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Last update for (2)Crab Walk : 2007, 08, 31 04:32
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2450 (2)Crab Walk 128*128Gadget0.1beta

The map has been rated 59 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Hi, I'm new to this site and I've never been in a map making community before and am not a expert map maker but I do enjoy making maps, I'm mostly a 1;1 gamer, I put this map up to get any feedback and suggestions so that I can edit this and make it the best it can be in the final version, so please give any input that will help me make this map. Thanks ^^

Edit: Oh ya, I don't know how to password a map or put the picture of the map up so I also would like some help for that too.. Thanks again
modified by Gadget
too tight and not enough gas... also needs a deco face-lift

read beginners articles
upload some picture...
wow, this map is imbalanced, like hell.
1st of all. the top... there is like no space to walk, same in the middle of the map.
also the backdoor to expo ... the minerals are palced SO BAD>_>
Im new too, I can't post pics cause I have a mac, and everyone insults me ^-^ we have a lot in common ^-^
welcome to bwmn! lol
if you get the map editor called SCMDraft you can export your map as a BMP picture. Then convert that image into a rezised JPG. Should work on a Mac to i suppose...
works on linux with wine, so sure as hell it works on uber macs.
SCMD2 is not ported to Mac yet, I think. I don't hear about any progress lately. How about Bootcamp? :P

Oh btw, there also is Unknown Edit, an editor for Macs, but I haven't heard much of that one lately, either. It is still in its beginnings, and I don't know if it can draw pictures of maps...
modified by spinesheath
nearly as bad as a LML-map.
but just nearly.
Get a Picture

Under the heading "Getting a Picture of your Map" on the right side of every page of this web site.
modified by PsychoTemplar
Ok I Edited the map, made it a bit more roomy and added 2 expos and changed the top and bottom expos a bit. Thanks for all your input and I'd like to see people keep giving their thoughts on the map so far... thanks ^^
modified by Gadget
main to main pathing is suffering from those mineral blocks around the middle north exp.

the bridges which are too close to the shore are looking weird with those dark blue squares.
Ya my friends were complaining about the scout going to main base and units so I changed it to two temples that you have to kill which also make a bit of a choke but once destroyed the choke is more open so that should be better overall :p and i deleted the odd bridges and just put some temple there ^^
Thanks the map already looks much better :D

EDIT: I got a problem x.x in-game the xelnaga temples aren't in the game and same with the protoss temple that should be blocking the nat 2nd door ;(
any1 have any way to fix this or a reason as to why this is happening? I'm putting the buildings on legal spots... maybe I should just not block the ramp to the top and just block backdoor with mins... you think keeping the ramp to top would improve gameplay on the map??
modified by Gadget
theres an article on how to place those, check the articles section on the right hand side of the website.

Neutral buildings also confuse scouting, as far as I've tested it, what's the point of that blockage there anyway?

another thing I don't get, whats the point of those 6 small mineral patches blocking the south expo? and what value are they?

learn how to resize your pictures as well :)
modified by Alter.Ego
Ya I guess the minerals are useless since that expo is late game... :p I'll remove them

And ya I won't put anything to block the top and see if that plays out better, thanks alter.ego for helping ^^ do you play east???
P.S screw crab walk its all about clown^^
uhh what?

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