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Last update for (4)iCCup Shine : 2008, 01, 20 10:49
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2405 (4)iCCup Shine 128*128ProTosS4EveR0.7league

The map has been rated 84 times and got a total of 56 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Ok, finally finished it... x_x
It is 01:40 a.m, i'm tired, i go to sleep...
looks pretty nice.
I was going to make a map with that name but I never got around to it >.>

Looks pretty good. I'll need to check it out later.
never make ice or desert maps is the rule, but you can only break this rule by having followed it for a while.
now i don't understand what were you trying to do with this map, i was only commenting the rule.
but looks like zerg can defend SW but do not at NW.
center and alternative route needs some help.
you didn't had a map concept right?
It probably needs some minor changes in expo/choke position, but that's about it then. It's a simple, really basic map, but well done. The ICC Admin should like it (except for the tileset :P )
this map is awesome. It just needs 2 or 4 neutral expands, but tbh I don't know where they could be :D.
look where gmcs is, maybe place expoes there :)
otherwise, nice map, but expo+entrance has to be changed a bit
maybe make some pokemon picture in the middle of the map :>
The map doesn't have starting locations.
Every bridge has few unwalkable tiles, fix those.
a good map doesnt need starting locations - -v
I di not finished totally because i was very sleppy. xD
I will fix all that things today, i know that the naturals have to be worked a lot more.
@Crackling's GMCS i was thinking about expos a these locations.
modified by ProTosS4EveR
nice. I would support that for some league's mappack if we get to do some playtesting and balancing prior to that.
Oh man, that looks awesome. Tbh I don't like very much desert tileset, but your map is freaking cool.
I agree with Crackling's GMCS about the expos.
Good work.
anyone noticed that huge center of nothing?
haha flo you noticed that, i don't know how to make it smallermaybe more tar or sunken dunes?
@Testbug I only wanted to make a 4 players version of (2)Shine, as i wrote before, i don't really know wat to put into the middle.
modified by ProTosS4EveR
Here is the first update!!

Put 6 mineral and gas node at GMCS.
NW and SE expos are more friendly for zerg with a smaller building space between minerals and tar.
Added some crampound in the middle and I put doodads.
Unwalkable tiles on the bridge are repaired.

modified by ProTosS4EveR
Well, flo, if this map should be one of those for ICC (which I dislike just like you), then that huge center must stay. Look at python and that space map with the backdoor expo...
Very very very cool!
added gmc's. Fix that and it'll be a good map.
Hao sale nb

modified by ProTosS4EveR
True Radix. :D
Updated minerals @ GMCS.
NW and SE's mineral onlys look closer to their nats than that of NE/SW.
I marked some gmcs.

Some things need tested, but otherwise looks like a good map.

imo the open middle is necessary because of all the easy to get money.
Azalea after a nuclear holocaust?
it has absolutly nothing with azalea incommon except taht its a 4player map -_-
Moebius stop weed please. :(
The gameplay is going to be practically identical to Azalea.

Look at it closely.
I like the map, looks fun and well made...I'm just saying it looks like Azalea of the desert.
no >.<
No nat backdoor at azalea thx. T_T
Update : Backdoor expo closer to nat @ north and south.
I think i found where is the SCMDraft bug from...
In a test game my nexus at purple's nat was destroyed and the lava arch ashworld's dirt doodad IDK number appeared and crashe my SC.
I tried 2 more times with a hatch and nexus at the same place but there was not any bug...
modified by ProTosS4EveR
now show it to those nerd from iccup?
That's called a hack Protoss4ever. The ashworld dirt doodad appeared in game when an older money hack was used.
added reps and gmcs
yeah that GMCS, i have ALWAYS told ProTosS4EveR not to use the last line of the map...

that line is coveret by the starcraft keboard where you attack, stop, patrol, move, sitdown, stanup, say hi, etc.

it is unbuildable and unwalkable
from yello-ant about this map:

ha. you can when you want^^ pretty good map i think ^_^

"Is it good enough for ICCup?"

