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Last update for (2)Romance : 2009, 11, 04 23:59
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3710 (2)Romance 128*128sTY_leZerG-eX2.8betaground

The map has been rated 76 times and got a total of 215 points

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Comments:   GMCS (6 elements)

OK here is my new map, it is a bit crazy but I think it looks like fun.Deco and doodads are still to come this is obviously beta version, to see what I can fix.Tank holes and suck will be fixed 2.
I know map is not visually appealing atm.

About the map:

-Your mains ramp Is your choke.
-Between your main and nat there is a TROY Gate.
-As u can see the 2 bases are pretty close to each other, and between them there is 4 min paches with 750 mins each, and 8 stacked temples.
This should make the map very fun, or at least interesting.

Ok the rest is pretty straight forward.
Tell me what to change because I feel there is plenty to be done, and there is much room 4 improvement.
I don't think the bottom of the map would get used much in this sort of setup. Might want to make the map a shorter dimension.
This looks really cool but the tanks can hit the other person's main's buildings :/
OK here is my new up date, basically 90% of the map has changed.
Of course deco and doodads r not there yet, but they will come.

Give me ur thoughts this is almost a new map.
Lol yeah everything changed except the top middle.
As far as I'm concerned you should remove that bottom mid expo because one there are too many expos IMO and that they can cause more flanking.

Since the distance is really far away from the opponent's main, there can be a proxy for Terran by buidling barracks and lifting them up but that might be just me.

Overall map looks great, just can't wait for the deco to come, then it'll look awesome!
scouting would take to long main to main is 402430423miles away
GMCS and I still say the map is too tall.
Not exactly Tkttkvroom, scouting should be easy, u just go and stack 2 workers on one of the 4 min paches dividing the mains, and get it to the other side.
And, u have ur early scout!

One interesting thing tho, is that players can use this min block in the middle to get units trough with fancy tricks(Personally I can get trough with np vultures, Dt's, and similar units)

Also here, u got 2 be careful and blocking ur choke is possible with a rax, hatchery...

So there.

Should I do any + modifications other than the 1s already mentioned?
no one will use 2 workers to scout, you would lose a lot of minerals
One worker jumps the min pach, gets to the other side and does the scouting.
The other worker is just used for the stack trick after that it can go back to mining.
It will only be a couple of seconds.

Up dates:

Added 4 + rams, 2 per side this should make distance a bit shorter.
And this will help in flanking.

Also removed the expo that cov mentioned.
a couple of seconds are precious in early game
A common man, it will be like a toss doing a forge fast expand.

Or u can take the longer path and not do the drone trick.
And sense its a 2 player map u know exactly where ur opponent is so I honestly think that there wont be a problem.
Are all of them 1500 and 5000 or decreased?
All of them r normal 1500 and 5000, exept the 4 min paches blocking the passageway from main2 main.
They have 750.
Ok decoration Is UP!
Doodads are still 2 come tho.

-Added a terran neutral building, to make the nat choke a bit smaller.

-Widened 2 ramps.

-Moved the 4 pach min only's a bit.

Enjoy :D
Barracks hop anyone?
What do u mean?
Terran can just make barrack and lift them where the neutral building is with the minerals and just attack your base or he can have like vultures and lift and land a barrack put the vultures in there and makes the glitch of going through the minerals.
modified by coV
I think I have a solution im going to add some troy gates in that small choke?
It'll still cause some imbalances because o ZvP Protoss is going have trouble because if you add the Troy Gates then there will be two ways to attack from. It goes for all the races too.
No no lol cov I didn't mean instead of the block that there already is, I meant like this...

That way if u fear something coming through there u destroy ur gates and problem solved.
(The troy gate was in my original idea of my map romance)
Lol I get you ;)

Yeah it looks better :D
might be suprised that im going to say that its too tight. its a bag 128x128 map but the main way from base to base is really tight areas. that and there will be pathing issue. your trying to get them to use bottom but it probably will end up going into a drop game + turtle and because of this i gotta think terran will be highly favored on map.
If u open the map with starcraft u can see that its actually not to tight IMO.

