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Last update for (2)DuskFlux : 2007, 08, 29 20:18
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2446 (2)DuskFlux 128*128EasYLosS0.3beta

The map has been rated 46 times and got a total of 13 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Oh nice ramps. They are from mapdori right?
All I'm worried about right now is gameplay, not looks. I need to know if it plays alright and if it's balanced.

I built it with emphasis on movement and having at least 2 ways into most places besides the main base. Anyway, any thoughts on layout/gameplay?

If you want to test it out, msg me or hit me up at EasYLosS@USEast.
I would say, it's a bit too narrow for PvT, no real place to flank for P.
Good map, very modern! Some comments. If you are concerned about TvP you could widen some of the conections in the land masses with the center and elliminate some of the land occupied by water to create more room for flanking. However, the downward ramp into the nat would favor Toss against Terran. What is the point of those double geysers in the plateaus? What is DuskFlux or what happened, is happening or will happen in DuskFlux? Write a short map description to give the players of your map some idea of what your map is about.
modified by Lancet
Two of my favorite maps are Peaks of Baekdu and Loki, maps where people have multiple options to get to the same location. I wanted a map like that, where hopefully strategic placement played an important part in the game, instead of a Monty Hall kind of map where it's more luck-based. The map is designed for fluid movement, where if someone locks down one part of the map you can still move around or circle behind.

I also wanted to make it so the air game is a little more emphasized, which is why I put the bases closer together in the middle and not in a corner somewhere.

I hope it makes a variety of unorthodox strategies viable, instead of "fast expand, turtle, roll out" kind of things.

EDIT: The double geysers are both 2500, so people can mine gas twice as fast without gaining more than a normal geyser. Not sure how that would work out, but it's meant to be the last place a player would expand (after they take their other expos.)
modified by EasYLosS
I updated the map. I opened the center up, widened entrances to it, and opened up the bottom left/top right expansions. I also added a lot of doodads and generally overhauled the look. I changed the dbl geyser expos so that each one has a geyser on top and a geyser on bottom.

I tried uploading a new pic, but it keeps showing the old one, so I'm gonna have to try to find out how to overwrite the old pic.
lol, are the gas tankable?
also gas imbalance...

...yeah i know....but what u expect.... im a zerg and these things matter to me
You explained very well what is unique about these type of maps, multiple options to get to the same locations. I like unconventional maps like yours, maps that have a twist and I try to make my maps that way: check Janus, Oracular Visions and Caissa.

Some more comments about your map.

If you are Terran or Toss and you build ground unit producing structures to the North of red's main or to the South of blue's main, the units produced are going to have to cross the worker lines to get out of the base. Maybe to avoid this you can place the mineral line towards the northern (red) and Southern (blue) edge of the mains? This will make the mineral lines tankable from the valley but maybe then you can modify the terrain to prevent this.

Crimson)S(hadow's comment refers to the issue that geysers to the top and left of the command center/hatchery/nexus mine faster than those to the right or bellow. The difference is small but it may matter in a close game.
500gas after 5mins is not small, it's 5mutas more or less in a ZvZ game with both players using the ex
Waiting for the new pic to work.

Anyway, I updated again and changed a bit. The mains stretch to the sides and open into their natural. What used to be their natural is now just a small expansion with one entrance. Both players now have to swoop around to the corner of the map (where their natural is) and then have access directly to the center or they can go around to the dbl geyser expansion. I opened the middle up some more, since now players have to traverse the center to get to their opponent, and we don't want anyone having an easy time choking that down.

I think now the gas imbalances are fixed, but someone might want to verify that for me since I'm not exactly sure specifically how badly they're imbalanced (one imbalance can cost 100 gas a minute???)

Thanks a lot for your posts!
check out the article section. Gas Issue part 1+2

my post above got cut off; *both players using the exact same build*
The worst case is 1120 gas less during 15 game minutes (measured through the countdown timer), which is 10:05 real minutes on fastest speed approximately.

That is Terran Position 12 (best) against Zerg Position 14 (worst).

In a zvz the worst case is 1072 gas less with Position 10 (best for z) against Poition 14 (worst).

So that is about 100 gas per minute, actually.

This is based on an actual test run on my map "(0)gas issue". The results may be off by 8-16 if you test it yourself, larger discrepancies would be really surprising.

If you don't know what the positions are that I am talking about: they should be explained in the map thread of "(0)gas issue".

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