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Last update for (4)backwaterplanet : 2013, 01, 25 01:26
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4558 (4)backwaterplanet 128*128ASDFFDSA0.7betaground

The map has been rated 47 times and got a total of 31 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Like this one much more than your other ones.
Only problem is not all the thirds are not touching the edge, and also that even with that large wall i think nat distances are still really short.

Mutalisk harrasment also will be strong at natural, because there is no turret space.
modified by CrystalDrag
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Hmmm I'm not sure but the mains seems to be different sizes can't tell tho
Also how strong wud a Terran contain be on the high ground? Or any kind of contain like lurkers or something...I feel like it needs more lanes of attack than just the center and drops..
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cool map, i'm not sure how army movement would feel though.
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what just got updated here?
Absolutely nothing.
lol is he trying to rub it in our face or something?
OK, seriously, can't you learn to just ignore it when nothing of interest happens?

He is really only making clear again that
a) he is desperately craving for any appreciation he can get
b) that he is not willing to put any more work into this (or any other map), and, just an assumption, based on previous experience, would not accept any criticism either.

Now it is obviously on him to figure out how to bridge the obvious discrepancy between a) and b), and preferably how to do it in a mannered way...

And in the meantime I suggest that you do not comment on his every whim.

In short: Don't feed the trolls.
And don't unnecessarily bump maps, even... especially if they already have been bumped.
i'm merely laughing
i was genuinely wondering what got updated, i guess it was just xelious's comment that bumped it...
modified by NegativeZero
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Hello Xelious, I havent posted on one of your maps before. You have uploaded 3 maps all at once (backwaterplanet, shuriken2 and starfinal). It is clear that you have been secretly and very diligently practicing the ancient artform of broodwar map making in some Tibetan monastery because the jump in your skills is staggering.
I have looked at your original 3 maps published under the author name of Xelious. The improvement you show with these three new maps really is significant and impressive.
So first of all, congratulations! You have levelled up.
You have a great eye for detail and you have good knowledge of the game. Did you watch alot of proleague when it was on?

Second of all, I fully understand the amount of passion that has clearly gone into these maps. I have only made a few nooby maps and I was really invested in them but to make maps of this quality must surely take an additional leap of effort and commitment. So hats off to you!

Third of all, everyone who visits this site is a fairly dedicated Broodwar fan. We are all on the same team!
Strangely though, I know that every time I post a new map I have an incredible feeling of optimism. I expect the internet to blow up over my latest labour of love. And while I have been really happy to read comments on my maps, I have learnt to be slightly thicker skinned than I was originally.
If I am happy with my map, then that is enough and I will host it.
I host my maps on ICCup and my username is the same. If you are online sometime, add me and Ill host this map with observers.
On a more encouraging note:

Hhhmmm yes, actually I have to agree with Cardinalallin in that I've seen your mapping becoming better since at least a year ago. You definitely have more of an eye for detail now.
nobody ever said your maps are bad - they aren't. all we did was give suggestions on how to improve them.
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