awkward, not to mention there is much less room for units trying to get into his main than for any other player.

Teal's troops leaving the main have to go awkwardly backwards, sorta same with blue, purple's buildings aren't behind the sl at all, and red is pretty ok with the pathing since troops leave from the bottom of buildings.

Terran not having an expo other than the nat on its way to the enemy will hurt it, and the lack of expos will probably hurt zerg. Zerg will have trouble keeping his NSEW expos with being hit from behind being so easy.

Now that I look at the middle again, I don't think it's too open at all, if anything flanks might be hard.

Different amounts of space behind main formations, and in some positions the minerals look awkward for reavers.

Pathing from base to base should be fine, I think earlier I saw the map wrong.

idk map just looks awkward to me, and doesn't look as good as many of your other maps.
"idk map just looks awkward to me, and doesn't look as good as many of your other maps."

that is what i wanted to add right now.
this is a map above average, but it doesnt even have a glimspe of the masterpieces we know from you.
small mains imo :P nice map design tho, very sexy.
you are a demanding bitch nightmarjoo, you know? :P
middle is fine joel -.- its good with the ring it has good flank yes
lol sorry LostTampon maybe I just expect a lot from a motw winner ;)
well, i have another design too (where the nats are moved to the outside of the map and there is an additional minonly expo) but i thought it would be an overkill with mins - hm i try to revert the map to the original design;

- additional information about the main-nat distance:
there is always a problem between using a normal not-inverted ramp and a normal one. using the normal looks much better but has the disadvantage of an increased length of the path (and imo this is not really an issue - a lot of maps have this and there are not a lot of ppl complaining about it); also, it has the negative side-effect that it uses more space.

- about the unit movement from the mains:
didnt see that one, i was in a hurry and submitted the map before i went away, fixing it then by moving the mains a bit

- NSWE expos:
yes, it'true that they are not easy defend. but it's not easy for any race to defend them. it's part of the layout, think creatively (because its non-standard, theorycrafting the shit out of it won't help always :P)
For those who say this isnt an appealing map ( specially the center and the lava ring ) is wrong imo

Unless it's my brightness that trick me, ( i'm at school right now ) It is definetly a good looking middle :O

Yes. Cool, solid map.

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