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Last update for (2)Charches : 2007, 08, 29 03:18
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2426 (2)Charches 128*128Lancet0.5experimental

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

A map that exploits the "arch" doodad (the only structure in starcraft that units can cross going under) along with neutrals. All units but ultralisks can go through the arches. The arch-neutral combination lends itself for many defensive and offensive strategies and access can be blocked with a barrack and supply depot. Both the main and the nat have back doors but access to them depends on blasting a distant 5000 HP overmind to gain access to the side corridors. Pathing from corner to corner diagonally is sound. Pathing from corner to corner horizontally and vertically will be messed up unless you blast the overminds so take that into account when issuing commands to your troops.
Interesting idea. I can't tell how it'd play just by looking at it, though, so I can't offer any other comment.
Well, there are some more doodads that work similarly, for example in space and badlands.
Also, these "Arches" are just a bunch of unwalkable terrain to the left, some unwalkable terrain to the right, and a walkable part in the middle, decorated by a sprite. The sprite has no influence on walkabilty.
So this effect could be reproduced in various ways. Using that "arch" makes it look nice though :P By playing with tiles you can easily make those arches tighter or wider.
I figured out as much but I think that devices that would allow troops to march under stuff would add more realism to Starcraft. Imagine units crossing a tunnel from one side of a mountain to another or units going under a bridge. The combination of the arch doodad with neutrals allows the blockade of an area while still allowing troops to move in and out, but one at a time, this is why it is good for defense. Of course if you blast the neutrals its usefulness is lost.
Very interesting, gives me ideas.
Fixed a bug where lings could get past the overminds.
Looks like a more balanced Monty Hall (in the sense that it is walled off at the beginning of the match.) I'll try to get someone to play this with for some reps.
Thanks EasyLosS! I would be honored if you played some games on my map and posted the replays here.
Well I've played it a little bit, but no really good games since I was only able to hook some noobs into playing it, but the first thing I notice is some pathing issues. I think they disappear after the blockades are destroyed, but early on they can be annoying. It also seems pretty easy to fast expand or dbl fast expand for zerg. Good so far though.
Uploaded some games. Sorry they're not really serious, I couldn't find any decent pubbies to play against so you get these. Hope you find them useful.
Thanks for the games, it's a thrill to see people playing one's maps!

Diagonal pathing is OK but to send units off to the farther right or left of that you have to destroy the overminds or else they take that path unless you first click on say a center location and then on the destination. Neutrals can always be a problem that way but I think that what they add to the game is worth some of those inconveniences.

That guy may have been a noob but he had 3 hatches up and running in les than 5 min in the ZvZ game! In the Terran game he was too passive at the begining. But so far I am happy with the map.

Hey you are a zerg player right? I made a map specially for ZvZ games called Conflict Resolution, check it out.

--EasYLosS vs, 1.15)
--EasYLosS vs, 1.15)

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