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Last update for (4)Nightmare : 2007, 08, 30 16:39
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2449 (4)Nightmare 128*128ProTosS4EveR0.1beta

The map has been rated 62 times and got a total of 6 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

My newest and possible iCCup map.
The expo layout is similar to luna's. I don't know if the bottom platform/low platform ramp may cause some imbalance becauseof its position.

Ah, i took the east dark platform tiles from ^^
modified by ProTosS4EveR
blues main huge but reds and purpe too little,
strange main formations >.<
pathing from main to outter-nat will suck (redo the nat a bit).
path from main-ramp to nat to long.
more deco at center and at the black holes plz :P
modified by Crackling
god help us if this become's an iccup map
Despite any balance issues, atleast it looks great. :P
You can tank the geysers in two of the mains
i can make a (3)nightmare version if you want.
just have to remove the purple player and you got it
I don't like it a lot..
Bottom minonly is HUGE.

The distances are not the same, some mains are too big and others too tight
Look at red's minonly and teal's minonly, do you see something ? It's 2k bigger.

Graphics are cool, but balancewise, it sucks. It's the first time I'm disapointed by one of your maps :/
good idea, good design, bad balance, bad execution!
redo it ad its gonna be great :P
As you wish testbug.

I know that using inverted platform/low platform ramps at bottom will be better for gameplay but i don't know if the ramps are correctly done.
I dislike this :((
R.I.P marjoo... :o

It is the 1st time i make a so strange map with so many positional imbalances. xD
Those ramps make the map really bad. Especially red's main ramp is BAD. Try to reshape the map to fit in the ramps better.

By reshape I mean: Take a sheet of paper and a pencil, and start drawing the map, altering it, turning it around and so on, until you found a setup that allows for nice ramps and still keeps the concept. Then you might have to redo the map.

But as it is now - no way. Not even worth trying to fix it.
Well perhaps not balanced enough for true competive play, but positional indifferences in general do add some spice to a map. If it didnt, you should all just go play arena and stop making maps.
Arena HAS positional imbalances, actually. Small ones, of course. Actually there can't be a map without any. No really, there can't be one.

Still, this is too much of the postional imbalances.
you can create a somewhat "perfect" map using index terrain only, but who the hell would want to play that anyway.
modified by Starparty
Spinesheath"Actually there can't be a map without any(imbalaces). No really, there can't be one."

??? Stop to spread such untenable rumors,dude. And this so powerfully eloquent.There are plenty of them. Ride of Valk./Osom/taubstumm/Romanov Sanctum2 are just some of them.

Also this map isnt that bad as some here wanna make us believe. Not perfect balanced - agreed. And because of all these up and down scenery, I see T in advantage. But still miles away far from "Not even worth trying to fix it" - Spinesheath.
modified by DG)SpoilR
ugly, cramped, small, horrible.
But still better than your map, somehow.
Personally, i like the concept. I don't know if it will e a good map without inverted. =/
SpoilR, I doubt you got what level of imbalance I was speaking of.

Here's the undeniable positional imbalance: Workers spawn at the bottom left corner of your nexus/command center. This cannot be mirrored, hence it is a different setup, a positional imbalance. Same thing with terran addons.
Yes, I DO know that these positional imbalances are so small that one shouldn't care about them.

You probably didn't get what my intention was, either... I was saying that positional imbalances will always exist, and that they are no problem if they stay small.

Idk if the concept of this map is especially good, but I certainly wouldn't call it bad. But imo this very concept should be pulled off much better.

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