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Last update for (2)caribbean dreams5.2 : 2005, 12, 15 22:28
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
227 (2)caribbean dreams5.2 128*128noname1.4final

The map has been rated 62 times and got a total of 89 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Very cool map. When I showed the map to my brother during ESGL-contest, he said the expansion next to the natural (@12 and @6) should be gasless, so that you can't secure two gas too easily.

But anyway, it's already an excellent map.
12 and 6 got really meaningless mineral blockades :P Otherwise the map looks nice, although it usess very little mapspace..
Your name
I like the map
but I think there was another version of it with more water??
maybe it was the beta
i'm thinking about doing a big update to this map. i will keep your comment about the gasless expo in mind for that, panschk.

starparty: but at least they do slow down an lift off expo.. so they are fine imo. maybe some unbuildable terrain next to the expo would help.. :

8882: yes there was an older version with more water, but the two extra islands were needed to give zerg a better chance in out expoing the enemy.
unbuildable terrain would definitelly make it more meaningful
i removed the gas at 2nd nat like panschk suggested and added some unbuildeable terrain/doodads around that area to stop nearby cc landing.
i also added more low ground at 1 and 7 islands to allow easier dropping.
its easier to protect top island than bottom
OMG, remove the blocking minerals, all of them! They are only usefull, if you want to prevent T from fast expanding to a near island i.e. But here, T won't fast expand, becasue he has an expansion next to him, and, if he wants to fast expand here, its a tactical aspect. I like blocking minerals, but here, it takes away lots of tactical possibilities.
and it sux when trying to run away from 342342 zealots and then you cant land on island becuz of block.
A scenraio which happens once every thousand years :P
The map looks very nice. Good job!
Check replay it was a good game :D
When making the final version for the mappack, should I just delete the blocking mineral at the lowground mineral only expansion, or should I respect the author's wish to let it in?
check the mapshot. ;) i removed them.

..just didn't post a comment. i'm sorry 'bout that.
Ok, i watched LGIs replay.

you can drop a rangeunit behind the main minerals and no melee unit woul get in range to kill the aggressor. so, widen the space behind the main minerals, and open the mineral line for drops and reaver shots.
fixed. thx lis :)
This comment comes a little late, I realize that, but I need to bring this up. When I watched technics vs mireille I couldn't help but think that the map seemed to slightly favor t. I know island maps are always a bit difficult for zerg and all that, but at least I think technics had too hard a time when it turned out that the islands were siegable as well as the naturals. Of course noname knew of this, but it's unfair in my opinion. I believe technics played the first game better than mireille - still he lost.

Since this map is considered as a candidate for PGT by some people, I believe you should look into this now.
yeah, should be fixed if made for PGT. Best would be if noname made this update, but if he does not, someone else has to do it in time.
Btw, i also see about the T advantage. Every expand can be attacked with from somewhere else that can be reached only with drop or fly units, except the center expands. I think that the most easy thing to fix is at least the air expands. Just move them a little, so they can't be attacked from center ground land. The other expands must be comment. I want to see noname comment too.
yah, I agree with that
I actually wondered if it was purpose of noname as mireille fired the hatchery on top isle into ground from below in the showmatchgame nr 5
i think so, because you can do it on bottom pos too.

--LGI vs slow5(1on1, 1.13)

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