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Last update for (2)Ice Floes III : 2013, 01, 15 17:16
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4560 (2)Ice Floes III 96*96PaperMonster0.1finalground

The map has been rated 49 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

This is an edit of Ice Floes II. I could not remember my map ID. Sorry. Is it standard to replace previous map versions with current version? Any tips on this?

I took most of the advice of everyone who contributed to the (2)Ice Floes II discussion but decided to leave the corner islands and the ice as this has made for exciting game play. I have not seen over-use of tanks on the ice or floating terran bases to make it a concern.

-moved main base entrance counter-clockwise, connecting it to through the natural expansion
-added water outside of main bases to keep tanks at bay (from inside or outside the base)
-fixed the 'gas issue' for upper base
-removed a majority of the unused center island
-slightly protected the side gas expansions

I look forward to more critiquing! It's very helpful. Also, I did recently download SCMdraft2 and just figured out how to mirror, which would have saved me SOOOOOO much time over the past few years of map making!! Arg! Enjoy.

I'd like to hear feedback or see a replay if anybody plays the map. Thanks!

I just figured out where to find the map ID... hey, its getting late, alright!?
This version looks sooo much better than the previous version.
Couple things I think that can be improved,
-add a gas to the natural
-find some way to make the choke point of the natural smaller(maybe neutral buildings or cliffs
-the center is very choky, it's kinda small and there are no alternative routes of attack minus drops
-the tile edits are a bit messy
-I feel like the ice can be made a bit smaller, and the main-nat choke seems very big/wide. Maybe expand the main into the ice area and the choke, as well as shrinking the choke
-right now I feel like 4pool or 9 pool speed is very hard to counter.
-I think some of the center should be unbuildable area, this way Terran can't build turrets and buildings on their push.
-the two lakes are a bit too big
-keep the updates coming, this map is shaping up nicely and I look forward to seeing a final version. These are just my suggestions as a mapper/player...I'll see if I can get a friend to play with me on this...
Agree with all of that
I'd probably remove most of the center high ground ridge and fill the resulting open space with unbuildable terrain. Maybe leave a little bit of the high ground on the sides (to create 2 entrances to the 3rds), but not much.

It's definitely improving a lot though, keep up the good work.
modified by NegativeZero
Thanks for the feedback!

I'm not liking the tile transition between the ice and water at the mains; it needs something to fill in the gap but every doodad appears out of place. Suggestions welcome...

I've been hesitant to add too much gas as gas becomes a critical component early on in the game when it's somewhat sparse; but I'll give it a go just for you all.

Thanks everybody!
Update soon I want to see what the map looks like after you make changes :D
Also for where the blend is kinda weird and blocky...I'm not sure what you could do, but you could try covering it up with sprites or turning it into a backdoor with stacked neutral buildings.
Oh I kno you could try using the Khayardian Crystal to fill in that spot with the weird blends...
Also just as a note, I'm not really one for creative play I mainly play only on "standard" maps which are basically maps that encourage fast expanding, thus I'm not very comfortable with maps that force 1 base play etc. so a lot of my suggestions are geared toward economic play style, if you're going for an aggressive 1 base style then feel free to disregard a lot of my comments
modified by traceurling
Honestly the easiest way to fix that awkward tile transition would be to just switch the ice to water and fill in that area with water. The ice being pathable might make for some interesting tactics, but it's also easy to abuse and imbalanced since tanks on the ice can hit the gas at the top main but not the bottom.
Oh yah or that ^
Zapretnaya Zona has decent ice to water tiles :D
So I've opened up the center of the map, added un-buildable terrain and replaced all the ice with water to eliminate the potential tank issue. It so far seems to play very well with the corner drop-only islands as a variable to game play from round to round.

Let me know what you all think.
Played with this a bit.

Obviously with some extended the ice doodads could be made water since there's a blend for that.

I think your main problem right now is how you form your terrain. Avoid straight lines and try to make gradual diagonals that round out land masses when needed.

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