Drops and such I agree that u might see a lot of them, but that was part of the whole idea :)

Im not sure if map is going to be Terran favored, considering that there are so many expos(Wich usually give advantage to Toss or zerg)And there are many flanking possibilities.
And scene there are many paths carriers wouldn't be a bad idea.
And the ridges give and edge to lurkers.
Plus there are 2 islands that if im not mistaken an advantage 2 toss.

Of course there are also a cuple of things that give an advantage to terran 2.

So yeah.... hard one 2 call.

do u wanna test?? im on right now iccup
msg if u wanna test it yo
I do wana play u man but something F up in my cpu and i cant join iccup(I think I have to re instal sc il do it some time this sommer), Im on east if ur interested
sTY_leZerG-eX msg me
me & lezerg got a test run in.

so far seems solid i really like the nat layout it had just the right amout of room & the back path is no hassle for fe

mains maybe a lil big
assims work fine
only problem we noticed is the 3rd gas doesn't work cuz he had it stacked on a cliff lol but he is fixing that
Up dates:

-Fixed the gas problem in the 3rd gas(I also checked all my maps to see if any had a similar problem and only 1 did "Kings of the Hall" its now fixed 2)

-Made the min block 1500 per pach

-Added a gas per side where the min block and the Temple block are.Reason:
So that people think twice if they want 2 destroy there assimilators (And if they dont destroy them well abou 100 things can happen)Players now can have a mini little base there.

-Changed a couple of the ramps to the 1s in B.Royal."I can now unlock map :) im going crazy!"

Doodads are still 2 come.
i was thinking maybe since there are 2 islands on map already u can maybe have a path under the xel'nagas that leads to that open space then connect to the upper island & maybe more game play will open up on the top & around the block
I also had a fun 1 vs 1 with TK, which ended up in my defeat :(
But it was fun and I learned a lot of stuff about the map.
Also TK showed me the moust awesome thing, a lat trick in B.Net!It was foucking grea!

-Distance of the 3rd gas is perfect, not 2 far, not 2 close.

-Distance from main 2 main and nat 2 nat is actually not 2 far,I think its perfect distance I didn't feel at all that they where 2 far away, this surprised me I thought they would.

-Also i noticed that the mains aren't that close together my ovi took much longer 2 get 2 his base 2 scout than i expected.

Feels like a solid map :P
reminds me a little of the game play in chupung.
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
yea the 3rd gas really was good distance i was bout to take it b4 game was over >.<

what do u think bout opening up that top island expo like i said?
Lol you didn't know LAT trick? You need to get on SC more :D

The distance would be shorter if you weren't using the wide ramps and using the smaller ramps next to it.
Im thinking a bout it tktk but i really dont understand how u want it, care 2 explain what u have in mined ?
i'll add a few gmcs
in the gmcs u'll see what i mean

if u add a path ontop of the temple that leads to the low ground & u open the island to attach it to the open low ground then maybe ppl will go for it more & add more game play in the tricky top center of map that way the assims & temple dont go to waste
Ok up dates:

-Added the doodads

-Fixed a cuple of things in the terrain.

-Changed some of the ramps.

This deco IMO is crazy it took me like 4ever 2 finish.
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
lets test it! xD
There was a map submitted to a blizzcon that looked almost the same as this, except it was made in staredit.

I worry about protoss' ability to stop scouting.

A terran imo has too much of an advantage in any part of the map, where they can secure the gas "expo" with the 4 minerals(next to the xelnaga) with tanks.

protoss and zerg can't really flank the terran at all, its one solid push through the long way, or abuse of the xel naga, and terran wins!
this looks nice o.O wasn't there a proleague map with the same mineral thingy between the mains ?
B E A utiful
Glad u like it :P

And does Terran really have an easy time in map?
Mutas look deadly ...
Looks great but what is high ground and what is low ground? Also the dirt rectangles next to the ramps look weird, can't you make these areas look more "natural"?
at the professional level, this map is zerg imbalanced. The main2main distance can be covered by an ovie too quick
Um if this is a serious map I can make a comment =/

LastCurse, the map you're thinking of is (2)King of the Abyss, and it came from bwm and was used in Blizzcon 2005, along with several other bwm maps (nightlight, roads to antiga prime, crusader, and maybe another by travin/trcc).

--sTY_leZerG-eX vs Chopper]i[(1on1, 1.15)

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