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Last update for (3)Summer Bliss : 2007, 08, 04 01:18
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2377 (3)Summer Bliss 128*128WHiTeSTRiPeS-0.4beta

The map has been rated 35 times and got a total of 15 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Hello, all.

*edit* fixed pic problem; got my internet to work finally

So, I guess you can say i was somewhat "inspired" by Moon Tear; I had started this map before Moon Tear got popular and i worked off of some of the elements in that map.
Since I had made a 2 player map (Utopia) and a 4 player map (The Moonflow) i decided it was time for a 3 player map. And i soon learned that it was SO FUCKING HARD TO MAKE!!! No mirror-xy tools to help you out here ;(.
I put alot of work into it; it took me a LONG time to finally finish it. The layout took awhile to make symmetrical (i know its off a bit), and decorating was a bitch.

Anyways, on to the important stuff.
TvP 1-2
PvZ 2-2
ZvT 3-1

Unfortunately, i forgot to turn on autosave for my bwlauncher, so i cant post any of the games.

Min layout: 9-7-7-7
Main has 1 patch with 800 mins
The double gas has 2.5k each geyser

*NOTE* Area behind each main min line CANNOT hold a tank! No unit can fit behind, so tanks, templars, etc will not be a problem. (I used the bush pixel to fill up the open grass area)


modified by WHiTeSTRiPeS-
I see pic..
hmm.. it doesnt look bad, but I think it has something from Moon Tears.
great map, needs some more deco, otherwise really great :P
i love this bridge-forest setup near the mains :)
gas issue, see our articles section for in depth on that; basicly red and orange's gas will mine slower than yellow's, and mine differently from eachother too.

I don't like the inconsistencies of how cliffable the nats are. Red's nat is pretty vulnerable, much more so than orange's atleast.

The double gas expo by red seems less vulnerable, it has more foliage near it than the others making it less open/accessible, I dunno how to fix this without messing something else up, why I don't reccomend making 3 player maps.

There's a lot of positional imbalance with yellow compared to the other two. His mineral only is not against the edge of the map, making it far more vulnerable to air harass as well as having the possibilities of drop holes behind it. Yellow is too close to the double gas expo above red. Orange is too far from the double gas expo by yellow. Basicly yellow's base needs moved up closer to the NE corner, this should be apparent by the huge amount of wasted space behind him =/ Now as you do this, it might just make distances equal, or more likely strain them with the rest of things. You'd probably then need to move red to the right, and then would want to move orange down some. Basicly if you were gonna do all that, you'd want to start from scratch. Moving yellow alone though should help with most distance issues, and placing that mineral only against the edge of the map.

Orange's main looks smaller than the other two. Yellow's looks the biggest.

I like the map's concept a lot, but I think it was poorly executed in that there's a lot of positional imbalance in the map. To make the position balance better, you probably would need to move yellow about 3/4ths from the top, orange to about midway on the left side, and red midway on the bottom. But I dunno for sure =/ Basicly you want everything to be as close to equal as possible. Probably drawing the map on paper and using a ruler for distances to find the optimum positions for the mains would be the most effective way, but probably not the most convenient and practical way ;)
Thanks nightmar, i was thinking i should just move red to the right a bit, but moving yellow seems like a good idea too. I did draw a picture on paper (REALLY ugly) and i made changes along the way.

The main problem here is that the bridge for yellow is messed up. There is no "sideways" bridge that goes from left to right (instead of top right to bottom right), making balance alot harder to work on. I tried to compensate for making a *slightly* bigger base (i really didnt think anyone would notice) because it's harder to defend.

I'll work on it as soon as i can (when im bored :P )
You could make a terrain bridge and add rocky terrain to it to make a sideways land bridge which would work more or less the same way.

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