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Last update for (2)Rush Of Death : 2007, 07, 27 13:29
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2334 (2)Rush Of Death 64*128RaDiX0.3beta

The map has been rated 56 times and got a total of 14 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I like it a lot, my friends like it a lot.

Have played already few games in this, it's pretty balanced from what we have played. Of course there isn't very much flanking room, when the map size is so small, but good map overall.

Basically this was made for the contest of nightmarjoo, but dunno if i'll submit it.

Mineral blocks are 8 each...

2nd natural is very rich, that's why I made a bit more open.

Anyways, I'm gonna play this a lot with my friends etc, cuz seems like they like it, hope you like it too :).
modified by RaDiX
oh, and the map looks better ingame than jpg..
I think this is your submittion for Nightmarjoo's mapping conest, am i right? It looks good, but what are those squares, where all those bears are standing in? Is this copy/ paste some tiles of the bridge? Have to play it first, before i can say anything else. Btw... You took on the hardest tileset. I think Testbug don't like this ^^. But don't worry, i'm making a snow map too.
PS: Posted before reading your post :)
modified by ptar
heh heh ;)

Well I don't care what testbug thinks (oh yes I do! Plz testbug love this map!!)

Well atleast i didn't bright the jpg up like 200% (Not so much eyecancer...)

Thank you for your comment ptar.
hmmm PvZ p goes 2 gate rush with 3 zealots and 4 probes, mining the mineralblock beeing farest away from the nat and just going into your main > gg
you cant hold this kind of rush just with lings...

those 2. entrance to the main what should it be for?
i think 8 is anyway to less to block a 2. entrance...
RIP pathing TT
(you have to modify that lineal water, but that's not the point) the alternative entrance doesn't looks good (in the picture, in the game, for the gameplay, for the humanity, et) the solution might be using a shit neutral building.

your ice in water will reduce your calification, they don't look beautifull (remembner how nightmarjoo is)

west ice is shit, remove it!
it's ok near 10 an 7 o'clock but not that far.

and nightmarjoo doesn't want random bears :S
i'm not talking about the picture, play it some more, you'll find some things might be better.

DON'T MAKE an other map before finish this!
good luck
Shit pathing at main entrance?
pathing is fine..
I actually thought about deleting that 2nd entrance, but since my friend said it brings something new to the game, I kept it for atleast now. I might delete it though... Test games will tell.
lol no way is pathing fine radix
the deco is awesome, radix has done so much better than on his other maps. the nearer expos seem very open and hard to defend, and you seem to be forced to fast expand. dunno if this will work out
the 9h expo however is ridiculous hard to defend.
well as I said in the competition thread, "oh and radix, I will look at these maps in order of appearance on the comp's list, ie your map is third. Pathing had better be excellent before I get to it"
Oh sorry dudes, I've been afk 2 weeks so haven't edited this one.... I will in few days, ok?

-Made the backdoor easier to defend

-Made the exp in 9 o'clock easier to defend, it might tight up the whole map too much, so i'm not so sure if it was a good move, you tell me!

Oh and btw, pathing is teh sex (it doesn't bug)
modified by RaDiX

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