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Last update for (2)Greed : 2007, 09, 21 02:36
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2486 (2)Greed 128*128Ahzz0.6beta

The map has been rated 54 times and got a total of 30 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

sorry, I first put it up as jungle but it didnt accept it cuz of names and after that I forgot to modify it again.
the map has potential, beside one fact: the mineral blockades between players fuck up unit pathing - they need to go. the two highground expos on the lower half should be connected somehow, as they're hardly accessible for an attack right now

i would also suggest a 2nd ramp at the spot marked in GMCS

use the "Edit Map" button below the map access bar on the left column.
modified by flothefreak
actually, the mineral block doesnt screw up pathing. the straightest path goes from the middle. It only MIGHT screw up later on if you attack from a weird angle and have no control over your units. definately screws up pathing less than blitz.

as for the lower expoes, I see no problem with them. I played this map before against a person better than me (in that mu) and I had no trouble taking the lower expo out. the wide ramp makes camping hard too.

I will probably modify lower middle expo. Make the bridges actually come closer so its a little bit easier to defend.

hmm. 2 ramps to mineral only. I'll think about it, however, I cant see any big troubles with it now either, as the ramp is quite far away from the ideal base location. So sunkening up etc. wont work so well anyway. perhaps two ramps next to each other. I'll consider it.
The top middle expo will never be used and isnt really well done... but other than that, looks good :P
gj man
Top middle wasnt really meant for that anyway. It's to make passing harder (but it has decreased minerals). It also was made in the means of making the small mineral fields covering the ramp easier to mine kinda. that way it has more purpose. It was added more for the 'what if' reason... but if there wasnt the mineral field, it might make flanking a little bit too easy. I thought it'd also make very interesting end games, should the games go to 50+ minutes.
I didn't see this map oO
Decent map.
The min onlys take up too much space imo.
Aesthetically it could be much better lol.
The lowground middle needs more space.
The highground gas expos I would rather had default sized ramps and didn't have those silly holed cliffs at the top of them. Redo those expos longinus style.
Don't you think the nat is a bit wide open? Maybe closing it off a little would make terran happier.

: ^ )

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