"Yes XP. But we need 3 more ^^."
I fixed the gas at bottom.
@RaDiX: O_O
you're welcome :)
yello-ant loves this map:

Shine very gosu map
map like thet was need on WCG
i dont know why they so sux
same maps so long (wcg)
I added MgZ)Whistler (A) vs na)girl (A+) replay :)
I will watch it as soon as i finish obs versions.
Gosu game! x)
Holy shit
i just watched the rep. the map and the game are so stupid and boring, the center as imbalanced as everyone should see right from the start. protoss could never leave the base, even with 20supply more than zerg - p got slain. the only chance to move out was this 2gate protoss HAD to go with this entrance/natural, but the only thing he did was forcing zerg into wasting larvae for lings - he didnt do damage to eco or similar...

fucking stupid macromap, game showed no tactics at all. pure reasonless build&fight.
and this is going to be iccup? .,.
Well it's not zerg's fault that the protoss was retarded. The expo layout actually is pretty protoss favouring, protoss in that game played retarded, something which makes sense since it's his first time on the map. The zerg was just a better player than the protoss, p just got outclassed, not the map's fault.
expo layout p favouring? no FE possible, and an entrance which denies fast tech. i wouldnt call an A player retarded, if he is one.

it IS partly (to a large part) the map's fault.
Except on like longinus, only morons FE pvz. It was obvious he would 2gate, since the nat looks vulnerable, so blocking something you know is coming usually isn't that difficult. With the 2gate blocked, p already lost. The mineral only is really easy for p to take. Now, obviously, it's pretty easy for zerg to take too, but if protoss is expoing as easily as zerg, then obviously zerg is in trouble. The expos are close to eachother, this favours the imobile race, ie p in pvz. The map doesn't allow terran to be overpowering however even with the close expo advantage; p can take advantage of this map's every aspect. The map's layout will be most against zerg in zvt, but it still helps p in pvz a lot too as far as I can see.

I think the entrance is fine for pvz 1gate tech if p isn't a moron =/
only morons FE pvz, this must be why pros started using it. being a moron makes you popular in korea.

1gate tech with 5 zeals before cyber? 8[

the minonly is easy to take in pvz - but the natural is hell...

pvt has the edge for p, again the center is srewing around
u also dont like python, right flo?
When placing a CC/Nexus/Hatch at the min onlies, there is not enough room for units to pass around it so most of the times they will get stuck between the workers. I suggest you push the minerals further away, probably add some dirt behind the minerals and place them there (see GMCS).

Also the nat expos @ 3 and 9 are harder for Zerg to take than the others, the creep doesn't cover up the entire path towards the main entrance which makes it harder for them to defend.

Decent map imo, but nothing really fancy. The lack of terrain variations is what botheres me the most.
modified by GRC-DeathLink
I don't like python either - it forces the players into a pure macro match. Many of the current pro maps do the same.

@Nightmarjoo: I am surprised how many morons are among the better players lately.
Gosus are allowed to FE, they know what they're doing.
this also counts for rush and tech.
oh, and only pros may build vultures in TvP.
I don't remember where, but somewhere in the map there's a random doodad where it shouldn't be, it's a rock doodad I think, and it's in the cliff or something lol.

The nats feel awkward, they're just kinda there, and shapeless, I'd like them to have more shape =/ The main just kinda opens up into the map, and then off to the side is a nat. You could probably take away space from the rather large mains to do more with the nats.

The gas expo seems too close, don't think you can do anything about that though. The path around the min only is pretty narrow and awkward, as dea said above. The middle is open, I'm sure you could move shit around to make the sides more open =/

Flo is right about the entrances, I thought 4 zlots would cover it, but you really do need 5. I think tightening the choke a little bit would help the map a little.
modified by Nightmarjoo
Obs btw does not work, game ends at start.
LOLOL it is my fault i didn't unally Players Force! xDD
I found a possibily to make the mains on highground, i think it will be easier to make a zealot wall on ramps. What do you think about that?

@marjoo, i don't understand what do you want to say with "The nats feel awkward, they're just kinda there, and shapeless, I'd like them to have more shape". Should i make them with tortuous forms?
modified by ProTosS4EveR
Take a look at the map obsession :P is it just me? :S
What is map obsession?

Main's entrance can be defended by 3 zealots
arg i forgotten to remove a high dirt on top minobly
oh, take an other look at the map obsession ^^
WTF is map obsession!!!1!!


