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Last update for (2)Manta II : 2007, 06, 10 23:08
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2261 (2)Manta II 128*128Deathman/Ptar/Nightmarjoo0.2final

The map has been rated 47 times and got a total of 8 points

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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

hm, i may pimp this.
Ok I edited Ptar's edit of Deathman's map. What I changed from Ptar's version:
Took out the path at the very top.
Opened up the middle, and in the process removed two expos.
Replaced the removed expos with 6 block mineral onlys, I felt there was too much easy gas otherwise.
Made the inbase mineral onlys easily cliffable.
Shifted main formation and forced players to have to use 4 workers for optimum mining.

I just realized that I can kill the cliff behind my new mineral onlys, I think I will do that now.

There is now TONS of building room.
the lower half is great. But idk why but i really miss the 12 oclock passage alot. I think it adds to the gameplay alot.
I left some of the cliff, but removed some so it wasn't so close to the bridge. I was somewhat afraid of zergs trying this azalea style, which hopefully now would be suicide.
Great, this map is getting a BWMN project. Maybe reveal the upper path and block it with some neutral buildings? Whats the password, if i am allowed to ask? Cuz i wanna change the mains. We gonna make this map perfect.

PS: You destroyed the perfect symmetry ^^
modified by ptar
HAHAHAHA! I like it now but yes 12 o' clock was a good thing.
Ptar if you like this version then dl it edit it and edit your copy I don't want to give away the password lol.

The problem with having the top path is that the main/nat becomes very insecure whilst it is very secure now, with it being secure space is no issue; ie you have plenty of space.
Blocking it with a neutral is like taking the map and fucking it in the ear until its brain in pieces fall from its nose. You'd rape it with bad pathing :(

Not all concepts are redeemable, sometimes you have to take what you can get.
I didn't tought about pathing. Sry. If every mapper uploads the same map with only one or two changes then the database will grow fast. Of course i understand why you want to keep the password.

modified by ptar
Hmmm...I knew that someone could easily tank the first expansion however it is easy to control that location :)
If I had learned proper decorating I coulda done that...however the bottom removed the "Manta's" head.
I didn't recognized that it was a head :
lol. Thats why I called it manta. The spirals were eyes.
Once all of us agree on an actual final version I'd be happy to delete the other edits if everyone is fine with it :) Until then the database can suffer with 3 versions.
I'm fine with my v being deleted. Its just there ARE some imbalances which I will point out in the GMCS
I also agree. Only uploaded it, so deathman can see how it looks when it is decorated.
I never decorated Manta before because I hadnt discovered the wonderful new SCMDraft2 version (the one that mirrors)
decoration imo shouldn't be done with symmetry, well do it symmetrical, than change it/vary it or so. That just saves time =/ Most of my newer maps take about ~10 constant hours mapping, often more than that, with 2 other hours of constant decoration lol.
flo already expressed his desire to join the community project, now we need nasty and starparty to join the pimpage :)

Lovely work so far, really ;)
Where it says authors, it should be:

"Too many to list" ROFL! :)
Author: :D

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