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Last update for (2)Ice Floes II : 2013, 01, 05 08:56
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4556 (2)Ice Floes II 96*96PaperMonster0.1finalground

The map has been rated 48 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Hello :) If your new, welcome!
There are many "problems" with the map, i shall try to point them all out so you can try to do the appropiate edits.
This is my thoughts only ^^

There is something called the "gas issue", which addresses the workers efficiency at harvesting gas. For generally all maps geysers are placed on the top or to the left of the starting location. Red's gas has "gas issue", and should therefore be moved to the right.
You only have 7 minerals, and a fairly wide choke with no nearby safely expandable natural. Was this to be micro oriented?
The ice around the mains are walkable, so the threat of tanks on the ice can shoot the entire main. The ice should be unwalkable by your choosing.

They are terran favored, as command centers can be lifted off and be landed there, while other races must get transportation. Also, walkable ice leads to long range units being able to snipe workers at the minerals (mainly concerning tanks, who would be able to the main building)

Mineral only expansions
These are wide in the open, and zerg will not be able to expand to this easily, as well as protoss. Terran has tanks... but even that leaves spread out.

Gas expansions
They seem like they will never be taken, as they will be the same distance from each main and therefore vulnerable.
Possible solutions
Rotate the main's entrance counter clockwise so that the entrance is next to the mineral only, and have a smaller choke, for both the main and the natural choke. Also add a geyser to the mineral only.
*this will increase the rush distance and lead to more 2base play, and not rushes/proxy (unless this was intention...

Add some more extra clutter around the thirds counterclockwise to them, so that harder to surround it.

well i am brain dead now, not very good anaylzer.
@_@ Hopefully some of this helps!
Hey welcome it you're new! Nice map I was gonna add commentary but Crystal said most of it...a couple things, those trees (I think they're trees pic quality is bad on my iPod sorry) might be glitchy to units like in (3) demons forest. Also the center isn't symmetrical. For aesthetics, some people dislike a lot of snow because they find the white annoying...also, in terms of decoration, there is "natural" and "unnatural/artificial"...straight lines looks kinda artificial on ice terrain...all I've got to say for now, welcome and I hope you become a regular to BWMN
Thanks for your comments! Very helpful! I did originally design this map for 30 min or less games. My brother and I have played it probably 100 times with no 2 games being the same. That being said the stress of the possible rush gets nerve-racking!

Suggestions I like:
-rotating main base entrances counter-clockwise forcing a path through the natural. This will make for quicker expanding and more unit production early on
-limiting walkability on ice (this was planned, but is very irritating when tanks set up shop)
-Definitely will fix gas issue on red's base. I totally see the problem now.
-protecting the third bases on one side.

Questions I have (please help!):
-Should I make the corner island expansions walkable? on flat ground? higher ground with a widened ramp? It has so far served as a mini-stronghold that is surprisingly difficult to take.

-Should I do anything more productive with the center of the map? It is totally useless functionally, though it introduces the possibility of armies avoiding each other on thier attack routes.

Thanks to Crystaldrag and traceurling for your suggestions so far!
traceurling, I have not noticed any glitchy issues with the trees. I will double check this though. I will also cut down on the white-ness of the map. thanks

My Thoughts
modified by CrystalDrag
Lol crystal you cudda used the GMCS...
So you can check the trees by laying mines in them and if nothing happens it should be to the center I think the obstruction is fine, maybe shrink it a bit so it doesn't take up so muh space and you can add something like mineral only expansions
I would suggest you get SCMDraft2 if you don't have it already. It's the most powerful starcraft 1 map editor out there at the moment.

And this needs a new picture :)
Download link to scmdraft if you need it, hope you become a regular at this site
modified by traceurling

I took most of the advice from you guys but decided to leave the corner islands and the ice as this has made for exciting game play. I have not seen over-use of tanks on the ice or floating terran bases to make it a big concern.

-moved main base entrance counter-clockwise as suggested, connecting it through the natural expansion
-added water outside of main bases to keep tanks at bay (from inside or outside the base)
-fixed the 'gas issue' for upper base
-removed a majority of the unused center island
-slightly protected the side gas expansions

I look forward to more critiquing! It's very helpful. Also, I did recently download SCMdraft2 and just figured out how to mirror, which would have saved me SOOOOOO much time over the past few years of map making!! Arg! Enjoy.

I'd like to hear feedback or see a replay if anybody plays the map. Thanks!
is there a trick to changing the map pic? It won't load my new version.

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