The nat is more friendly for zerg coz the entrance is closer to the hatch.
Top left and bottom right middle expos are safe from tanks now.
ProTosS4EveR sayd:
"I found a possibily to make the mains on highground, i think it will be easier to make a zealot wall on ramps. What do you think about that?"

well, this is the map obsession

PD: you should wait some seconds until it starts moving (is an animated gif), oh and there is a cometition named "thrash" did you know?
modified by Testbug
oh and with your new edits, your center multies are now exactly like obsession (my animated gif has some diferences on the center expos because i used the old shine)

also take a look at GRC-DeathLink's GMCSs aking to push the minonlies. well, they don't hurt movement.
your natural expos hut movement from main to minonly (specially teal and red)

about the expos in the center. the one at SW hurts movement from purple to red.

and what is that kakaru for? i don't get the point. i would remove it.
remember what i dayd th day you wanted to test this on that day we hads a lot of games on coastal battery...

ProTosS4EveR sayd:
-sorry, i can't understand you
modified by Testbug
LOLOL tsetbgu makin movin pitcure !11

lol wow it is really similar
crackling and ProTosS4EveR are from the same kind of race/species... testbug! not testbgu.

oh and Crackling also moved the last letter of HAXX and he obtained.. HAXX again T_T i didnt wanted to say ProTosS4EveR has copied obsession, he has never seen that map.

but guys, obsession was done by Starparty!
well, it was all done by master trcc; but Starparty balanced the expos

However, Starparty made a draft which master trcc worked by..
modified by Testbug
What is this jungle map? I'm sorry if it is very similar, I didn't know there was a map with a similar concept. O_O

I thought the "Map obsession" was a contest or something like this. You should rather write _Map "obsession"_ don't you? :[

Why the map "OBSESSION" in the animated gif is 90 turned to left with regard to the picture on db?

Tsegubt, witerngi leki THAT is GUOS!!1!!!

And to finish, THE KAKARU POWN YOU KK?
modified by ProTosS4EveR
no, he mirrored the picture.

Its no big deal though. Even the slightest modifications on a map makes the gameplay totally different so i doubt the gaming experience is similar on both the maps.
u have to name the map like this: Desciription name:
| iCCup | Shine

And map name:

ICCup Shine
Without the (4)?
modified by ProTosS4EveR
yes, without the (4)
it's played the same.
the creep on the natural also doesn't protexts the "backdoor"... ProTosS4EveR sayd:
"I found a possibily to make the mains on highground, i think it will be easier to make a zealot wall on ramps. What do you think about that?"

guess what stopped him from doing that
Top right main stopped me from doing that because the nat will not be in the edge of the map and if it will the ramps is harder to defend for Z.
Excuse me, you can make an Iccup version of the map, but on this site, it had better have (4). Otherwise, the database is messed up. Please fix it.
**** ICCup Shine ****

not iCCup, ICCup ... It's not important to me, but yello-ant (little bitch)
I think Yellow-Ant is going to far. He got no experience in mapping and is whining about an I ?!!
What the hell! This should be our last map for ICCup!
this is what he told me would in my SoundBarrier fix the screaming toss imbalance and would make the map from a "fun only map" to a balanced and very well map. i told him to go to hell because this would screw the map and the concept -.-

Free Image Hosting at

no comment :<
i told him he has no idea. even his edits on naja were bad, but as it is an older map i dont care much about, i made the changes he wanted so it will be in iccup as (2)Survivor...

basically, he is adding new maps but is as whining and yelling IMBA instantly as many retarded players. he didnt answer my argument he cant speak of imbalance as long as fantasy is in the pack; which i told him about 5 times -.-
modified by flothefreak
(4) would really be better...

Map looks awesome.
Ok, it's the rule. ^^
The nat back door is the key in this map otherwise it would be just another yawnnnnnn....pretty map. However, it is not blocked by a neutral or any other barrier that would take some time to remove or that could be defended so I am concerned that this and the open center would favor Toss and Zerg over Terran. Maybe making the mains be on high ground would help.
modified by Lancet
No, it's still a yawnnnnnn map :)
What is a yawnnnnnn map?
The nat's mineral/gas formations needs to be redone, at least at 10' and 4' one of the 3 gas gathering peons gets stuck behind the minerals.
I don't see any problem with the gas at nat. Did you build something near to extractor?
no buildings, some of the peons try to exit behind the minerals and get stuck there.
Strange, i tested it and there was any problem with stuck. =/
congratulations Protoss4ever
TY :)
Map problems:

1) Some random doodads are really out of place. Both I've noticed are around the southwest part.

