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Last update for (2)Guest Towel : 2007, 10, 03 11:45
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2487 (2)Guest Towel 96*128Nightmarjoo0.1beta

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

zomg Nightmarjoo made a map! Values of the blocks in the min only on the side are: 1000, 900, 800, 700, 600, 500, 400.

.......................(>') Pacman

btw, u must of had alot of fun tryig make a ramp top right :P lol

... neutral buildings suck;p

*ya, that ramp looks like you go down again xD

modified by LML
damn i'm so cool everyone trieng to copy me >.>
for sure ahaha
No, i didn't. :[

hm, some blocking stuff is okay, some (temples) is weird and unnecessary. the map seems somehow hard for zerg expo-wise, the gameplay quite straight...
some cool features made of neutrals; though i dont get why you dont put the mainbase minerals to the edge but copy this weird fucked korean do-it-right-in-the-middle-to-annoy-everyone.
If I remove a single temple it becomes so much harder for zerg to grab that 3rd gas zvt. I wanted to try using temples first, I might upgrade the hp of them for zvt's sake.

As for the inverted compound ramp, do better!

My influences for this map were tau cross, and longinus. Now, from a first glance I bet you can barely see that ;) Tau influences: Main formation position, shorter distance from that line to nat, however the specific position is not set in stone, what I mean by that is I might move them back a bit; honestly I have done 0 testing on this map so far. The choke is tau-esque, except that it's rax size not pylon size, and there's rocks there. Smaller but not too tau small choke should keep things nice for p. The cliff behind the nat is unbuildable, so you can't defensibly or offensively build on that. Neutrals ensure the cliff funcions as such unless you kill them (700 hp is a small delay, but could be a lot of delay in time of dire need). Further neutral use make the cliff a double cliff, after you get to the part overlooking the nat, the cliff still overlooks the min only and gas expo. The min only there is for protoss' sake pvz, but it won't last forever, its mineral values are low. The mineral values of the second mineral only are 2000 each block, it is more vulnerable, so it gets more money. I am considering redoing that area near this mineral only, including moving the min only up against the main's cliff.

Longinus influences are that p min only, and the gas expo. However, I made the gas expo very different than in longinus. I might change it to be more longinus-esque (highground), but I'm not sure. Depends on how it plays. Will work on this as zerg needs zvt.

I will probably move the 2nd min only, I can open up the middle more and make it a little less linear.

Moved main formation allows for more hidden tech kinda stuff in addition to obvious distance modifiers. I'm unsure/undecided on how that effects muta harass. Shorter distance means t has to run a less distance if he has to run back and forth. But shorter distance also means muta have to fly a shorter distance to go from place to place. More room in back possibly makes it easier for z to do damage with muta. I just don't know, I'm not a great muta user so I'm just guessing here =/

LGI just because it's simple/standard doesn't make it crap :( I'd love to hear why it's crap :)

The neutral blocking the ramp thing means z could put an ovy on that cliff to watch both the expo and the nat building, but it's safer to use the main cliff edge, which only watches the troop movement.

I think I might alter the gas expo so that it's a circularish highground expo, perhaps with the expo nearer the zerg with ramp facing terran. I'd leave a path on the edge of the map to go around the expo I guess. The ramp/money placement is just so I don't have things sticking awkwardly into the middle like it is now, and so drops aren't as annoying. Well, I spose if you get dropped with ramp facing you, you can get into it faster, but the drop comes faster and undetected if the money is nearer the terran.

Please respond to my ideas on how to alter the map.
WIERD. since the game ive been playing recently (infantry on

my name is Towel on it. lol.
the dentist
can terran siege red's gas?

also looks like red's natural is more lurkable from cliff than blu, not to mention other units (goons, etc.)

the map is tight and getting those late game expands (zvp, zvt, pvt) is tougher (more cliffable) and there are only two of them. so i expect a big shift t>p, t>z, p>z for these reasons. the mid is also buildable which adds a little extra t on the cake.

the snow also seems out of place, being only around the walls.
$1000000 (1 million usd) says red's cliff is not more cliffable than blue's. I am 100% confident on this because I used symmetry tool to make the map ;)

Your three lines don't say anything my summary of the map above doesn't.

The map isn't supposed to be a gigantic macro fest involving twenty bases.
how can you make rotated symmetry by tool?
I didn't mean the map, sorry... I just want it to cut the zomg thing, and i just write something fast...
the dentist
#1 the mineral placements are obviously different
#2 red's gas is closer

so where's my million dollars dipshit?
agreed with the dentist. Send the million to him.
you can make rotated symetry with the 3rd checkbox (says XY)

ok now, if you use symetry tool, the high ground will have the wall where you place the ramp that makes some extra space, but at the bottom you will have a walkable low ground where you can siege some tanks.

haven't test this because i didn't download it, but i guess you can make better ramps. BRB with my own ramps :)
i have no 3rd checkbox :<
here you go:

1sr checkbox: mirror X
2nd checkbox: mirror Y
3ed checkbox: rotated symetry XY (only the oposite corner, but not the normal X and normal Y, you will have to turn on the 3 checkbox if you want a 4 players map)
testbug: i didnt have it because i didnt update my scmdraft. got it now :D
LGI no problem :) I would however still like to know what you think about it^^

dentist, you're wrong, lol. Did you even open the map?

Testbug, maybe I'll add your ramps if I ever get around to editing the map, but I doubt I will, and anyway mine work fine even if they're ugly :)
if you like my updates i can do it with my new superpowers?
Show me on msn. If your update is just the ramps, I wouldn't worry about it, lol.
jusrt the ramps :)
Two of your generators are missing upper right when you try to play the map. Shouldn't you make the water reach all the way to the edge of the map? I know the passage is tight but still tanks can get by there and hit the mains. I don't get the tittle of the map or the map description.
Guest Towel
It was a pansy-embroidered trifle which always hung there to indicate that the Babbitts were in the best Floral Heights society. No one had ever used it. No guest had ever dared to.

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