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Last update for (2)Morris Plains : 2008, 02, 23 08:35
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2312 (2)Morris Plains 96*128NastyMarine3.2final

The map has been rated 70 times and got a total of 221 points


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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

deco isnt finished. I was just toying with a few looks and came out with this. I really enjoy this map for some reason. One problem: im worried about the natural. But is there a huge problem?

Comments GOGOGO! :)
ah i love your style. very cool expansion layout, great! the close 2 ramps could be a problem on highlvl zvt, but maybe 1 sunk back there is enough since it is highground...dunno, zvt aint my MU

maybe move the corner expos some more into the map (so a bit along the mapedges) because cornerexpos tend to make the game a bit slow.
GJ Nasty!
Decent layout and wise expo placement. Looks like you found the desert tileset ^^. Maybe put the gas in the natural above the cc, nexus or hatch. Also your mains looks so drap :( Otherwise, nasty style map.
modified by ptar
hmm maybe give the backramp a small mineral block? Seems the issues in the original FSS are present imo. I think it would be better for the nat gas to be in the front, as that ramp is larger, it blocks and imo could possibly hurt pathing with the back ramp. Seems a little too open, maybe just some cliff bits to tigthen it? I know you don't like my theory crafting, but presently that back ramp looks hard to defend zvt, but if you moved the geyser you could much more easily defend with sunks both ramps. But the real issue imo is tvp, highground nat + dual entrance along with open unbuildable middle. The corner expos are imo the only thing helping terran here.
i was thinking about a mineral block for the backdoor. Since its kinda hard to judge which way a Terran will be coming from. and i think i will change the gas at the nat now that i think of it. units always take the front entrance to the nat so there are no problems with pathing - already tested it. only parts of the crag are unbuildable, the edges are buildable, so there really is alot of buildable ground for Terran
I see. Like I said, the backdoor issue is mostly in tvp imo, especially with a moved geyser zvt shouldn't be a problem, ovy placement tells all :)
nah tvp is okay. terran has a decent 2nd and 3rd expo to grab. an additional backdoorramp to a terrans nat is NO problem for terran :>
protoss has anyway a hard time attacking a terran standing on highground. plus, you will be able to close the backdoorramp with 2 supply depots
you're me map making skillz plz
t will have trouble getting up ramp since it's highground for one, requiemesque. And dual entrance, on opposite sides makes flanking the nat, ie attacking it easier. Expos are wide open, easier for p to defend and not for terran.
only 1 set of expos are out in the open. T has two options really when grabbing expos in a safe manner. they could:

A. slowly push to the expos at 9 or 3 (depending where they start at) and slow push toward P.


B. they can safely grab expos along the 11 and 12 areas, or 5 and 6 areas and move out anywhere really, from the nat, the mineral only, or the corner expos.

doing the first option limits attacking options but gives you gas alil bit earlier than choosing the other route
modified by NastyMarine
a high templar can be droped at NW (and nicely cast psionicthing storm in every mineral field)

SE is covered by the starcrft keyboard, where you move, stop, attack, patrol, etc.
A lot of people hate zerg race these days... :(
Map is beautiful, like the concept and layout. Hurts Z a little IMO, but maybe some tweaking can be done.

I would suggest to shrink the back door ramp, so one sunk and few lings can handle if terran wants to sneak trough the back door...
Updates I will make in a few days:

Add 2 mineral blocks (with the amount of 8 in each mineral) to each backdoor at the nats.

Fix what Testbug mentioned (although IMO i dont think its necessary).

