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Last update for (2)Scrimmage on Mar Sara : 2007, 08, 18 14:14
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2404 (2)Scrimmage on Mar Sara 64*64Lancet0.3experimental

The map has been rated 47 times and got a total of 15 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

This is an island map of sorts. The nearest gas expo is very vulnerable to attacks from the other side of the mineral line. Terran and Toss will have an advantage here being able to fly buildings or sneak probes past mineral lines. The advantage for the zerg who have early detection consists of the fact that the closest gas expo and the bridge leading to the distant but safer gas expo are blocked by dark templars. But if zerg allows Toss to build photon cannons or Terran to place marines behind the templars he is probably in trouble. A possible strategy would be to start hitting the templars with drones as early as possible to gain access to the distant gas nat and fight any marines or probes in the area.
Get rid of those trees behind your mains' minerals.
Also make sure that there are no dropspots on those small "islands" in the middle and at the right. Since you were able to place a doodad on each of them, you will be able to drop a tank there, too. So block those or at least mirror them.
ah, I love maps like these.

I'm not sure how this one would play, but at a glance it looks like it would be pretty easy for zerg. A simple 12 pool or 9 pool to expo... there's really nothing the other races would be able to do to stop that.

For more cool maps like this, look at Crush It! II (Starparty) or Fissure (mine). innovative 64x64 maps are the best.
Thanks for your comments. Spinesheath, I changed the islands in the center and right to prevent tank drops. Why do you want me to get rid of the trees? boongee, if anything I am concerned that this would be a difficult map for zerg at least against Terran. I can float a barrack and get a marine behind those templars within 2 plus minutes, which would could block access to the "safe" gas expo for zerg as they don't have early ranged units.
- no space to move units/build defense
- drops between the trees are blocked off by ground and also get the 70% hit chance bonus.
- small maps shouldn't be spammed with unwalkable doodads
- I don't like those trees. This is the strongest argument.
What would happen if terran floated a CC to the expansion and then told their SCVs to mine the minerals there? They would just float past the DTs, wouldn't they? Similarly, what if someone tried to SCV drill the DTs to move them? Or if zerg moved their first overlord to the expansion so they could get vision of the minerals, float there, and just 12 hatch expo?

It seems the worker AI kind of cheats the concept a little bit.
Spinesheath, OK I will remove the trees.

boongee, excellent comment! You do not even need to float a CC, you can float a barrack and as soon as the first mineral clump comes into view you can direct an scv to mine from it. It will glide effortlessly across the dark templar barrier! This is also true for drones after an overlord has spotted the first mineral clump (although to actually attack the DT's with drones may be faster). Everyone should take notice of this in case they want to employ a DT block in their maps.

So it may actually be protoss the one at a disadvantage here! I will have to think about it and test a little. Mind you, I think you will still have to blast the templars to eventually get some defense to the other side. I have not found a way to move them just trying to nudge units past them like you do with minerals.
modified by Lancet
I think if you want to utilize this concept -- the neutral DTs -- you should use them to block the place where the CC/Nexus/Hatchery actually goes, rather than blocking a pathway.

How would you counter mass hydra and drops PvZ here?

And get rid of those trees
Well, if you are Toss you need to build a gateway followed by a forge and a photon cannon and then you can blast away the templars to get units through. Zerg can wipe out the templars a bit earlier but that is it. Otherwise this plays like an island map with the exception that two of the expos are very vulnerable to attacks from the other side of the mineral line.

How do you deal with zerg drops here? the same way you deal with drops everywhere. High templars, zeals, goons & photon cannons. I would guess that the fact that zerg does not have direct land access to toss's side of the map is to Toss's advantage.

I am also using the DTs to block the nearest gas expo but I wanted a bridge block. I was, however, surprised about how easily workers can get across as long as you can click on a mineral clump on the other side! Only Terran and Zerg have the capacity to do that right away employing overlords and flying buildings.
modified by Lancet
Removed the trees. Toss can sneak a probe accross the mineral line and build photon cannons or even a gateway if Zerg tries to spam there earlly. Against Terran probably just blast the Templars to gain access to his gas nat accross the bridge but mindful of any flying barrack tricks.

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