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Last update for (4)Fantasy II : 2007, 10, 08 01:04
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2203 (4)Fantasy II 128*128Ashelen1.5league

The map has been rated 69 times and got a total of 101 points


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This map (also called MongHwan) is the new map in the OSL, which comprises the map pool alongside old maps Hitchhiker, Python and Monty Hall.

The 11 is based on XenoSky (aka Legacy of Char, pretty straightforward design)
The 1 is based on Nostalgia (dual bridges exiting nat, highground offers a second way out)
The 7 is based on Gaema Gowon (highground min-only above nat)
The 5 is based on Ride of Valkyries (wide ramps, min block to the min-only expo)

I won't attempt to theorycraft this; other than suggesting that the XenoSky location will probably be the most favorable due to its normal-ness.

I got the map from Mapdori (thanks to Plexa for the login ID) and renamed the korean names to its unofficial English translation.
Welcome to hell.
Welcome to lack of building space in your main.
thanks for the upload.
Um there's TONS of space in the main... this is really imba imo but it's in the OSL so they should be doing sufficient testing to get it balanced. Will open up the map for people to do tons of strategies, but some positions are just plain bad for certain races T_T

These are the games that are going to be played on it >_>

Group C - Game 1 - 몽환
IriS[gm](T) VS Reach(P)

Group B - Game 2 - 몽환
NaDa(T) VS Bisu(P)

Group A - Game 3 - 몽환
sAviOr[gm](Z) VS By.Flash(T)

Group A - Game 4 - 몽환
iloveoov(T) VS Light[aLive](T)

Group D - Game 5 - 몽환
UpMagiC(T) VS GGPlay(Z)

Group D - Game 6 - 몽환
Stork(P) VS Casy(T)
modified by superiorwolf
reach, nada, savior, oov, idk, casy have my votes ;O

neways this map is new...i would say its imbalanced but then again some people are used to different starting bases then otheres.... for ex one person might like 11 more then 1.... if the starting base happens to be a layout from your favorite map then u can play it really well... but if its from a layout you really hate then then sucks.... this map will show your experience on other proleague maps
positional imba ftw... OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!
I guess the "sufficient testing" assumption gets really shaky when you consider what happened with DMZ...
2 years ago a korean guy uploaded the same kind of concept-map on PGT, so this isnt new. that was (luna, arizona, nostalgia, dontremember)

reds position is far from nostalgia. bridges are nearer and hey that nat have a geyser.

looks pretty.. pretty.. imbalanced.
modified by Antares
Btw, if anyone finds some VODs of this, please post a link. I'm not very active on those pages where you might find them, but I am particularly interested in how this will turn out.
This map is the definition of positional imbalance.

Aside from certain positions having OBVIOUS advantages over others (ie, 11 vs 1) I love the distances to the islands being so varied. xD

Feels like a blizz map..."Hope I get the position with a nat!" (Not THAT bad though.)
And again someone was faster. I wanted to do sth exactly like this. A map where every position looks different.
Well done (probably better then I ever could).
I love it!
modified by DeSade
This has to be imba.
Terran is incredibly strong at 11 and 7, especially TvP. He easily could build up defence line and get gas expansion + minonly VERY FAST.
looks really fun. we will see some interesting games on this map, no doubt.
I realized that there are no islands between the bases 11 and 7//2 and 5.... does the island position attemp to balance the imbalances the map terrain has?
gas imba btw
good choice of maps to combine at least, im liking it. first new OSL map ive actually wanted to play in a while
last was monty hall^^
Yeah I like this map, idk. Obviously balance is no question as to its clarity, but it looks like it'll put a big(ger) emphasis on scouting and changing strats, no doing the same thing every game (Savior will still do the same thing every game, and probably win every game (except to bisu oO)).
This map is just fuckin gorgeous despite of its imbalances.
lol if you say so oO
Terran <3 that north main. Tank defense ftw!
I finally added the updated version of Fantasy (will be used in the EVER 2007 OSL, with Blue Storm, Katrina, Persona); figured I'd edit the old version since not a whole lot changed.

Changes since the last version (from semioldguy at

- Main minerals changed from 8 to 9
- The min-only at 11 (Xeno Sky) has been changed to no longer have a cliff, thus making it more zerg-friendly)
- The natural at 7 (Gaema Gowon) has had its resources moved slightly upward so that it is closer to the ramp to the min-only

Overall still a solid map, but it doesn't help that the 5 (RoV) base still seems weak.

By the way: when I first uploaded this map the upload messed up, and I realized it was because there was already a map named Fantasy 2.0 on the database (map 388). That map may be messed up now; my apologies for that and just wanted to let you know in case you want to re-upload.
i really dig these kinda maps

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