I'm not home right now, so I won't be able to make these changes until maybe saturday or sunday.
LOL yeah positional imbalances are unnecessary to fix!
... this is an unnecessary comment

Seems to me that your "sarcasm skillz" need to be worked a little bit eh :O
modified by trcc
Made updates:

Mineral blocks at Nats are 16

'fixed positional imbalance' at 11

- Beta --> Final

- Obs. Version added.
wow nasty i like it but I dont get the feast your eyes on me feeling.
i didnt know i was boasting at all. elaborate deathman101
Looks like a desert Python ;)
maybe the center design looks like the snake but 90% of this map is not similar at all lol
You get a No from me.
Certainly not your best stuff ;)

Ok maybe I should look at it longer. I can actually imagine kind of how it will play. Should be worth a try.
modified by DeSade
oh cool thanks :)
added gmcs
That'll be a lot of money on the map if he does that... A min only maybe, a gas expo? eh I don't think so.
that wouldnt be a bad idea. but i think that could make Terran way too strong vs Protoss. And i dont want to crowd the map either.
modified by NastyMarine
Yeah that's what I was thinking.
nitemjoo and flo agree with me or crack? Not exactly a direct comment.
i agree with you and nightmarjoo of course. an expo there would look good for the pic, but not for the gameplay.
Crackling is a page of democraty.
so if 3 go with nastymarine i also go with him :O
lol what a nice guy :)
crackling, going along with the majority is the direct opposite of democracy 8[
/ironic crackling [off]

i know :)

/ironic crackling [on]

This post isn't displayed due to its content.

Your comment
Morris Plains is a really fine map and it is unfortunate that it has not gotten that much attention or replays uploaded. When those mineral blocks in the second ramp are removed the sudden quick access to the other half of the battlefield can change things very quickly.

Hey guys, remember to vote for MOTM!
Morris' nat feels really awkward. For pvz, for example, the only way to safely FE is with 2 cannons, forcing later nexuses. Of course, however, z can just bring 2 drones and remove a min block and take a backdoor path into the main no problem, be able to hit the nat too with lings =/

Workers mining the nat will sometimes move to mine away the backdoor mineral block, lol.

The nat is really awkward for zvt, tvp, and pvz from what I've seen.

The expo layout isn't very good imo; the expos are also too open. Short distances and direct paths will probably turn out the map to be p>t, p>z, t>z. The middle is definitely not tight at all, so I think pushing will be very difficult tvp, combined with the easy protoss gas, makes this map a p map imo.
The map's expo layout reminds me of tau cross, but the map lacks the long distances and indirect paths of tau, the features which helped balance tau. Also in tau, the 3rd gas had a bridge by it, which allowed t and z to defend their 3rd base from that direction well, but there is no such thing in this map.

The backdoor is a lot of what makes imo the nat awkward and difficult to shape, but I think it's necessary for mobility and pathing's sake in the map, atleast with this nat setup. I think the map could benefit from a more blitzx style nat, though it can be on highground still.

I understand the min only and its placement in the expo layout, but it feels kind of silly and useless.
I dont understand what makes the mineral only usless lol. Its for a defensive expo position. If a player cannot push foward to grab the gas expo at 9 or 3 he/she can expand to the mineral and have a shot at the other gas expos near the mineral only. how does its placement make it usless or silly?

The nat is a little cramped, but there have been A LOT of maps that have worse quality nats or other features and gotten motw etc. so i think it should be a big topic.

I never seen workers stray towards the backdoor so i'll have to check into that sometime unless u have a replay.
3 reps vs comps I played the day I posted that comment. I think it happens in all of them, but I don't remember.

"The nat is a little cramped, but there have been A LOT of maps that have worse quality nats or other features and gotten motw etc. so i think it should be a big topic" lol what kind of poor excuse is that? That's like Mau justifying killing 50 million chinese people saying "oh, Stalin killed 40 million russians so it's ok!" -.-

I can't explain what I didn't like about the min only, it just felt weird =/
Fixed mineral line
a nasty map made by nasty, thats what i call dry humour
I did a double take when I saw the title of this map. I thought I saw "Norris Planes". It's what piqued my interest.

Interesting concept on those nats.

--Joel vs Comp(1on1, 1.15)
--Joel vs Comp(1on1, 1.15)
--Joel vs Comp(1on1, 1.15)
--Vaul vs Jamez(1on1, 1.15)
--mym.gentleman vs alfadas-stc(1on1, 1.15)
--aLertz vs hshunter(1on1, 1.15)

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