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Last update for (2)Pandoras Fantasy : 2006, 02, 16 23:50
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
224 (2)Pandoras Fantasy 128*96Snooky0.9final

The map has been rated 69 times and got a total of 60 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I really don't get the choke behind the main. Does it have any function?

The tiny bridge will probably never be used, at least for attack. Some drone escaping from a contain using the bridge to scout or build an expo is the only scenario where it will be used imho.

What's left is a quite simple 2 player map with a non-gas natural. I think the way it is now, it is anti-zerg. Maybe you should try something like an extra gas in the corner behind the 2. choke, or have a backdoor entry to the main using a tiny bridge again. Something to make it more interesting, otherwise it'll be very basic.
The main function of the choke behind the main is for TvT. Think about it, drop like 4 tanks + air support down below that cliff and u can seige both the main gas and the 2nd nat gas. Other than that it might be used for sneaky PvT drops or even slow drop lurker ZvT.

The skinny bridge obviously benefits zerg the most - as I agree this map is if anything zerg disadvantage. It would be used likely in ZvT to send like 20 lings accross to harrass the Terran's 1st nat if they move their units out.
Being my first 2 player map, I wanted to achieve a fairly simple concept.
But didn't you say the units only move across the bridge if you click several times? You can't do that with 20 lings, can you?
The idea of the small "zergling" bridge is nice. I already tried that kind of bridge yesterday. The biggest problem is, that these bridges are in the editor easy walkable. but if you try to send your zerglings over it, they just don`t walk over the bridge, they just dance around and try to find another way, so you have to click 9173487 times to move the zerglings over the bridge.

A it already is a disadvantage for Zerg, thats just too much. These kind of bridges are great for RPGs, hidden ways.
I'm a little surprised to hear that units as small as zerglings and marines won't walk accross that size of bridge well, I didn't technically test those units. I tested units size workers and above. I just figured since zerglings were smaller, they wouldn't have much trouble going accross.
Yeah, as said, i thought they would walk across easily as i built that kind of bridge on badlands. And it was the same there, so i bet all bridges as small as this one will make trouble ( i tested it here before poosting again) and sadly the zerglings won`t walk across :/
Atleast the bridge can definetely be used in ZvT defense wise if Terran has Zerg contained, zerg can send a drone accross the bridge to expand somewhere else.
only 3 gas per player? :(
--v mOsQ
omg who is "Pandoras" ? :D:D
it's gosu men Pandoras or "Pandora's" ? ^^
btw not interesting map
puh, luckily mosq wrote that
I have come to agree that this map is too hard for zerg - between the short distance to bases & low gas availability. I like panschk's idea on putting a geyser only exp in the back of main. That should improve balance.
interesting balance

i don't like the decorations/tileset use though. looks junkyyardy in a bad way, not stylish (all the little scattered cliffs and doodads)
Pimp my map =)

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