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Last update for (2)Harlia Haven : 2007, 08, 15 01:36
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2400 (2)Harlia Haven 128*128flothefreak0.1experimental

The map has been rated 47 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

i was working all week and had no time to execute the 2player version of DocksOfDylar. so i decided to rush it shortly before deadline ends.
that also meant i couldnt execute the original drawing (too much time to do it from scratch), so i just took this 4plyr layout and modified from an early state of it.

here is the outcome. i have 2 neutral terran bases, a power station floating and a spaceport (see name ;>). i had no room for a supply departement, so i added many shops in the walls and used many of these tree cultivations as doodads. there is even a little avenue :D

a short form of the "story" that leads to this scenario can be found in map descriptions, i wanted to do a longer one firstly.
gas imba fix or zergs wil flame!
i have never been away :)
the gasonly island is inspired by namja btw
... i don't see a gas imba issue. i'd rather have a protected gas source because early game rushes vs FE build, or a just plain whoever is able to attack effectively first, might end the game if one of the players have their geyser out more in the open and it gets destroyed.

i think that as long as the mains are balanced in terms of gas, the nats and exps can sometimes have their gas placements placed differently for gameplay purposes.

btw flo, beautiful map :D
modified by Alumni
doote whats for the neutral terran bases?
Errm... are those normal mineral blocks in those neutral terran bases? If so, why are there different amounts of minerals?
too bad that (2) maps aren't allowed to the competition... :(
modified by RaDiX
When you try to play the map there are a number of units that are unplaceable. My concern is that Toss with mind control and zerg with the infection of the command center ability will have an advantage over Terran.
spine: no those minerals are sprites as well, value is 0.
radix: nightmarjoo told me i could do 2plyr
lancet: i will see to fix those unplacable units - however, the MC/infection thing is ridiculos because it is just too expensive/not useful enough.
I agree with flo; just because you infest a CC or MC some units you don't win a game. You should keep an eye open for such stuff, but it's not like it's unbeatable.
"the MC/infection thing is ridiculos because it is just too expensive/not useful enough"

Huh? Mind controlling a battlecruiser is expensive/not useful enough? Or an infested terran that can turn overlords into bombers or that can be used on ground attacks?

News to me.

BTW, your map description is too long.

: ^ )
should the zerg be allowed to infest both those cc's.... watch the fuck out lol.... infested T drop ur nexuses/hatch/cc.... i gotta agree with lancet that infested terrans would be trouble, but then again who does ling/queen anymore?

its whimsical in way.... it actually gives Z oppotunities to use infested terrans, but then again it gives them an extra edge which might mean trouble
mc is SO expensive in time and ressources. once you spent all that money for 1-2 BCs, those wont pose a threat to terrans 4bases with 3-3 golis.

and infested terrans arent like, an uberweapon, or why do you hardly see any on normal (pro) TvZ? there are lots of possibilities of stealing a CC, but it is not like everyone tries to infest by any means because it would be so devastating...
fixes done
I've seen a single "pro" game (I think it was SEN vs whoever) where a zerg infested a CC. And the zerg didn't use the few infesteds he built well. He didn't deal any serious damage with them.
Zerg infestation of a command center can also be a means to "destroy" a command center if you can't finish it off with ground troops, but normally Terran destroys it before zerg can use it. Most of the time, however, Zerg comits to a strategy and it may not even involve the use of queens. An infested command center is a distant and unlikely option as the CC is normally found in a protected base. In this map, however, the CC is readily available for the taking in an undefended area and that is my concern.

Also, in long term games many Toss players already have dark archons and mind control is not a problem and just another option to have and this map favors it.
modified by Lancet

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