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Last update for (2)Vendetta : 2008, 05, 10 03:06
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2399 (2)Vendetta 128*96WHiTeSTRiPeS-0.3beta

The map has been rated 47 times and got a total of 13 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

howdy, BWMappers

Latest map by me, and i think its my best one yet (this is because most of my other maps are shit). I started experimenting with sideways ramps and up and down ramps, and i hatched an idea in my head on this map. The upward ramps took a while to "perfect", and i hope you guys like it.

Min blocks leading to back of base = 2x64 minerals
Psi disruptors = 2k hp

I know theres gas issue for blue, so thats why i misplaced red's gas a few pixels to even out the difference.

I didnt finish decorating the mains because I wanted to get this map submitted ASAP, because i've started testing it and i wanted the players to look at the picture before playing, because it's too complex to be explained in words. (run-on sentence much?)


modified by WHiTeSTRiPeS-
The inverted ramp on the left side is ugly. Else, a really good inovative map. Good job.
Interesting map. I am somewhat confused by the areas next to the mains beyond the blocked ramps. What do you intend their role to be? A back door they are not as they are not accesible by land and the exit is blocked by the minerals. As an expo they are pretty vulnerable to attacks from the other side. I think most of the action will take place trying to gain the central expos. In any case, I would make the minerals on the ramp of less value (say 16). The mains are a bit cramped. Play the map even if it is against the comp and see how it "feels".
Yes, the inverted ramp DOES look ugly, but it works the same way :P. there was really nothing else to do but copy 60% of the original one.

The bottom and top expos are meant for the other are ment MORE for the other player, but i wanted that expo to be up for grabs. For red, the top right expo is hard to defend, and he only gets minerals instead of gas. For blue, its easy to defend, and if he mines it out he has another entrance to enemy base (since previous testers said the main entrance was cramped). They both can get rineraped (tvz) easily. It's kind of hard to explain, really :P I've been testing it today, but ive only had 1 really good game (zvt) on it. I will continue testing once i get more replays.
This would've been a great map if you made it 128x128. It's too small and cramped in the top and bottom. Mains are setup poorly for late game Terran and Protoss macro.

Very creative, too small.
Problems I already see are that the mains are too small and the middle is hardcore T friendly. Fuse that big ramp and that little ramp(in the mid) together to make one huge ramp; the mid is too narrow for big protoss/terran armies so having small ramps like that is a pain in the ass(it works for longinus because you've got 2 far apart ramps and the mid is pretty big, but in this map you've got one ramp that's big and another closer, smaller ramp(in other words, flank = not possible). I also don't see a real purpose for those neutral buildings.

Also, that left ramp is ugly ;P Good decoration~

-Made bases bigger
-removed disruptors (that expo is already to easy to defend
-FOR THOSE WHO COMPLAIN ABOUT GAS ISSUE: for red's expo, its impossible to make a "balanced" gas without ruining the area, so i just made 1 balanced gas and 1 imbalanced gas at each base.
-choke bridge is smaller

only the main must have a gas-issue-conform gas. on the rest of the expos, the impact is much smaller and later on, 1 worker isnt as important as on earlygame.
i don't understand why use waste space for buildings in the corners of your main bases. That should be an easy fix.
I agree with panschk, filling in those corners would fix the main bases' current lack of large space for factories.
Gas issue, red's main mines a lot faster than blue's lol. Why is the nat gas in the way of the ramp?
Corner expos won't be used, too easy to kill the workers.
Kinda awkward mains, space might lacking too.

The weird ramp in the east you can wall off at the bottom because it's buildable there whereas it's not / you can't for the west one.

Middle is too small, but if you made 128x128 distances would be too long. One possible fix is removing the corner expos giving you more room and letting you move the other expos around to redo the middle to make it more flankable.

The corner of the mains should be filled in, that's a lot of unuseable space which you could use.

"very creative" lol what's creative about the map :(
very cool chokes i think
Map is soooo good
it has potential, though
The map does look cramped at the top and bottom.
modified by JungleTerrain

--WHiTeSTRiPeS- vs -{Rekker}-(1on1, 1.15)

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