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Last update for (3)Star Eater : 2007, 07, 16 11:36
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2343 (3)Star Eater 128*961iCH0.1beta

The map has been rated 35 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Minerals in mains, 900, 11 patches, gas in main 2500.
Minerals in nats, 1000, 4 patches, gas 1750.
Minerals in expos, 1250, 8 patches, gas 3000
Backdoors, 2 16 min patches.
Grrr...3 playa maps are always so imba!
From a first glance, the only thing I'm concerned about is pathing from er yellow to green, I'm quite confident that it will lead through the backdoor mineral wall =/
Oh, well also main space looks questionable. It might be fine, but it doesn't look equal. You should do a rax test on the mains, ie fill them entirely with barracks and make sure they are equal or close to equal in space.
And if there isn't enough mainspace, gl fixing that, looks hard lol.

But I think the map looks alright in general, bit tight, but the low gas should help with that I would think.
I mean pos imba!
Looks fine to me.

Only real difference in the mains is the fact that the low platform ramp at SE isn't inverted.

And I can't blame him because of how ugly they are.
@Deathman101 thats not helpful, what are you saying, dont make 3 player maps?

@nightmarjoo its misleading, pathing is fine, UNLESS you make your ground prod buildings right next to the ramp at yellows main, dont know how major that is or if that will occur too often.

Ill consider modifying green bases base size, it can fix 6 more raxes into it, i dont know if that classes as a huge difference.

The main space might get a little tight though in tvp D: hard to fix without re-scaling the map size, and hard to know without testing.
modified by 1iCH

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