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Last update for (8)Symbolic : 2009, 07, 15 15:32
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2349 (8)Symbolic 128*128GRC-DeathLink1.7final

The map has been rated 67 times and got a total of 111 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Gosu map, I have never seen anything better than this ever, should be the next proleague 2v2 map! :D
I was kinda bored lately so I decided to make a WTF map (a map that I don't know why I made it)...

Feel free to comment or suggest anything about the map.

*Special thanks to Nightmarjoo who uploaded the map for me, since panschk has an ip log that detects whenever I try to upload a map and refuses to do so cause hes had enough with my crappy maps :D
I have to say, that this map is one of the better 8 player maps, maybe the best. Balancing an 8 player map isn' that easy, but you did a nice job. One question: Are the naturals tankable from those "bridge" islands?
modified by ptar
Yea those bridge islands are specially made so that they can hit the minerals and the gas, but not the cc/nexus/hatch. I added that there for more strategical play instead of just mass n bash :P

To defend from that you can also place a tank or two in the mains that overlook the bridge islands so you will have a height advantage also.
Goodbye The Hunters, we will miss you.
I think for the first time in history, an 8 player map should become a MotW/MotM w/e... Not that it's going to be the best map for the month... This map just needs to be known to the public, to change from hunters to this! If we don't make this map populer, "The Hunters" virus will own us untill SC 2 come :( . So come on DeA - HEAL US :D
hey spines can you crack bgh phantom's protection, copy the triggers, and add them to this map? East's ums public games will now be dominated by PHANTOM SYMBOLIC!!!11

I can add a section to motm for notable maps from now on.
Triggers on BGH? Huh? Guys, what the hell are you playing on East?
Darn. I activated some FF stuff that I don't know at all and my post was gone TT

I'd remove the some of the rotor-doodads in the middle, namely the ones at the top and bottom, and the ones closer to the middle at the left and the right. I would also remove the solar array doodads. This is an 8 Player map, after all.

Gas issue probably can be neglected in an 8 player map...

I don't know about the mineral amount - it is said that hunters plays so "well" because of the high amount of minerals. So maybe some additional minerals especially at the natural would be a good idea. But this is due to testing.
I don't get why the rotors and the solar array in the middle should be removed. I made the center mostly unbuildable so no-one can block their opponents with bunkers, cannons and other stuff. You might want to give me some info on why I should remove them.

As for the minerals, I am leaving 9 minerals in the main and they definately won't be changed. Hunters had 10 minerals which is really imba, Protoss players were so dominant it wasn't funny. Expo minerals are 6 and they could probably go up to 7 but thats about it.
I think spine meant, you should remove the doodads in the solar array, cuz they are a sort of obstacle. There will be some big fights in the middle and you should have enough room to move your units in an 4v4 or FFA.
I am very impressed, it will probably take the place of Hunters.
Nope, it won't take the place of hunters. Do you think those bnetters really are able to change their choice of maps? There are a few maps that change according to the current leagues, but the standard maps lt and huntz always stay. Even though this is a nice map, there is no chance that it will become the new hunters.

Pretty much what ptar said. Also, these doodads sit right at the edges of the platform. They might cause some minor pathing issues. Well, it's just a feeling that the map would do better without them.
The center area of this map is much larger than that of Hunters so I guess a few doodads won't bother that much. Also, after a few test games I haven't noticed any pathfinding issues concerning the doodads, but I have found out that the mains must be slightly larger. I have no idea where I'm going to find the space to increase the size of each main :(
change the mineral placement, squeeze them more into the corners and to the map edge - that will be the most effective way of "increasing" the size of the mains.

Btw, just because it is larger than on hunters that does not mean it's optimal. See python, 4 players and pretty much the whole map is made of "middle". Now I don't like python either, but still, imo you should remove the mentioned doodads. Just my opinion, though.
modified by spinesheath
I actually made a phantom of this map as soon as I saw it. I've played it a couple of times already.
i know that those platforms between each main are gosu! BUT they need to be removed. Terran could just set up siege tanks and goodbye natural!

GREAT map though. THIS > Hunters eazy
Gosh, what's this "Phantom" stuff already? Never saw it on Europe...
Really spinesheath? do you play use map settings maps? :s
Rarely, actually. But still, I have my game filter on "Show All", so I SHOULD have noticed "phantom" maps if they were so well-known... And I'm not just playing 1 game a week.
All the phantoms are PHANTOM GOGOGO or PHANTOM BGH !!111
You can't miss them :p

Nice map though
Phantom BGH destroys the purpose of phantom entirely.

Phantom is this: Everyone starts out allied, and one person is the "phantom" and has to kill everyone. But nobody knows who it is. The phantom gets money like 10x faster. It's up to the phantom to deceive everyone and kill them all.

It's a really fun game.
boongee are there other version of phantom? I've only ever seen phantom bgh, or rarely phantom fastest. I really like playing phantom, even if I don't like bgh.
phantom 1on1 LT
I will search a unprotected version of phantom and paste the triggers there. It's really the best 8P map ever... GG DEA!!1!
I could put a Phantom together if you wish.
lol Nightmarjoo, there was another version a long ago, which was better, but it sorta dissapeared over time :P

would be hella much trouble to start looking for it :P
When i copy paste phantom triggers to symbolic the phantom has 1500 gas and minerals at the beginning and don't have much money whereas in the map where i took triggers, everything is fine. I don't understand, i think i have to search the money trigger... T_T
Wouldn't it be awesome if we could overwrite everyone's Hunters map with this?
yes it will. personally, i wasn't able to copy the triggers into this map. :(
Are you guys still interested in this having Phantom on it?
yes, are you able to do it?
This is 1337!, if this could get on iccup, it could replace hunters overtime on bnet.
i just realised there is gas issue
I can do it but the unit placement (start locs, minerals, gas) has to be redone because the units copy and pastes 1 pixel off due to a bug in SCMDraft. It makes it so cc/nexus/hatch can't be built in the proper spot and is a serious issue.
why do you want to copy paste?
modified by ProTosS4EveR
This map is a splitting image of a 6 player map used for FFA and stuff. I believe it was a short lived pro map from a year or 2 ago.

I think maybe the droppable bridge locations are there on purpose? But imo they are still imba because say T and P are right next door. T can tank/turret the shit out of the side and nat of his bases and then drop a tank there. Yea you can drop zeals but your shuttles and zeals are gonna be raped.
modified by SpoR
I fixed the gas issue and took out the drop platforms. Added the locations and the triggers from phantom map.

Problem is, when you save triggers and load them into a map you still have to go through all of the shit and pick the locations...

So if anyone wants to do that you're welcome, I uploaded the other map here too.

oh btw, This is probably the most balanced version of phantom I'm copying from.
It would be so much easier if we could somehow just copy the terrain onto the phantom map.

Symbolic 0.1

Unlocked phantom

modified by SpoR
modified by ProTosS4EveR

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