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Last update for (2)Graph : 2007, 05, 12 20:19
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2208 (2)Graph 128*128th0t0.3beta

The map has been rated 46 times and got a total of 15 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

looks nice. you put much effort in decoration, i like it. some things i would change:
-bottom right and top left corner expos are quite far away for the enemy. maybe they are too easy to take and defend. the natural, though, should be slightly closer, for it seems hard to defend in ZvT.
!! a huge problem? tanks can hit the whole ramp from main to natural from outside. this may heavily damage zerg in early game! it makes early tank/mm forces deadly. please playtest to see if this is defendable for zerg (so test if the open unbuildable area compensates this because you can attack terran forces there easily)

other than that, i like your mapstructure.
the mains aren't big enough!
come again?
but this prefab terrain deco is really annoying
this is basically a TK map :P
Long distances for one. Gas issue. Maybe put some swarms in that tight canyon to encourage its use?
Map looks good though; yeah definitely reminds me of a tk map ;)
nightmarjoo's swarms idea sounds pretty good but if you're not a fan of spells, i think they'd be fine without and maybe make more room there?

boongee: lol.
the mains are kinda bigger than they need to be which also makes the distance from main to nat longer.
a buddy i met on bnet actually has made a 64 map with a canyon full of swarms. pretty cool for gameplay actually.
Map updated !

I put some swarms (maybe I should put them in other positions ?) and make some high dirt for balancing TvZ (thx flothefreak)

Other suggestions ?

gas issue!
Where ? I always had problem with this...
he natural is stilll SO open
gas issue in blue main. put the geyser either to the left or on top of the start. location

oh,a nd a canyon full of swarm only works if the whole canyon is laid under swarms, not just 3 in it.
modified by flothefreak
-added corsair web
-in top left and bottom right corners 4 minerals are 32
bring back swarms...i was so happy to see this swarm canyon. i already played a map of o(x_x)o with such a canyon, and it really roxx.

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