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Last update for (2)Hoth : 2007, 08, 03 18:00
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2376 (2)Hoth 128*128Alter.Ego0.1beta

The map has been rated 54 times and got a total of 5 points

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So, finally, after lurking around for some time, I present you my first map.
It's name is kinda self explanatory related to the Ice tileset. It has been influenced by the maps which are providing the players with different battle fields, depending on the direction they choose to expand, i.e. monty hall.

I was tempted to create a R-Point like, resource too-rich map, so if I went too far with the gas/minerals please say so.

The decoration can be much better, no doubt about that.

Any comments and sick jokes welcome :)
looks like there are only 4 minonlies at south? then that open battle field won't be used at all, but the normal way, the north path looks like terran auto-win in amy MU
Hm.. I can add gas to the south nats, and maybe close the other ramp on the start with a building, so you have actually a choice which direction to go.
I was trying to get away from the 'too much gas' critics.
Or, on the other hand I can move the gas from the northern nats to the south one.

The northern path is too tight, true. I'll change that to be more open, maybe killin the top north expo and adding some more alternative routes.
Main bases are much too small. Overall your scale looks to be off, everything is so small/cramped. I know it looks bigger in-game, but for smooth gameplay making everything a bit bigger is just better imo. Especially doodads standing directly in the way are not fun-_-

I don't like the blocking-with-xel-naga-temple thing. Those take a lot of damage before going down, so we'll probably see a lot of retared pathing.

It's not really bad, but I don't think that map has the potential to become something great neither.

yeah, that expo isnt save anyways. It seems, like evry unit can kill eco ez, and u need something to watch over the cliff, to rescue your eco, b4 it gets atk'ed for the 1st time.
Tanks, Lurks and HT would have it really easy, to kill eco there.

* Main bases have been made much larger
* the north path has been made larger, with alternative route via high ground for more flanking options.
* the middle battle field is wider as well
* the south path have been widened
* a lot more resources have been added.
* a bit of decoration work, still more to do.
* blocked the northern ramp as well.

I've tried to make the decoration as good as I can, with an obvious story about a terran expedition which landed on the planet to explore the northern zerg artefact and the protoss warp gate in the south.

In order to protect some of the expos you would have to hold the high ground above them, the purpose is to force players to use the southern high battle field. I'm not really sure if that will work, it's more possible that it will make it completely unused, so any suggestions in that direction are welcome.

Thanks for all the comments and ciriticizm, I'm still learning so it's much appreciated.

Lots of bright snow hurting my eyes. Lots of straight lines which are kinda ugly.
Pathing TT
Gigantic and awkard mains. Consider pathing from buildings to one path or another, consider you'll be using your main back and forth cuz of multiple paths.
I think the choose your own battlefield thing with so many different paths makes coherent gaming difficult, there's just too much for a 2 player map. A lot won't be used, and gameplay will be awkward. Players will have to figure out which place to use, kinda like in monty hall, only with longer distances from here to there :(

I like the middle layout, with ice, the island, the expo with ramps. I like the lower nats and the mineral onlys.
I kinda like the bottom corners. I like the top corners less than the bottom corners, but I guess they're fine.

Pretty much everything else in the map I don't really like. Awkward proportions and sizes and distances and whatnot.

I guess I kinda reccomend restarting the map from scratch, maybe a not as tall map, think you just had too much room to work with which resulted in the awkwardness I dunno. See what others think first =/
Star Wars reference much?
Star wars indeed

I think I'll scrap it and try it as a (3) for the competition.
modified by Alter.Ego

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