2) Workers can get stuck behind minerals due to those house doodads blocking the way.

3) Unbelievably hard FE for protoss, yet ridiculously easy for zerg in PvZ. That is not being helped by the fact that there's no ramp, nat is wide open, the entrance is pretty wide and there is a geyser at the expo. For people who speak about zealot pressures and stuff - just ignore them, on rampless maps FE is like 95% of games. The distances are too far to do anything with zeals anyway, zerg will just defend, tech and eat you.

FE vs a 12 hatch is possible, even in two ways - either a Rush-Hour style block (albeit it's hard and very risky) with a line building formation and probes blocking the choke, or just blocking the choke with a forge with reaver/sair in mind. The latter, however, requires you to transfer probes before you start the forge, so it's limited to 13 nexus only, which is vulnerable vs lings.
Stucked probe problem solved.
name the pic of the map (4)ICCUP Shine

otherwise it wont be shown at iccup hp which directlinked the pic!
just rename it to (4)ICCUP Shine
and reupload
pvz problem fixed too, don't FE!
added a replay. It's not great by any means, my ling control is sloppy which lets him into my main like 3 times = loss. He sucks though, but I'm really tired from school =/
I've just played this map, and there are some things you MUST! fix.
1st. at nat always one gas gathering worked gets caged behind the minerals (at me and my opponent!).
2nd. also at 10 there is some doodad next to entry (right side) which must be replaced/removed, since I had my rally points for my gateways at my expo, often some goons got stuck behind this doodad, and I had to manually tell them the way to go away behind it, when I just told them to go to my expo, they still were stucked-.-
you should take a look at the map obsession
or is it just me?
ICC links the image directly from Meaning, they steal bandwidth?

btw, i switched map type from final to league.
Calpyso and 8th Wonder have to be changed too.
Nice find, flo :P P4E, that link flo posted was another map of yours, which was also called Shine...
I know, i especially called the desert shine Shine because of the nat setup (which is a little different)
lol i also made joke saying i just did the twilight (2)shine concept in my (3)obsession shine T_T
oh i didnt know it was called desert shine. i thought he had mixed up names when saving the map.
No, i didn't ever names this map Desert Shine! Xd
I wanted to say "the desert tileset shine".
HolyShit vs Jun1BO

Check out this replay. Look in the zerg main base, after the middle of the game. Is it the map? Is it a bug in the game?!

P.S. According to HolyShit = Yellow, and this replay is from an iccup tournament.

P.P.S. If Yellow plays on my map i would be very proud. Even if it's a lucky moment, it's a fact, so congratulations ProTosS4EveR :)
modified by LGI
You mean those 7 or 8 workers not moving away from those 5 minblocks? It was fairly normal wandering. On 5 minblocks, 10 workers can harvest easily without wandering away. The minerals at the top and bottom ends are further away and thus the drones found "empty spots" closer to their current position.

That p wasted his units way too stuipidly, btw.

I checked replay and spines has right, it's not a bug.

--aG.Crackling vs aG.beeZi(1on1, 1.15)
--aG.Crackling vs aG.breeZi(1on1, 1.15)
--na)girl vs MgZ)Whistler(1on1, 1.15)
--iM-Nightmarjoo vs YueY(1on1, 1.15)
--iM-Nightmarjoo vs Valiant[PaiN](1on1, 1.15)
--iM-Nightmajroo vs iM-Bakalol(1on1, 1.15)
--[MW]SmauG (Nightmarjoo) vs Artistik(1on1, 1.15)
--z/t vs z/t(2on2, 1.15)
--z/t vs z/t(2on2, 1.15)
--Pilarek[STO] vs tgrd)sobo(1on1, 1.15)
--MistrZZZ vs BVG.Mana(1on1, 1.15)
--HolyShit vs Jun1BO(1on1, 1.15)

Upload replay for this map
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